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Secretary of State’s office explains placement of four constitutional amendments on upcoming ballot

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Just more than three months away from the November General Election, the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office wants voters to understand the numbers and placement of the constitutional amendments set to be on the ballot.

Four constitutional amendments are being proposed, which General Counsel for West Virginia Secretary of State (SoS) Deak Kersey told MetroNews was the highest number of amendments on a ballot since SoS Mac Warner took office in 2017.

Deak Kersey

Kersey said the amendments will appear following the national ticket, state ticket, non-partisan ticket including judicial offices, and the county ticket. Each amendment will appear with its title, number, and summary of purpose which the State Legislature drafted in the resolution.

Voters on Nov. 8 will then select for or against and the majority will decide the amendment.

“The law provides that if the majority of voters are in favor of ratification of any of the amendments then they pass,” Kearsey said.

According to Warner’s office, the chief elections office, State Code requires that the proposed amendments be numbered based on the date the legislature approved the resolution placing the proposal before the voters.

The amendment titles include Amendment No. 1: Clarification of the Judiciary’s Role in Impeachment Proceedings Amendment, Amendment No. 2: Property Tax Modernization Amendment, Amendment No. 3: Incorporation of Churches or Religious Denominations Amendment, and Amendment No. 4: Education Accountability Amendment.

Kearsey said the four amendments come from different legislative sessions.

“They have to put that amendment itself on the general election ballot. The amendments we’re seeing on this 2022 general election ballot include resolutions passed during the legislative session in 2021 and 2022.

There is no full text of the amendment on the official ballot because Kearsey said that would increase costs for counties. The full text can be read in local newspaper’s sample ballots or at the SoS website.

Early voting in the general election lasts from Oct. 26 to Nov. 5.

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