CHARLESTON, W.Va.¬†—¬†Former West Liberty University President Robin Capehart has admitted to violating an ethics charge in connection with the operation of his film production company.

Former WLU President Robin Capehart


Former WLU President Robin Capehart

Capehart entered a settlement agreement with the West Virginia Ethics Commission, which the panel signed off on Thursday. Capehart was originally named in 13 alleged violations of the Ethics Act. He admitted to one of them in the settlement. The rest of the allegations were dropped.

The admission focused on Capehart’s hiring of Kristen Seibert as a West Liberty employee and then soliciting her to be the manager and executive producer of his company Flyover Films.

Capehart has already paid a $5,000 fine handed down by the Ethics Commission along with an additional $5,000 to cover what it cost the commission to investigate the case.

Capehart issued a statement explaining his reason for entering the agreement and criticizing the Ethics Commission’s handling of his case.

“There was a combination of reasons we decided to accept the agreement. First, this matter was extremely stressful on my family. The Ethics Commission has been dragging this matter on for over three years despite our numerous requests for a hearing. Second, I have little or no faith in the ability of the Ethics Commission to give me a fair hearing. In three years, not one person from the Ethics Commission ever contacted me. The Ethics Commission ignored the statute and due process on numerous occasions during the course of this action. Third, it costs a lot to defend even frivolous charges.”

Capehart resigned as president of WLU on March 15.