CHARLESTON, W.Va. —¬†Crossover Day in the state Legislature brought a crescendo of bills in the state Senate.

There were almost 60 bills up for final consideration in the Senate before moving on to the House of Delegates. Crossover Day is the annual deadline for bills originating in one chamber to be voted out and sent to the other.

The conclusion of the regular, 60-day legislative session is approaching on March 7.

Here’s a sample of what passed Wednesday morning in the Senate.

  • Without discussion, the Senate unanimously passed¬†Senate Bill 38, requiring schools provide elective course on Hebrew Scriptures or Bible. The House of Delegates passed its own version of a bill doing roughly the same thing on Tuesday.
  • Senators unanimously passed Senate Bill 120, establishing priorities for expenditures for plugging abandoned gas or oil wells.
  • With one no — Senator Eric Tarr, R-Putnam, who described his experienced as a business owner, lawmakers passed Senate Bill 513, protecting consumers against businesses using automatic renewals without consent.
  • Senators passed Senate Bill 648, providing dental coverage for adult Medicaid recipients.