CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Frontier Communications, seeking to expand broadband services within West Virginia, has applied for $28.9 million as part of an FCC’s “Connect America Fund.”

The money, projected to expand broadband to more than 47,000 locations in the state, follows last year’s request by Frontier that brought in more than $34 million to deploy broadband to more than 43,000 high-cost locations in the Mountain State by 2015.

The Federal Communication Commission’s decision on funding is expected to come in a few weeks.

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  • Trig

    Frontier high speed is not even considered BB in most other places. Look at what is available to really rural customers in places like Riverton wv, by Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks telephone or Wardensville by Hardy Telecom. Fiber to the home, 25 mb standard, up to 1 gig if requested. Triple play IPTV. ip voice. Frontier is 3 mb to some 768 Kbps to most. Call the local telephone cooperatives and ask if they can provide you service.

  • james

    After Frontier finishes taking our money to expand to more customers, we should hold on to our wallets. That's when they raise their rates.

  • Inwood

    There is never a shortage of stupid on these comments.

    A. The overpriced routers had nothing to do with Frontier, I challenge you to prove otherwise.


    • Joe

      Whoops.....the B. Line was cut off. Let me guess, you're on a Frontier network.

      Sounds like most peoples phone service now.

  • Jonus Grumby

    I wish they'd just get my telephone to work for more than a week.

  • zero tolerance

    How about bringing their current system into the 21st Century first?

  • DWL

    Everything Frontier does is "high cost"!! That's why they are getting dumped on a regular basis.

  • Hoppy

    How much of that grant money will go to upper management and the CEO?

    • Jorge

      emotional red- herring. stay focused on the problem -- government solving society's problems. CEO pay may be high, but it's an infintesimal number compared to the big picture.

  • tracyo64

    I believe that Joe needs to lay off the coffee until he 's finished his post ;)

  • Pat

    I'll believe it when I can use it. Frontier is false advertising right now with their $19.99 offer. I called and they came out and because I live 300 feet from the pole they couldn't install it. Even though my husband said he would dig the line and lay it if they would furnish the wire and hook it up. But they couldn't or wouldn't even do that. Then turned around and billed me for broadband.

  • Joe

    Should have written...."WV is applying for 28.9 million dollars to be awarded to a WV firm VIA BIDDING process to greatly expand broadband service in the state"?!

  • Joe

    Should have written...."WV is applying for 28.9 million dollars to be awarded to a WV firm VIA BIDDING process to greatly expand broadband service in the state"?

  • Joe

    I guess what I'm saying is why doesn't the article read "WV is applying for 28.9 million dollars to be awarded to a WV firm to greatly expand broadband service in the state"?!

  • Joe

    How can Frontier receive any money after a Senate subcomittee found the WV Broadband Committee, braintrust, honytonk or whatever they are called were ruled to have mispent millions on non-needed over capacity routers still sitting in their boxes.

    Also, don't we still have anti-trust laws on the books to address clear monopolies that minimize service and increase costs to customers?!

  • 2 Tin Cans And A String

    Does this mean Frontier will actually bring broadband to the folks at the end of the wire? Or will they just inch their way out a little from the towns where the population per mile of line still meets their profit standards?

    My bet is on the latter.

    • Jorge

      they will most certainly just construct a Middle Mile (backhaul) and leave the citizens hanging. Why expend effort actually helping the end-user, when all the government cares about is "homes passed." ? think about it: if a politician can say "Hey! we helped X,000 homes!" then there's the end-game.
      Frontier was/is in Sullivan County, PA with FIBER no less, but refused to provide affordable www to the county government. Oh, but they did sell to the high school up the street -- because they have the bill paid by PA state gov't. (eRate).
      Rural internet is a disgusting game of political cronyism, verbal interpretation and mis-allocation of tax dollars. Give a few tens of millions to LAST MILE PROVIDERS and see what happens. Problem solved! But't continues to think Frontier, Windstream, et al are the solution providers. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

  • Shari Robinson

    Are you looking for anyplace to put towers or sub stations?