WHEELING, W.Va. — Two northern panhandle oil and gas workers who admitted to police they were in a fight with two men they didn’t know early Saturday morning are charged with murder.

Police arrested Craig Tyler Peacock, 22 of Clewiston, Fla., and Jarrett Mathis Chandler, 24 of Winnfield, La., early Tuesday and charged them in the death of Wheeling Jesuit University student Kevin Figaniak. The 21-year-old senior lacrosse player died Sunday from injuries suffered in the fight. He and a friend had been at a bar Friday night and were walkin back to campus when Figaniak’s friend said three or four men jumped them.


Police say WJU senior Kevin Figaniak and a friend got into a verbal altercation Saturday morning minutes before a fight broke out.

The criminal complaint against Peacock and Chandler said the two were charged after police viewed video surveillance, combed through social media and conducted interviews. Police found the suspects at an Ohio County campsite where some oil and gas workers stay.

Both men agreed to give videotaped statements. They both told police they and their friends got into a verbal altercation with two men they didn’t know early Saturday morning. Peacock and Chandler said they followed the men down Edgington Lane, through the intersection and onto Locust Avenue, where the fight began.

“Suspect Chandler specifically stated that he engaged in striking the individual he was fighting,” police said in the criminal complaint.

Peacock told police he may have “kicked” the man he was fighting.

Both Peacock and Chandler told police they and their friends left the area while the men were on the ground. Figaniak suffered massive head injuries and died Sunday at a Pittsburgh hospital. His autopsy was completed Tuesday in Morgantown. Figaniak’s friend wasn’t as seriously injured and was able to speak with police.

Peacock and Chandler are being held on murder charges in the Northern Regional Jail on $1 million bail each.

Wheeling Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger said Tuesday on MetroNews “Talkline” video surveillance from area businesses has greatly helped in the investigation.

“It headed us in the right direction,” he said, adding that more arrests could ensue.

“We’ve located two. We are working hard still. There’s a lot of loose ends to be tied up and we are looking at trying to locate a third or fourth individual.”

Peacock and Chandler are oil and gas workers in the region, but the chief cautioned against characterizing the workers in the area as problem causers.

“We shouldn’t paint them with a broad brush,” he said. “I have not seen any substantial police contacts or anything that causes us concern out of the ordinary.”


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  • Ed Monahan

    I love how most of the people on here that have negative things to say about Kevin are the ones that do not have their full names on this forum. They must have the same type of character as men who would pursue someone till they were covered by darkness then beat one of them to death. You are all cowards.

    • Frank Hoard

      I put my full name this time, not that means anything, but to you, it must mean a lot.


      I went through 4 years of college without getting in a fight & I was a college baseball player.

      Isn't it Lacrosse season, why wasn't he in training mode???

      All this could be blamed on those who killed him, but KEVIN'S decisions that night, led him to his fate. Most of us survive our stupid mistakes, unfortunately he didn't.

      That isn't arguable, that is just the way life & death works.

      Here is hoping your decisions today don't lead to your death!

      • Joe

        To the court-appointed lawyers for the accused, I do not recommend using Frank Hoard's rationale for the victim's death as a basis for your defense case.

    • J

      Im not using my full name, but I support Kevin, I hope all the arrests are made and that at some point in the future, his parents can attempt to move forward. absolutely horrible and sensless.

  • Patchy

    "“That area there is populated to a certain degree even at 1:30 in the morning....[s]o we’re asking for anyone who has information, saw anything, to please contact us.”

    Erm, how about some, oh I don't know, police on patrol in that area that is populated to a certain degree even at 1:30 in the morning, a fact that was known in advance by Wheeling Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger?

    A CCTV camera, especially one owned and maintained by a private business or individual, is not a substitute for cops on the beat especially in an existing trouble spot.

    I would ask what else the cops might be doing at that hour, but I fear the truthful answer might be the same old 'disproportionate allocation of manpower to DUI patrols in order to rake in overtime funded by Uncle Sam.'

    • Ann


      You are obviously not from the area where this incident occurred. If you were, you would realize how ridiculous your above comment truly is.

      God bless those involved, prayers to the family who lost their loved one.

      • Patchy

        It's lazy to criticize without elaborating. The police know it's a trouble spot but no patrols operate in the area?

        Private businesses shell out for CCTV in part because the police presence is inadequate and/or the business are tired of incurring losses. They may be civic-minded and provide their footage to the police but short of a court order are under no obligation to do so.

        So the question remains - if the police had advance knowledge of a problem what steps, if any, did they take to resolve it?

  • Richard Bryant

    No one deserves to die over foolishness but I don't get why schools claim to be a religious school but there are no character "rules" for their students. A student should be kicked out for frequenting bars. Oh, that's right it's really about getting the students money and not religion at all.

    • Dan

      Richard you are an idiot. Plain and simple, please do not say another word and please for the betterment of humanity do not reproduce.

      • Shawn Mc

        Well said!!!!

      • To Dan

        Lol (y)

    • Rick Soos

      A young man was brutally killed, and you want to use this opportunity to attack religious schools? Really? Are you saying it is okay for state college students to frequent bars, but not private college students? If it were a West Liberty or West Virginia University student that were killed, would it be any different?

      For the sake of disclosure, I would like to add that I in no way condone the frequenting of bars or the consumption of alcohol at any time.

  • Chef Camille

    My mother always said nothing good ever happens after midnight. It is tragic. The loss of a young life and obvious the prison sentences to be doled out to the culprits.

  • Sherry

    Mouth or not, there is no excuse for killing someone. And I live in Morgantown. Believe me, all of the social problems here are NOT caused by "out of towners."

  • Carla D x3

    No matter what the argument was about, a man loss his life over something stupid. My prayers go out to their families because all 3 families have lost a son over nothing !! Think long and hard, trouble is east to get into but hard to get out of I've been there !! Rip in peace !!!

  • Sherry

    The student who was "Murdered" was a Lacrosse player, attending college at WJU. Who cares if he was making smart talk? Evidently the two who were arrested, were also making smart talk... but this doesn't give anyone the right to murder someone. I hope they get a LIFE sentence, w/no chance of parole! Let them ENJOY the smart talk they will get in prison! Maybe they'll find a new "Boyfriend too"... That should do them some good!

  • Jenny Griffith

    another good case to support the return of the dealth penalty in WVa.

    • Dan

      I really wished WVA had the same capital punishment system as Florida where Tyler is from. Tyler could be number 79 to be terminated for being an idiot.

  • Charles Stroud

    The comments above make no sense at all "drunken pipeliners" what do you all think think that the boy who was mouthing off and who ultimately lost was doing out at 1:30 am. Do you think that he had no part in this at all? Do you think that he could have possibly had the same attitude towards out of towners as the same people making these stereotypical comments above? Come on people the witnesses even stated that the college rugby playing athlete was making smart talk to the out of towners. Sometimes you should just leave people alone.

    • C

      Thank you, Charles Stroud!!

    • PensSteel

      Sure he may has asked for a fight and maybe to get his butt kicked but we are talking murder here. I don't care what he said no one deserves to be beaten to death for running his mouth. A fist fight is one thing but this is cold blooded murder.

      • Charles Stroud


        • log

          A fist fight?

          Did you read there confession?

          It was 3 against 2.

          They admitted to following, jumping, and kicking him in the head while he is down.

          • Charles Stroud

            You must watch to much tv.

          • Charles Stroud

            Still a fight.


        COLD BLOODED MUDER REALLY?? It was a fist fight that turned bad!!

        • Shawn Mc

          Fist fight turned bad? At what point do you stop stomping a guy on the ground? One

    • wju mom

      Hey Charles...If you're going to go around correcting people, you should probably be right. "The college rugby playing athlete"?

      All the college rugby playing athletes at Wheeling Jesuit were in Michigan the night of the assault.

      Additionally, there are no words in the world that are worth killing over. Specially drunk words!

      • KF

        Well said WJU mom, well said.

      • Charles Stroud

        I do apologize he was a lacrosse playing athlete and not a rugby player. And like you should know they didnt intend on killing the boy

    • J

      Kevin played lacrosse and hockey, and those degenerates murdered him. trash talk or not, these ignorant idiots should be put to death.

    • Ed Monahan

      Where have you heard this rugby athletes comment?

    • anonymous

      mouthing off or not four on two really thats the point to my statement and i talk about the out of town pipeliners because myself have witnessed many times these guys picking fights for no reason just to do it even at the alpha where kevin was last seen conscience these guys to it there (Alpha) they do it at tjs a family restaurant and other bars ive heard cause im not a bar / clubber myself they even killed a lady drunk driving not to long ago so


        I guess you people forget to mention when the pipeline donates things to SCHOOLS, PLAYGROUNDS, and OTHER PLACES!!!!!!!!!

        • Shawn Mc

          So that makes it ok from the gas company to bring a criminal element to town?

      • tracyo64

        You may be an intelligent person, but we'll never know by attempting to read the gibberish posted above. Learn to punctuate.

        • Orion

          Are you serious? Who are you to critique someone's post? Get a life.

    • Jim G.

      As my mama would say his mouth made a debt his a@@ couldn't pay. Sorry to say but young men full of testosterone and alcohol are a bad combo. Let's wait until the facts come in before we judge. We are only hearing the "victims" and law enforcements side of the story. We all know they "never lie" right?

      • c self

        Well said..

      • J

        Tell me one time its okay to smash someones head in and murder them for talking trash? give me one example? if you can, you deserve to be put to death just like those two "out of towners" and fyi Kevin was from Philadelphia, an "out of towner" you are an ignorant person

      • Ed Monahan

        You must be a driller. Coward, put your full name by your comment. Let the world know who you are making statements like that.

  • Charles Stroud

    The comments above make no sense at all "drunken pipeliners" what do you all think think that the boy who was mouthing off and who ultimately lost was doing out at 1:30 am. Do you think that he had no part in this at all? Do you think that he could have possibly had the same attitude towards out of towners as the same people making these stereotypical comments above? Come on people the witnesses even stated that the college rugby playing athlete was mak8

    • log

      the victim was also from out of town, so he had no reason to run his mouth about out of town pipeliners in a town that he is not even from.

    • log

      the victim was also from out of town, so he had no reason to mouth off about out of town pipeliners, in a town he is not even from.

    • Could not have said it better myself (y)

      Charles Stroud
      The comments above make no sense at all "drunken pipeliners" what do you all think think that the boy who was mouthing off and who ultimately lost was doing out at 1:30 am. Do you think that he had no part in this at all? Do you think that he could have possibly had the same attitude towards out of towners as the same people making these stereotypical comments above? Come on people the witnesses even stated that the college rugby playing athlete was making smart talk to the out of towners. Sometimes you should just leave people alone.

      • KF

        At least get the sport correct, he was a lacrosse player.

    • PensSteel

      The student was also an out of towner you dolt.

    • Debbie

      I know Tyler Peacock personally and he's NOT a thug and he's NOT a young man that's goes looking for a fight...he's up there in WV WORKING...unlike a lot of the young people today! No one deserves to be beat to death! BUT sometimes people let their mouth overload their butts and it gets them in bad positions...which seems to be the case here....it doesn't excuse what happened but even the victim needs to take blame for his own actions as well!

      • m

        Amen Debbie!!!
        often peaple easily give you a finger or start a fight not thinking of what may happen.

        • Northern..

          So one gives you a finger, you then get friends and JUMP them from behind and knock them down and then kick them and such until they die?

      • You are stupid

        Your precious tyler chased him down 3 blocks to wait until he was on a dark street and jumped him from behind like a coward. stop it. he sucks.

      • Joe

        How do you propose the attacked murder victim take blame for his actions?

      • Concerned

        He did according to police follow the victims. Which would actually indicate he did indeed go looking for a fight. Which would in most people's book, including my own, make him a thug.

        • Don Rawlings

          This fact of stalking will be their undoing.

      • NailerFan

        Sadly the victim will never have that opportunity as he was robbed of this by these low lifes!!!

      • Debbie shut up

        anyone who goes 4 v 2 is a vag.

      • ATran

        Debbie, I don't think you know Tyler Peacock as well as you do. He is clearly a thug and evidently a murderer. According to the article, "Peacock and Chandler said they followed the men down Edgington Lane, through the intersection and onto Locust Avenue, where the fight began." The fact that he followed Kevin, who was on his way back to his dorm, would only suggest that he was looking for a fight. Peacock and Chandler, as well as the other one or two individuals who have yet to be identified, took the effort and initiative to find and follow Kevin to do only one thing, that that was to inflict harm. So before you start determining who got themselves in "bad positions," its best if you read the details that are presented and face the facts of the situation.

      • PensSteel

        Actions speak louder than words Debbie, there is a dead young man and apparently Mr. Peacock was involved. Big difference in a fist fight and beating someone to death. Whatever was said does not warrant being beat to death.

        • Frank H.

          Nothing good happens after Midnight. No one deserves to be killed, but the college kid was spouting off, he wasn't completely innocent!

      • Dan

        Debbie as much as I despise your thug of a friend Tyler and the worthless selfish act he committed, I will pray for his sole. He will need it were he is going.

        • wvtd


  • Life

    Wheeling is a dangerous place....

    • PensSteel

      Wheeling is becoming a dangerous place because of these idiot gas/oil workers. Why don't they hire locals. The "valley" was a great place to grow up.


        Some locals are not UNION or QUALIFIED. The ones that are union get hired. Do some research instead of sitting on your butt and wanting someone to give you a job!

        • Shawn Mc

          Wow, you don't want people to judge all of you gas people but you assume that I don't have a job? I don't even live in the area anymore but I know that locals need jobs and Wheeling is a strong union town. What do you want me to research, the fact that Wheelings crime rate has gone up since all you wonderful people have came into town?

          • slr

            wheeling local union hall will not accept any out of town workers. so they are only hiring local workers.. do your research before you speak

    • anonymous

      wheeling is not a dangerous place what so ever i live here there is a certain area called the island which is an island that can be considered dangerous but where this happened it isnt these out of town idiots who think there tough going four on two and then four on one after knocking his friend out and then beating him to death are a bunch of idiot think there hard and tough degenerates yes kevin was from out of town in college but he was a part of our academic community and wanted in our community these redneck thugs were just a bunch of goofs who couldnt even get into to college if they tried let alone somewhere like WJU and take the life of someone we consider our own a bunch of nonsense alcohol or not these pipeliners harass our people cause they think they have a big company that they work for yet doesnt care about them to back them up we the people wanted the pipelines not to be here and if so for our community to work for not these out of town incompetent drunken fools so sir to say wheeling is dangerous you are wrong sir and should be noted upon your ignorance .

      good day

      • C

        Anonymous ,
        Are you stupid? We have all types working on the pipeline , I've worked with law school grads, they pipeline because they love the lifestyle, the great people we meet. And the cash. Some of us make over$300,000 a year.
        " Don't hate me cuz you ain't me"

      • slr

        I have seen photos on facebook of the victim and his friends with a table full of various bottles of alcohol drugs and even a gun. so I am not so sure they were completely innocent in all of this. it is horrible that the boy was killed and I feel so bad for his family, yet his friends post photos of what lifestyle they were living. so the lifestyle of the college kids and that of the pipeliner were not too different. I have to wonder if this boy attended the same college that not too many years ago had football players that gang raped a local girl??? pot calling the kettle black??

        • log

          you must have the wrong school WJU doesnt have a football team.

      • Northern..

        Then get the hell out of here.

        • Charles Stroud

          I am sorry but my family and I rented a home in wheeling from a local and had to pay 1800.00 a month for a 400.00 a month house. And also I have hired several locals and they always drag up (quit their job) on me. The locals will get mad as hell when asked to work Saturday or Sunday. And god forbid them to have to work weekends. I have 2 locals that are still with me because they are hard workers, and they want something out of life. These 2 guys have learned a trade and are set for life. Oh and now I guess will be considered trouble making trash because they are oil qnd gas workers lmfao

      • Frank H.

        Fact is prices go up with limited inventory, that is true in any market.
        You had better prices in NY because the demand wasn't there.

        As far as being an outsider, that feeling will always be with you if you travel around.

        Don't be mad at locals because the Gas & Oil companies don't offer many jobs to the locals.

        I am not even from that area, but I know people there and they have said that Rental properties prices have increased 7 fold, because all the Gas & Oil people have taken up so much of the inventory.

        You have to realize that you & your family are upsetting the lifestyles of the locals, not the other way around.

        That doesn't give locals the right to be rude or mean, but you'll have to learn to be more tolerant of them than they do of you.

        • A

          Do you have any idea how much revenue we bring into these little towns that we come into? When we were in Moundsville, I saw businesses reopenning after being closed for 10 years just because of the revenue we were bringing into them. And no, the price gouging is not always about supply and demand. I have been in towns with plenty of open spots for trailers and they were charging $1200 a spot because they think we are rich and that the company pays our rent. Well neither is true! We are middle class families who work very hard just to get by. Most of us have two households to pay for and keep going. We have families and are people just like everyone else. And most of us are good God fearing Christian people! If a young man gets into a fight and fatally injures someone it doesn't make a difference what his profession is! The actions of two or three individuals should not be charged against us all! Isn't that a form of discrimination?

      • Diggerdon

        And drunken college jocks never cause problems? It's tragic that the lad is dead, but this was a fight....I see no mention of weapons used by either side, so a murder charge is a stretch....manslaughter, would be a more appropriate charge. Also, your lack of punctuation, capitalization, and poor syntax make your statement look like it was written by a third-grader which hardly puts you in any position of academic superiority or excellence. Oh, by the way.....I am one of those 'redneck thugs' of which you speak. Touche'!!!

        • log

          A fight?

          3 against 2

          They admitted to following, jumping, and kicking him in the head while down.

          still no reason to label someone because of job description

      • Micha


        Pleez yuse cureckt grammer and peereuds in yur next post! Thanx.

  • Joe

    Here we go again....more out of state drunken pipeliners strike again.

    Mom County recently lost one of its finest, Sgt. Todd May, a Mon Cty deputy, when a drunken pipliner decided to tie one on and plow his truck into Sgt. May's parked cruiser.

    Here in Mon county, these idiots even come into family restaurants (not even talking about bars and pubs) het drunk and start trouble with staff and locals.

    It's time to deal with this in a big way!

    • C

      That is just plain ignorant! Are you
      Jealous of pipeliners? They come from out of town because there is not enough qualified workers in the area, or they can't pass a drug test.
      It is a tragic thing that someone lost there life, that unfortunately is the risk you take when you get involved in a physical altercation, the smart thing to have done would have been for all parties involved to walk away, but they didn't. When you run your mouth to the wrong person terrible things can happen, sadly someone lost their life and two more are ruined. It has Nothing to do with their profession.
      The oil and gas business has saved this area, we all know several people who have greatly benifited from this boom, and many locals now make a good living because of it.
      My condolences go out to the families of all involved.

    • Alchemy

      How dare you!! Not all of them are like that! Most are hardworking family men who have to travel to make a living. The one's making trouble are just young & stupid. The same might be said for those college students. They were all drinking, so maybe you ought put the blame on alcohol where it belongs!!! Ignorance like yours is just going to make a bad situation worse!!

    • bet

      Being a worker of a gas company doesn't make u a bad person or killer..Remember the BTK killer was a deacon in a church, and I don't recall Ted Bundy being a PIPELINER..Ignorance is contagious !!

      • Joe

        I thought Ted Bundy was a shoe salesman......wait, sorry, that was Al Bundy.

    • PipelineWife

      Not trying to speak out of turn but there has been so many nasty things stated about "us pipeliners" I feel the need to speak up. I also feel I can speak for the majority if not ALL of "us pipeliners" when I say that there is a sadness that comes with ANY loss of life no matter who they are or where they are from!
      The people involved in this situation were all INDIVIDUALS with individual choices. It should not matter who they worked for or the color of their skin....its always "because" of something. But to say that it was because they are pipeliners or out of towners is wrong and dare I say ignorant. Will you picket a bar who serves a man liquor and then drives drunk and kills another human being? Will you boycott a phone company because someone is texting and driving and kills someone innocent?? It just really doesn't work that way.
      There are good and bad people in all walks of life. It is an individual situation in every case.

      • Alchemy

        As another pipeline wife, I'm right there with you. I'm so worried about my husband's safety now. This situation could get very ugly.

        • A

          We were coming back there to work and decided to go to MO instead because of this. They treated us bad enough before. I couldn't imagine how we would have been treated now, and I didn't want to expose my children to it. I have friends who have been there for the last year and a half working and sending their kids to school, being a part of their community. And now, no one will even speak to her at the ball field with her kids. Just because she is a pipeliner's wife. And they say we are the bad ones. Only God can judge! Does no one realize how hard it is for us to be the Out of towners all the time? Especially when we are treated like lepers!

      • Rodney Hytonen

        yes, to all your questions. But that's not what this is about.

        Transient workers and "man camps" are only one of an enormous number of what ADDS UP TO a completely untenable practice - modern fossil fuel energy extraction/export, and its overall unfeasibility given the drawbacks, and the century of proven corrupt and corrupting behavior, and the residual as well as immediate effects of its practicing corporations on the government, society, infrastructure and ecology it has utterly destroyed, in West Virginia especially. Our beautiful state, and really the whole country, is being literally cut up and sold off overseas, like a stolen car in a chop shop, for huge immediate private profits of a few, which only inflate domestic energy prices for the masses, and the portfolios of global speculators. And t is leaving behind a permnent wake of soial destruction, joblessness, industrial igimess replacing natural beauty, and toxic waste destroying the water supply and underlying overtaxed infrastructure FOREVER in the future.

    • N

      I am a pipeliner and you know what there is bad in all kinds not just the gas and oil workers so if you want to bash someone at least don't characterize all of us. We are just people out making a living and we all are not bad people. Maybe if you can't act like an adult when you drink then you don't need to be drinking. Not all of us drink and act like asses and truth be told I know this is a horrible thing, but you can't judge is all hut the acts of few.

      • KF

        Great comments. I totally agree with you.

      • b

        I blame the media for always stating oil and gas workers, what if it had been a McDonalds worker? They want to stir the pot, the poor victim was a "out of towner " too, just going to school, the oil and gas workers are trying to make a living, there will be bad ones but quit lumping them all in the same catagory

        • KF

          You're an idiot, Charles.

        • KF

          You hit the nail on the head! The media should never have put out such a head line. But, as you know, crap like that sells. Shame on them.

        • Alchemy

          The media is hyping this for all it's worth and aren't reporting the whole story. Let the justice system do it's job & don't make a bad situation worse by blaming pipeline workers in general.

    • PensSteel

      Agreed Joe, get these idiots out of the Tri-State area. Why are they not hiring locals?

      • A

        They do hire locals!! And not all pipeliners are drunken idiots! My husband pipelines and he is by no means an idiot. The idiots in my opinion are the ones quick to judge all pipeliners as the same because of a few trouble makers.

        • A

          Very well said!!!


        First of all my husband works pipeline and we are from OHIO. Shame on everyone to judge. All these kids were out at a bar and drinking and then started fighting which ended physical. Quit acting that the Tri-State area is crime free and the pipeline is making it unsafe. This is one of the poorest areas in OH and WV. For the jobs get off your butt and get in UNION! Oh but then you would be a PIPELINER!!!!!!!!!

        • A

          I hear all this talk about the crime the "Pipeliners" have committed. Well when my husband and I were there last year, the crimes being committed were thefts against us!!! Robbing men of their tools so they couldn't go to work! I am from WV, and let me tell you, that it's people are not saints! It has one of the biggest pill head problems in the country. And the contractors we were working for were trying to bring some locals in to the union and give them books and a job and all but 1 out of the 10 I knew of couldn't pass the drug test. Y'all need to stop judging people and turn around and look at yourselves first!!

      • C

        They aren't hiring locals bc these contractors are from other states & a lot are union so if you aren't part of their union you won't get hired. Also, so pioeliners are families, have their families traveling w them & aren't causing any trouble. Not everyone is out there causing problems. I apologize for the ones that are. They give us all a bad rep.

        • KF

          As I said before, I have met some of the folks that you are talking about and have gained some very close friends. It is a shame that a few spoil the reputation of everyone. Well said. I hope you have had the opportunity to meet some of the fine people of WV, enjoy your stay and our state!

      • J

        Because you " locals" can't pass a drug test.

        • KF

          Pipeliner's wife,
          Your post just goes to show the lack of education you have. It would be best if you didn't publicly post if you cannot even use correct grammar. You are not helping your case.

        • KF

          Hey J,
          I know several people who can pass the drug test and have applied, never to be hired. My son would be one of those people. He is now in a local pipe fitters union out of Wheeling and has passed every unannounced drug test he has had to take. So don't group all people into one category....I don't.

        • Dale

          This dosent have anything to do with their profession or where their from.It has to do with their lack of character , you can't kill everybody you disagree with. In the US we have the right to free speech,even stupid "Free Speech".JUST WALK AWAY!

        • Rodney Hytonen


          Thanks for proving our case.

        • old school

          Out of state oil and gas workers have committed a number of crimes that have received quite a bit of attention. This is just a fact. Has nothing to do with the profession, but basically an influx of workers and the ones that have committed crimes give em all a bad name.

        • wvtd

          I can

  • Shadow

    Concealed carry may have worked.

    • Frank H.

      Concealed carry, the college student, if he was spouting off, would have pulled a gun out and shot the Oil & Gas workers during the verbal altercation. Beside that, you can't have guns in a bar. Alcohol and guns don't mix.

  • WVWho

    Still a sad story, with more unfolding. Students in that area said the victim was spouting off at some people and he ended up getting in an altercation that turned to the worse. Just go to bed and not to the club. Its never worth it.

    • Alchemy

      It is very sad because one young life was cut short, and two are now ruined. It was a verbal altercation which escalated into a senseless death.

    • Janet

      There is no excuse for killing anyone! I hope they get them all!

    • J

      The alpha is a local college bar, not a club. No one deserves to have their head smashed in, everyone deserves an opportunity to have a good time and a few drinks. No one should ever feel like they shouldn't go out when they are a senior in college. Those two kids should be put to death.

      • B

        You have no right to judge the value of ones life, you are not god!

        • J

          They had no right to murder an innocent college student in his first week of his senior year. I have the same rights anyone else does to vote and I would vote for the death penalty back in WV and then be in support of their death. Thanks B for your input

          • K

            And also the 2 kids that died should not have been running their mouths and nothing would of happened.

    • Ed

      You should really close your mouth because you were not there and have no clue about the events that happened that night. Stop spreading rumors on what you heard.

  • Joe

    What two complete wastes of blood.