MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A Monongalia County grand jury has indicted a Morgantown teenager on kidnapping and murder charges in connection with the death of fellow teenager Skylar Neese.

Shelia Eddy, 17, was named in the two count indictment that was handed up Friday evening. Eddy was transferred to adult status earlier this week.

Earlier this year, Rachel Shoaf, 17, pleaded guilty to second degree murder in Neese’s death.  According to court documents, she admitted to stabbing Neese to death the night she disappeared.

Neese, Shoaf and Eddy were all classmates at University High School in Morgantown. They also hung out together.  Neese’s father, Dave, has said he thought the two suspects were Skylar’s best friends. Prosecutors have not publicly discussed a possible motive in the slaying.

The prosecution will recommend a 20-year sentence for Shoaf, while the defense will request that she be sentenced as a juvenile, which would likely mean a lighter penalty.  Her plea agreement requires her to “offer truthful and forthright testimony in any subsequent proceeding deemed necessary.”

Skylar Neese disappeared July 6, 2012 when, according to Monongalia County Prosecutor Marcia Ashdown, she snuck out of her bedroom window to meet up with Shoaf and Eddy.

Prosecutors believe Shoaf and Eddy drove Neese to Greene County, Pa where they stabbed her to death and tried to bury her body.

Six months passed before Shoaf finally came forward and talked to police about her involvement in Neese’s murder.  Her badly decomposed body was found in a ditch about 20 miles west of Morgantown earlier this year.



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  • coach

    what do you suggest, Colleen? A little slap on the wrist. My questions is: what is wrong with you?

  • Laura Demilio

    If those two twisted, cruel little snots had been homely, the cops and the court would not have allowed them to roam around free or suggest they only be sentenced to 1-20 years. They probably would have been put before a firing squad. Seriously, though, if that little brat flipping her hair around in the courtroom and smirking at the people seated there, as seen on the Today Show this morning, had been less than attractive, she'd be sitting in a jail cell a lot longer -- probably the rest of her life. It just kills me how these sick, monster-minded girls get away with vile murders because (guys think) they're "cute" "hot" "I'd like to do her" -- Casey Anthony is just one in a plethora of them. They shouldn't even allow males into a courtroom as judge, jury, or attorney in cases like these, let alone have male cops arrest them (no doubt dawdling, delaying, and flirting with the entire while.) It's so biased. If anyone in the law enforcement involved in this case had a young daughter murdered by vicious-minded classmates, they'd be a hell of a lot less lenient to these spoiled psychopath teens.

  • mauldawg

    Kidnapping and murder charges and all they want is 20 years. What is wrong with this picture? The defense wants her to be sentenced as a juvenile, what a crock. No wonder lawyers are ruining this country. If this scum had killed the defense lawyers family member would he/she feel the same way. This scum needs to never see daylight again. She took the life of a young lady and she should be put to death. The legal system in WV is messed up. The lawyers are to blame. Lawyers are only out for themselves. Justice is not something they want.

  • Jr

    The prosecution will recommend 20 years

    Even more sickening.

  • Paul

    Saying he thought they were best friends means he was misled. Skylar and Sheila were inseparable and had been best friends since they were 8. They went on vacations together every year. Shelia didn't even knock on the door when she came to Skylar's house.