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Comparing License Costs


Here is a comparative breakout of hunting and fishing license costs of West Virginia and surrounding states.   Different states have different fee structures and different offerings, but this is a reasonably close comparison of what resident hunters and anglers in other states pay for the same hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges granted with West Virginia’s most popular Class X Sportsman’s License.

West Virginia:

Sportsman’s License — Allows hunting of small game, migratory birds/waterfowl, deer (1 buck w/gun, 1 deer w/bow, 1 deer w/muzzleloader), spring and fall turkey, bear (required damage stamp extra), boar, conservation stamp, statewide fishing (no trout)  Cost: $33


Sportsman’s License — Allows hunting of small game, deer, bear, turkey, bow hunting, crossbow hunting, muzzleloader hunting, freshwater fishing, trout fishing.  Cost: $120   Trapping is not included. A Virginia trapping permit is $41 for the state permit and $16 for each county or city where you plan to trap.  Total Cost: $177


Sportsman’s License — Allows hunting of small game, deer (2 bucks), spring turkey, fall turkey, a state waterfowl permit, statewide fishing, trout fishing.   No bear season. Cost $95 Trapping is not include and costs another $20.  Total Cost $115  


No Sportsman’s License.   Freshwater fishing license (no trout) $20.50, Chesapeake Bay and tributaries $15.00,  Regular Hunting License (includes spring and fall turkey and deer (2-bucks)) $24.50,  Migratory Bird $9.00, Bow Hunting Permit $6.00, Muzzleloader permit $6.00, Furbearer Permit (trapping) $5.00   Bear hunting is by lottery only and cost to be in the lottery is $15.   Total Cost: $101


No Sportsman’s License.   Fishing License $22.70, Lake Erie permit $9.70, hunting license (includes gun hunting for one buck also includes fall and spring turkey hunting) $20, Archery stamp $16, Muzzleloader permit $11, Furbearer permit (trapping) $20, Bear permit $16   Total Cost: $115.40


No Sportsman’s License.    Freshwater fishing license (includes trout and Lake Erie) $19, hunting license, includes small game only $19, deer permit (1-buck by either gun, muzzleloader or bow) $19, spring gobbler (2) $24, fall turkey (1) $24, furtaker permit (trapping) $15, Ohio has no bear hunting   Total Cost: $120


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