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A measure that would have allowed West Virginia stores to sell liquor on Sunday — and allowed bars and restaurants to begin serving alcohol at 10 a.m. instead of 1 p.m. — won’t be considered this session.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The bill to ease limits on alcohol sales on Sundays in West Virginia will not get approval from state lawmakers during this year’s Regular Legislative Session.

The proposal, HB 2946, was moved off the calendar for the House of Delegates on Wednesday, the last day a bill could come out of the chamber where it originated to keep moving at the State Capitol.

Jefferson County Delegate Stephen Skinner was the lead sponsor of the bill. “I don’t care whether you drink or not, but we shouldn’t arbitrarily be choosing a time to prevent a business from selling what they sell,” he said prior to the vote.

Alcoholic drink sales are only allowed after 1 p.m. on Sundays at bars and restaurants in West Virginia. At stores, purchases of beer and wine are permitted after 1 p.m. on Sundays, but liquor sales are prohibited all day.

Skinner’s bill would have allowed for liquor sales in stores on Sundays and moved up the Sunday sale and serving hour to 10 a.m. at other locations.

Skinner said the measure would have helped West Virginia’s tourism and hospitality industry, those who must continually deny alcohol orders from tourists and others before 1 p.m. on Sundays.

“Do the blue laws get people to go to church? The answer, I think we all know, is no,” Skinner said. “Nobody is not going to go to church just because alcohol is being served starting at 10 a.m.”

This year’s Regular Legislative Session ends on Saturday, April 13.

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  • edog355

    It's called FREEDOM. That's why.

  • edog355

    I usually have several alcoholic beverages before I go to church.

    Makes it easier to listen to the BS that I have to hear for an hr.

  • edog355

    True - but I'm sure he's trying to pick a time that would be something that acceptable to the others in the legislature so the bill can be passed.

    I know Skinner and I'm pretty certain that he would prefer 24-7 but that this is only a stepping stone to get there.

  • jason

    Looks like Mr. Skinner is setting an 'arbitrary' time himself at 10AM...

  • Jeremy Thorn

    Why does our local, state or federal system choose Sunday for this law. Is there not supposed to be a separatiin of State and religion.

  • Levelheaded

    The states that are in the 21st century are wishing they could go back to the 20th.

  • AnnoyedWVian

    I don't see why the state feels the need to ban sales on Sunday. I don't go to church, I don't practice a religion. I don't see why I cant go to the store and buy a bottle if I want to make screwdrivers with friends one afternoon.

    Having these archaic rules makes no sense. When will WV join the 21st century?

  • Shadow

    Logic and Physics tells me that if a person wants to buy an alcoholic beverage on Sunday Morning, they are not in church. It also says that those in church can't buy an alcoholic beverage there. So what is the Beef? Those that want to purchase a drink can and those that don't can't. A very stupid law and so obviously unconstitutional I wonder if the folks that rejected it have every understood the Constitution.

  • Joel

    To those that are against this. Why are you so concerned with legislating what time a person can drink? Go to church, live your life, do whatever. I don't care and most other people don't either. But if a business person wants to be able to sell drinks and there is enough business to justify that decision, why is it any of your concern if they do? Having laws just for the sake of having them is idiotic.

  • bulldog95

    I dont get the big deal here, just buy a little extra the day before. As far as restraunts go, how many places that sell alcoholic drinks are open at 10:00. Starting at noon sounds good to me.

  • hillbilly

    Delegate Stephen Skinner,
    Sundays are still sacred to lots of WV people.
    My self included.

  • chad

    I love gettin high on Sunday mornings. Go down to my favorite fishin hole and have a word with God myself. No man made church needed, just me and Gods creations.

  • chad

    But Joel.....God doesn't want you to drink on Sundays

  • thornton

    "Sunday morning" is a bit assumptive and narrow-minded, Jamie.

    I suggest you find a church which practices against those tendencies of the flesh. VERILY.

  • ShinnstonGuy

    Sensible laws don't get far in the state legislature.

  • Jamie

    Why don't we just give up on all morals just legalize pot .And smoke it on Sunday mornings people get or head out of the sand and find a church that preaches against sin John 3:16. AMEN

  • Rusty

    The blue laws make no difference on when and how much people will drink.

    So why punish the state's business owners, which pay a lot of money to the state to get the licenses to sell the alcohol, as well as paying taxes on all of their alcohol sales?

    All this does is lose tax revenue for the state and sales revenue for the state's entrepreneurs.

  • Joel

    Yes, simple common sense, business friendly legislation cannot be passed. But we can make pepperoni rolls the state food, whatever that even means.... With archaic nonsense laws like this, no wonder we are looked at as a backwater.