CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Come later this year, the way some state workers receive their pay is going to change.

Currently those workers either get a paper paycheck or they have their money direct deposited. A joint effort between the state Treasurer’s Office and the Auditor’s Office is now underway. It means an end to paper checks and move to the West Virginia Pay Card.

“It is a pre-paid debit card that the employees can elect to receive. Their pay will be directly loaded on it the day of pay day,” according to Assistant state Treasurer Misty Price. She said this is one way to bring the state into the 21st Century and save money in the process. It cost the state about a $500,000 each year for checks, printing costs and employee time.

The state has had the ability to go to a pay card system for several years but decided to wait. Now with the West Virginia Oasis project, a new accounting and reporting system in place Price said the pay cards just make sense.

State workers have until October 1 to decide which payment option best fits their lifestyle.

“The option will be either direct deposit or you’ll select the pay card,” explained Price.

State workers can talk to their payroll coordinator or get more information from Those who receive a paper check but don’t make a choice for themselves by October 1 will automatically receive a pay card. The first pay to go on to the card will be October 31.

Price admits some longtime state employees might be a little hesitant to go with the pay card but she says it’s an easy option that will save many money.

“I think they will be happy once they do see the option because we have a lot of options available to get their money out free of charges,” according to Price.

Pay Card users will be able to withdraw their money for free from several different ATM systems. And they can withdraw money for free from any Visa member bank, which is every bank in the state.

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  • WVSon

    Really? The state is just now going to direct deposit or this crazy card?
    And we wonder why folks from other states think we’re backwards.

  • sam

    next they will quit paying state employees at all....

    • CaptainQ

      PLEASE don't give our lawmakers any ideas! They're crazy enough to try it! Hey, remember how the state of California sent out I.O.U.s to their employees in lieu of PAYCHECKS several years ago?

      Oops! I just gave out another bad idea.....

      (Don't be surprised if WV does this!)

  • ACHguy

    Big charges most likely passed to the employee instead of the employer. The whole process will save the state more than $500,000.

    Make sure your ACH provider is up to date on their NACHA security before picking anyone that offers ACH.

  • BigDave

    Is there going to be a debit charge every time it's used like a bank debit card?

  • lee arthur

    You folks are entering the real world/twilight zone.

  • bulldog95

    How about we hear how much money visa plans to make off this? Didnt think so.

    • CaptainQ

      +1 (no, +2!)

  • ShinnstonGuy

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Make everyone get direct deposit. The Feds already require it!

    • CaptainQ

      That idea makes too much sense, ShinnstonGuy! Ideas that actually make sense are NEVER EVER accepted by our State Government. There's the right way, the wrong way and the WV Government way (which is the really, really, really wrong way!)

      • Jeffrey

        The state implementing bad ideas is a much bigger problem than not implementing good ideas.

  • 1smartone

    $500,000 for printed checks???? Wow, get on board. This seams like a no brainer. I could never understand people not having a checking account.

    • Hillbilly

      If you have ever had your bank account "hacked" and stolen, you might understand...