Mooney stands by Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Amid the swirling allegations and controversy in Washington over the actions of President Donald Trump, Congressman Alex Mooney (WV-2) isn’t afraid to stick by the Commander in Chief.

“There are people who just can’t accept Donald Trump won the presidency,” Mooney said on MetroNews Talkline. “He’s President of the United States, he needs to be able have discussions with other countries about the security of our country.”

Mooney took the bold stand a day after allegations were reported by various national media outlets Trump had disclosed classified information to a Russian diplomat during a White House meeting.  The White House was quick to spurn the allegation. The story erupted amid the ongoing saga over Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, tweets from the President about possible recordings of his conversations with Comey, and an alleged memo by Comey claiming the President asked him to back the FBI off of its investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

“I think it’s over the top,” Mooney said. “I’m on the Financial Services Committee and the ranking Democrat on the committee won’t even acknowledge he’s president.  I think you have people who  will do anything to take him down and question anything he does.”

Mooney’s loyal stance with Trump is unusual in the Washington atmosphere where even a number of Republicans have been reluctant to continue standing by their party’s President.   In his mind, Mooney believed, continuing to stand by Trump in this situation isn’t hard because none of the allegations are proven or clear.

“I’m more interested in getting tax relief for our country and issues we campaigned on, rather than just constant attacks on the President from liberals.” Mooney said. “I’ll disagree with the President when I think he’s wrong, but this constant barrage of half-truths and who knows what the truth is, is over the top.  It’s a constant distraction.”

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