PINEVILLE, W.V.a. — More than 50 miles of paving will take place on state Route 10 in Wyoming County.

Gov. Jim Justice and state highways officials on Thursday announced a slew of road work projects, which will also include road enhancements such as culvert and ditch maintenance, bridge work and improvements at several intersections.

“The net of the whole thing is you’re going to be able to get to the convenience store, and you’re going to have roads that are absolutely going to bring this area of the world back into real time,” the governor said. “When it brings us back into real time, then all kinds of stuff will start happening right here to the areas that deserve it the most, in my opinion.”

The work will involve widening and paving 23 miles of new highway between Logan County and Pineville, as well as 27.5 miles from Pineville to Mercer County.

The projects are scheduled to be finished in August 2020.

Officials also announced plans to rehabilitate the Ken Shadrick Bridge, which is already in its early stages.

Crews will begin work on a 14-mile section of road between Mercer County and U.S. Route 19 later this year. The work will wrap up in the fall of 2020.