SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Three girls received more than they thought while trick-or-treating in South Charleston Thursday night.   Police say the girls found shards of glass in candy they were given while going door-to-door in the Armour View subdivision.

“They don’t have a specific house or anything like that,” said Detective Jonathan Halstead of the South Charleston Police Department. “Just in the Armour View subdivision.”

The subdivision includes hundreds of homes which saw a high volume of trick or treaters Thursday night.  The three girls who found the suspicious candy were actually in a group of approximately seven all of them were middle school age.

“One girl didn’t have a bag and was using her jacket, she put her hand in her pocket  and found about five pieces of glass in with her candy,” said Halstead. “The second teen found a piece of candy with glass and hair throughout and the third girl located another one in a piece of candy in her candy bag when she got home.”

Police are recommending parents who’s children went trick or treating in the subdivision  thoroughly examine their child’s treat bucket again.  The candy appeared to be commercially produced, but had been removed from its packaging.

Police are asking anyone who finds more suspicious candy to contact the South Charleston Police Department.