National Guard launches jobs website for members, employers

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A new jobs website recently launched by the West Virginia National Guard helps members and employers navigate employment opportunities statewide.

Employers who are interested in hiring a member of the Guard can search for available candidates. Guard members can learn about a network of resources in search of jobs, training and education opportunities.

“What we’re trying to provide a better quality of life for our soldiers in every aspect that we can and this is just one of those aspects,” said Col. Mark Merritt, director of human resources for the WVNG.

Merritt said there are a lot of benefits to hiring a Guard member.

“We have skills with being accountable, time management, maturity,” he said. “Our members are routinely drug tested and a lot of our members have a security clearance. Those are quality attributes that employers look for.”

Merritt said now is a good time to promote the job site, in part, due to the state’s record unemployment. There are thousands of job openings in different fields statewide.

“Chances are if there’s a job type offered in West Virginia, it’s going to be listed on this website and that ranges from everything from contractor work, government work, small business, a little bit of everything,” Merritt said.

The process to apply for a job through their website is simple, Merritt said. All you have to do is register if you’re an employer or a job seeker.

A lot of Guard members are looking for work, Merritt said.

“We have a lot of college kids and people starting out in their career. I’m a perfect example. I couldn’t afford college when I first got out of high school, so I went in the military and got a part-time job. Hopefully this website will help those people navigate that,” he said.

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