One Mountaineer departs another is found that’s the quick take of the last 48 hours for WVU football and basketball.

Nathan Adrian joins Brad Howe and Tony Caridi to offer their take on Will Grier’s decision to skip the bowl and the reemergence of Sagaba Konate.

Does Grier’s decision become the precedent for all draftable quarterbacks in bowl games? Will bowl games need to reinvent themselves to deter future players from skipping out?

WVU beat Pitt, but 26 turnovers paints a frightening picture of what lies ahead in Big 12 play. Can it be fixed?

You’ll never guess who Nathan Adrian says was the best player he ever faced in college. Really, you’ll be surprised.

These topics and more on episode 74 of Three Guys Before The Game.

The guys will return for another episode on Thursday.