INWOOD, W.Va. — Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s race for the U.S. Senate brought him to Berkeley County Monday, but he also was joined by a couple of supporters.

Donald Trump Jr. and former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle were on hand at the rally at Heritage Hall.

Over 300 packed the venue in support of Morrisey, who is running against incumbent Democrat Senator Joe Manchin.

Bob Hutchinson of Spring Mills brought his 14-year-old son out of school to attend the rally.

“If he’s going to support Trump in his agenda then I think that’s the overall best thing, in my opinion.”

Local politicians were also in attendance. 65th District Delegate Jill Upson led the crowd in the pledge of allegiance and Senator Charles Trump addressed the crowd before introducing the speakers.

66th District Delegate Paul Espinosa told MetroNews affiliate WEPM that the support Morrisey has received from the Trumps will go a long way.

“I think Morrisey’s message is resonating,” said Espinosa. “I think as the President and his surrogates help make it very clear that they support Patrick Morrisey, I think that certainly helps close that margin.”

Guilfoyle did not hesitate to go after Manchin.

“This is a guy that never saw a spending bill that he didn’t love.”

Trump Jr’s message to voters was that President Trump needed politicians like Morrisey in the Senate and encouraged supporters to take to the polls on November 6.

“Make sure they realize what’s at stake,” said Trump Jr. “We’ve got to stop the hate and outrage. We’ve got to put jobs over mobs. We’ve got to keep the winning going and we can do it with your help.”

Monday’s event was the second Trump Jr. attended in support of Morrisey. The Attorney General said the Trump administration understands how much the race in the Mountain State means.

“They know that the Eastern Panhandle is critical for the big election on November 6,” said Morrisey. “They know there is a big difference between dishonest Washington liberal Joe Manchin and a conservative fighter, Patrick Morrisey.”

Morrisey continued his Monday with campaign stops in Keyser and Romney. He called the time leading up to the November 6 election “critical.”

Story by Elias McMillan