A Georgia man is dead after a run in with Lewisburg Police and other law enforcement officers on Monday afternoon in Greenbrier County.

State Police Sergeant Michael Baylous says Jimmy L. Hamlin, Jr., 44, from Kathleen was shot and killed near Interstate 64 in Lewisburg after reportedly threatening the officers with a rifle.

It all started with a fight between Hamlin, who had recently been living in Greenbrier County, and his girlfriend on Monday afternoon.

At about 4:15 p.m., “The call came into 911 that he’d been involved in a domestic dispute and that he was intoxicated and armed at the time,” said Sgt. Baylous.

He says Lewisburg Police stopped Hamlin along Route 219, at the intersection of N. Jefferson Street and Coleman Drive, but Hamlin was uncooperative during a standoff that lasted several minutes.

During that time, State Police troopers arrived to assist along with deputies from the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department and officers with the Alderson Police Department and the Ronceverte Police Department.

“Mr. Hamlin just refused to obey the verbal commands and exited the vehicle with the rifle and, unfortunately, at one point, he pointed that rifle in a direction which endangered¬†the officers’ safety and the public’s safety as well,” Sgt. Baylous said.

“The officers there had to respond to the threat they were faced with.”

Hamlin was shot multiple times.  He was pronounced dead at the Greenbrier Valley Medical Center.

The officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of a State Police investigation.

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  • Jennifer Eggleston

    This is my fiancee what people need to realize is sometimes what is reported may not be ALL facts sometimes it's best to listen to those that were there

    • Sebastian

      Ms. Egglesoton, I empathize with your opinion and I am sorry for your loss, especially if you still cared for him. If what the officers did was inappropriate, can you give us the truth from your perspective? Clear the air for your fiancee at least...thanks!

      • Jennifer Eggleston

        I finally have the truth in black and white! The police report 4 officers with AR 15's 27 times he was shot and that's just what hit him! My point is it's not the guns fault!!!!!!
        I was in law enforcement myself I had a call myself one morning man with rifle wanted to pass from suicide. Guess what he's alive today! It should not have taken 4 officers 27 xs to defend themselves! None of you would want to be in any of our shoes...family, friends, law enforcement otherwise!! It has changed who I am and thank goodness! I have learned from all the gossip heartless nosey people NOT to talk about things that doesn't involve me! As for IF I still cared seriously!!!!! People leave me speechless! I hope and pray you never have to walk through something at such!!!!!

  • Levelheaded

    We already have "restrictions when it comes to gun ownership vs. mental illness/DOMESTIC LAW VIOLATIONS."

  • brian12

    Tragic. But thank you, zerotolerance. DonaldH's comments showed his lack of understanding about what transpired. These are the people leading the arguement against gun control. Let's apply some restrictions when it comes to gun ownership vs. mental illness/DOMESTIC LAW VIOLATIONS.

    Props to LWB Police Dept. Thank you!!

  • zerotolerance

    The second paragraph of the article indicates he was in possession of a RIFLE.

    The initial call to law enforcement indicated he was ARMED and involved in a domestic dispute.

    The seventh paragraph of the article indicates he exited the vehicle with a RIFLE and at allegedly pointed the RIFLE at the responding officers.

  • DonaldH

    With a weapon? what kind of weapon?-- a golf club-- a Louisville Slugger-- a Samari Sword-- did he threaten to run over them with his car, making it the weapon?? what? a ASSULT WEAPON like an AR-15--- naaa!! if it been one of those The headline would of read "Man with Assult AR-15 Rifle goes on rampage, threatens police and shot DEAD"

    • Robert

      There is a good chance there are many lies being told here. The new police state is rampant in West Virginia. I personally know of many officers that are cocky militant types that shouldn't wear a gun in the first place. They should be a pencil pusher. First research the details from witnesses, and 95% chance you can figure out the real story. Never trust the MEDIA!

      • Jennifer Eggleston

        Amen Robert if only people knew all that goes on!!!!

    • Levelheaded

      Please read the article before commenting.