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New shotgun facility opens in Lewis County

ROANOKE, W.Va. — Kevin Teets has a knack for the outdoors and a love for West Virginia. He grew up in Braxton County and started out with an investment in a set of rental cabins and horse riding stables in Lewis County.

“I love Lewis County,” he said. “I planned to make the cabins and stables my day job and my auctioneer job my side job.”

Somewhere along the way however, those two became reversed. Teets found his skills as a bi-lingual auctioneer in higher demand than he anticipated. He can also auction in Spanish. The talent called him to help sell stuff all over the world and the travel made it hard to manage his Hillbilly Haven rental cabins and his stables. So he sold the cabins, which are still in operation today near Stonewall Jackson Lake and closed down the stable.

The range features 16 stations with Promatic wireless traps. A computer will throw the clays for you with a countdown tone

Now with growing children, he’s come home and want to settle down again. Teets noticed a void in West Virginia which he set out to fill. Although West Virginians love to shoot sporting clays, there are very few places to shoot.

“I fell in love with sporting clays ten years ago and it wasn’t that popular,” Teets said in a recent West Virginia Outdoors show. “It’s now tripled in the interest and it’s evolving. I’ve shot for the past ten years, but I would have to travel into Pennsylvania.”

Looking for another business opportunity, the starts properly aligned for Teets and his business partners to build what he considers his dream, Stonewall Sporting Clays.

“We always had it in the back of our mind and then the opportunity arose,” he said.

The opportunity is 64 acres along I-79 near the Roanoke exit where he’s build the most modern sporting clays range in the region.

“We put in a 16 station state of the art facility. It’s a fully automated Y-Card sporting clays system,” he explained.

The system allows shooters to use a swipe card to activate each shooting station and there is no need for a thrower from station to station. Shooters can walk or rent one of the side-by-side UTV’s available. You can also bring your own.

“You can even shoot alone. It’s like golfing with a shotgun. You can come out here ant do it 100 percent by yourself.,” he said.

The Lodge at Stonewall Sportsing Clays

The facility features rustic structures and will feature steak knights, fundraising events, and can be booked for special occasions. Teets hopes to capitalize on those who visit the area for Stonewall Resort and the abundant outdoor recreation in the area. He envisions Stonewall Sporting Clays being one more activity and amenity to attract guests to the region.

For now, this looks to be his baby. He’s already inquired about buying back his Hillbilly Haven cabin rentals, but the idea was rejected.

“He was smarter and me and doesn’t want to sell them,” laughed Teets.

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