Angler Rewrites Record Books on One Trip

Most anglers would be satisfied to catch a state record fish in their lifetime.  However, it’s a rare feat indeed to take a fishing trip and come home with two record fish in the same day.

Alex Foster of St. Albans had that kind of a day recently when he went for an outing on the Ohio River.

Using cut up fish for bait, Foster caught the new state record for the blue catfish.  The monster cat was 44.5 Pounds and 43.9 inches in length.  The catch is a new record in West Virginia for both length and weight and breaks the old record of 32.28 pounds caught last year.  Ironically, Foster also held that record.  The length record for the blue catfish stood since 2009 for a 42.25 inches fish caught by Lynn Lange in the Ohio River.

During the same fishing trip and using the same bait, Foster hauled in a 52.25-inch longnose gar.  The fish weight 15-pounds and tied the current length record for gar.   Shelby Searls caught that fish in the Kanawha River in 2006.  The weight record for gar still stands at 19.08 pounds caught by Michael Casey from the Kanawha River in 1993.


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