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Drilling stopped by DEP at Tyler County well pad

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Tyler County gas well drilling site has been temporarily shutdown by the state in the wake of a tank rupture and leak.

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Oil and Gas issued the Cease Operations Order to Jay-Bee Oil and Gas at the company’s Lisby well pad in Tyler County Wednesday. 

(Read cease order here.)

A tank ruptured on the site Jan. 2 causing the leak of fluids into the surrounding soil.  One worker was injured in the incident.

State investigators have ordered all drilling activity to cease and demanded an incident report from the company detailing the cause of the rupture and an analysis of the fluids contained in the leak. 

The DEP said the company must also submit to the state a proposal for soil sampling and remediation and plans to remove and dispose of any contaminated soil from the nearby ground.  Part of the report also calls for Jay-Bee to demonstrate an understanding of how to safely resume operations and take steps to guard against future leaks.

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