Shelter in place lifted in South Charleston

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Emergency officials lifted a shelter-in-place in South Charleston after about 35 minutes Thursday morning

Residents in South Charleston were advised to shelter-in-place at about 6:25 a.m. after what emergency officials described as a minor chemical incident at the Clearon plant.

There was a light haze and smell of chlorine noticed in the area.

Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper says a 30-gallon drum of bleach tablets was decomposing and creating a haze and smell. South Charleston Fire Dept. served as incident command. A water curtain was deployed.

The shelter-in-place was lifted at a few minutes after 7 a.m.

Emergency message from Kanawha County

The Shelter in place in effect for the South Charleston area has been lifted.


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