CHARLESTON, W.Va. — U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin is taking a hit in the polls, and so is West Virginia football coach Dana Holgorsen.

New numbers released this week from Public Policy Polling showed West Virginia voters gave Manchin a 46-percent approval rating, while 44 percent disapproved.

The last time PPP questioned voters about Manchin in 2011, his approval rating stood at 61 percent.

Pollsters with PPP said Machin may be suffering from the Obama effect. In only one other state is President Barack Obama more unpopular than he is in West Virginia right now. Voters surveyed said they support impeaching the president by a 49 percent to 37 percent margin.

Obama’s favorability rating in the Mountain State sits at 28 percent.

Manchin’s numbers are higher, but they’re not that different from U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) who is not seeking re-election next year. Only 45 percent of those questioned approved of Rockefeller’s job performance, while 46 percent disapproved.

Some other numbers from the PPP poll:

♦ Of those questioned, 40 percent said they would support a government shutdown. Among Republicans alone, 56 percent said they support a government shutdown while 20 percent are opposed to it.

♦ The most popular politician in West Virginia is Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin who has a 47-percent approval rating. He was at 44 percent in a similar PPP poll two years ago.

♦ Only 23 percent of West Virginia’s voters support gay marriage, 70 percent said they are opposed to it.  By a slim 49-48 margin, voters said they support civil unions for same sex couples while 68 percent said they think discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation or gender identity should be illegal.

Public Policy Polling questioned 1,110 West Virginia voters between last Thursday and Sunday.

Most of the poll was conducted before Maryland shut out West Virginia 37-0 on Saturday in Baltimore. The results showed WVU football coach Dana Holgorsen had only an 18-percent favorability rating, some 10 points lower than President Obama.

In comparison, the last time Public Policy Polling asked about the late coach Bill Stewart, his favorability rating was 35 percent. Current WVU basketball Coach Bob Huggins has a 45-percent favorability rating.

The favorability rating of Stewart’s predecessor, Rich Rodriguez, stands at 11 percent.

Tom Jensen with PPP was scheduled to discuss the poll results in-depth on Thursday’s edition of MetroNews “Talkline” from 10 a.m. to noon.

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  • William

    I love Obama he has GREAT CHARACTER

    • TruthTeller

      Then you obviously don't have any idea what the meaning of CHARACTER is. Stomping on our
      freedoms and the US Constitution is your idea of good character? Then you must be a Satanist.

      • June

        I love President Obama too and yes he had GREAT character! The problem with most of the dumb hillbillies in WV is that they are brainwashed by FOX news and they believe that democrats are going to take your guns, kill your unborn, end your coal jobs, ruin your health care, etc, etc, etc. Then add the fact that some so called Christian churches have their weekly hate attacks! Then add the final element, yes let's pull the race card! Would President Obama be hated so much if he were 50% whiter? I know this is true, because I've lived in WV all my life and what an ugly bunch of haters some of my neighbors are, and yes, they go to church every Sunday.

  • blugldmn

    Natalie Tennant will be another Obama stooge if you vote her into office people...

    Remember that...

    • 4wardthinker

      You sound like another paid puppet spammer brought to us by the GOP!

      • vinnie


        You are lost sir. You are actually a backward thinker. The powers that be have offered little; if any, in the form of solutions. We need new blood and nobody in office from the southern part of the state. Go north and east to find people that might have a clue. We need change and new ideas. That is forward.

      • Jephre

        So WV should just keep doing what it's been doing for the past 80 years (electing Dems) and suddenly expect better results? That's definitely not 4ward thinking. Blugldmn is 100% correct about Tennant.

        • TruthTeller

          That is the meaning of insanity. Keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results each time.

        • Magic Mike

          It is slowly changing. Just wait until the unions down in the Charleston area are devastated by Obamacare.

          Because next Obama is coming after the guns and Manchin is going to be right with him.

          Holgersen will not be the coach after next season. My bet is Doc Holliday.

          Capito will win the senate seat in 2014.

  • Bull

    How could anyone think Rich Rod would ever come back to coach at WVU? Im sure hes thinking "Oh I know I am winning and liked here in beautiful Arizona but you know what Id love to come back to work for a place I tried to sue to a fan base that over half hates me. But hey I am a West Virginia boy!" Grow up people hes gone quit talking about him.

  • D.P.

    Hughesknight: Thank you also for your compliment. I'm sorry to have overlooked it previously.

    I'm "closing shop" for the night, but will look for Harpers Ferry's reply tomorrow. I won't hold my breath though, as I'm CERTAIN he has no interest in my offer!!!

  • D.P.

    mtnmanstan and Outdoor Man: Thank you both for the compliments.

    Harpers Ferry: I would love to bet you (and give you 10 to 1 odds) ANY AMOUNT of $ that RR will NEVER AGAIN coach at WV. If you're serious, say so and we'll figure out how we can exchange names, phone #'s, etc. But don't waste my time as I am 100% serious about this bet! If you're going to talk the talk, I expect you to walk the walk!!!!!

  • Pole Stir

    The sad part of this poll is that probably only 10 of the 1110 polled know what impeachment means or how the process works.

  • RHytonen

    It doesnt embarrass anyone in WV that we have a senator who is a member of ALEC?

    OR - that we're STILL acting like extractionists (Coal, oil and gas) are our friends and saviors, while theyre stripping our resources to send overseas (running prices here UP,) and destroying our towns, riddling the land with thousands of miles of weakening subterranean honeycombing, filled, along with ALL our water, with millions of gallons of poison?

    NOTHING will grow here -anywhere- when (not "if,") the well casings finally deteriorate, and all that non-biodegradable carcinogenic poison comes UP and joins the millions of gallons they just abandon now on the surface, in leaking makeshift garbage-bag death ponds. Slurry dams redux - same as it ever was. And we do nothing but talk about FOOTBALL.

    And the pathetic DEP just pretends they're enforcing safety and looks the other way (where the BIG MONEY comes from,) while their trucks are killing us and destroying roads and the pipes under them.

    • ThisGuy82

      Actually, the price of coal going up is a good thing. And sending it overseas is good as well. They are only resources if there is demand, and frankly with the gas boom going on in the US of A, WV is raking in cash.

    • Hughesknight

      Buddy you need a drink or a moving van for your mental health.

  • Don WV

    If Joe wanted to redeem himself, he would vote with Ted Cruz to defund ObamaCare! This single bill will bankrupt most hospitals, well........and people in this state! Who in this state can afford a 5 thousand dollar deductible?

  • 4wardthinker

    What a continuing embarrassment for WV! This is further evidence that this state is full of gullible, backwards, ignorant, and totally out-of-touch individuals. This mentality might explain why the state can never shake the hillbilly stereotype...and perhaps has something to do with the issues that cause us to consistently rank at the bottom in health, education, income, etc, etc.

    • Magic Mike

      You sure do generalize a lot.

    • Buddy Boy

      Think about it, how stupid must the people from Nevada be? They keep re-electing Harry Reid. Joe is bad but that man is the lowest form of life imaginable.

      • 4wardthinker

        I'm pretty sure Nevada has it's issues...just like every state has. But they aren't even close to the bottom of the rankings like West Virginia is.
        Don;t get me wrong...I love our state. But the fact of the matter is, we will never succeed with improving our state's economy, healthcare, education, and environment as long as we continue to take such hard-headed and backwards views.

        • TruthTeller

          The problem with West Virginians is they don't like change for one thing.
          People complain about everything that is new or different. If it will help the economy of WV and create jobs then people should not complain. God created this planet to be self-sufficient and we should use all the natural resources that God gave us to use. We have enough oil, natural gas and coal in this country to not even need foreign oil. Decrease the capital and corporate tax greed and WV will start to grow. Greed of the state government is WV's biggest problem.
          West Virginians have to be one of the highest taxed taxpayers in the country and for what? Where are all those taxes going? Has anyone ever thought about an AUDIT? Duh!!! Come people wake up and stop believing your local news. They are given scripts to read. They are not allowed to tell you the truth. They have been lying and brain washing you for decades. If you want real change, then get off your bums and make it happen.
          WE THE PEOPLE remember? Men don't be mice, be MEN!!!

        • You'rekiddingme,right?

          Well, fourwhord,

          Since the WV Democratic party has been in office since the 1930's what do you suggest. Hardheaded and backward views?

          Right is right and wrong is wrong. Our people know this and stand with Biblical principles. Enviroment? You have got to be kidding me..we are cleaner than we have been for almost 175 years.

    • C.Hoffman

      I'll take the common sense of your so called "hillbilly' everyday of the week and twice on Sunday over any of the miscreants mentioned in the article.

      • NJ Mike

        Your hillbilly's voted Manchin in, and also voted for Romney?
        Did you really expect a D Senator to NOT toe the party line? If not, why not??
        If nothing else, it is proof of their cognitive dissonance.

      • 4wardthinker

        Common sense!? More like ignorance! Too many people fail to think outside the box and become more open-minded. It's too easy to sit in a pew on sunday or flip on your fox news channel and let others tell you how to think and what to say.
        But having an open-mind requires one to actually THINK!

  • John

    Joe Manchin is another one who was sent to Washington to represent the people and and quickly got amnesia.

    • DonaldH

      The only brilliant thing I've ever heard Mayor Nanny Jones say was on Hoppy's show about Manchin when Manchin started his gun control kick-- " did anyone really believe when Joe got to Washington he wouldn't be co-opted by Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid" I believe he went on to say Joe does what is good for Joe-- but I'm not sure so I won't credit him with that....

  • stephenwv

    Other than coal, (of course he did demand and got Cap and Trade for West Virginia, Goodbye cheap coal electric power) how else has goawayjoe ever gone against his party???

  • Outdoor Man

    DP....Love your work...Wish I'd have written that

  • D.P.

    MoJoe: I'm 95% with you. You're one of the
    VERY FEW politicians in either party (state or national) who is willing to vote what you feel is right and NOT what your party dictates. I've ALWAYS voted for the man, and NEVER voted for the party like so many lemmings (on each side) do.

    Coach Huggs: I'm 95% with you. You're a true Mountaineer, but I wish you would "cool it" with your players on the sidelines. I have heard from numerous sources that practically all of your past and present players respect and have a very high regard for you. But, no player likes to be berated while on national TV. With you as head coach, I'm extremely confident we'll regain national prominence very soon!

    Earl Ray. I'm 75% with you. You're a conservative Dem who is willing to compromise with the other side. You're doing as good a job as possible in this state which has been in such a mess for so long. I think it's more than coincidence that Dems have been in charge of this state for 80+ years.

    Coach Holgs: I'm 60% with you. I'm sure it's been a tremendously hard transition in becoming a head coach. I feel good about the program and I have confidence you will get it turned around. Although it might appear trivial, what bothers me most is your refusal to often times wear a shirt without the WV logo on it. I noted yesterday during the televised news conference you had a black (why not navy or gold) shirt on without the WV logo. It makes me wonder if you really want to be here.

    Rocky: I'm 25% with you. I give you tons of credit for for getting Toyota to WV. However, during your last 15-20 years, you've sadly been nothing more than a Dem flunkie. I voted for you many times for various offices until your last two elections when I finally came to my senses and realized your disgusting partianship.

    Coach Rod: I'm 10% with you. I never begrudged you for taking the Michigan job. However, the way you left was absolutely classless. I am 100% certain you will NEVER be the football coach at WV again!

    Obama: I'm 0% with you. You're incompetent and a pathalogical liar. If the Lame Stream Media weren't your lapdogs, you NEVER would have been elected either time. You're an absolute disgrace to the office! Hopefully, it won't take generations
    for the country to recover from the damage you've caused.

    • DonaldH

      DP, I thought the same as you about "MoJo's" voting record until I just happened to read an article in the Daily Koz explaining what a myth MoJo voting against his party is. He's voting over 90% with his party-- That's a higher percentage than Bernie Sanders has..

    • Hughesknight

      DP very well thought out. You have the junior Senator and Coach Huggins a little higher than I would rank them and coach Holgorsen much higher than I would rate him but the rest seems about right.

    • Harpers Ferry

      I'm 100% certain that Rich Rod WILL be WVU's head coach next year.

      • DonaldH

        That's bold-- not so much that RR will be the next coach--- but NEXT YEAR?

        We have to admit Michigan's success this year are the players of RichRod...

        • Doug

          Didn't Akron almost upset Michigan?

          • Dave

            As well as UCONN.

    • mtnmanstan

      D.P. I am 80% with you. Very good analysis.

  • wvman75

    I just wish Manchin's name was going to be on the ballot in 2014.

    • ed

      it will be one day, just remember!

    • word

      Screw manchin. He backs obamacare and is coming after our rifle and pistol mags. Those are facts. He does not understand what the second amendment is truly about. Another fact.

  • John

    Joe Manchin is another one who was sent to Washington to represent to Washington to represent the people and quickly got amnesia.

    • ed

      there ought to be a way to recall him!, he has let the state of west virginia down, on gun law andon obamacare,,, he thinks we will not forget!!,, but i will remember!

    • Vito

      There Is Nothing Anyone Can Do !!! Heather Manchin Bresch Has Brought The Curse On WVU And The WVU Gods Will Not Rest Until The Manchin Curse Is Removed ! And This Can Be Done If Honest WVU Professors And Alumni Reps. Deny Publically Heather Manchin Bresch Any Recognization That Attaches Her To WVU And Also Demand A Confession From Joe Manchin That He Used His Power As WV. Governor To Protect His Daughter Heather Manchin Bresch !

      Oh... File This Under,,,,,,Dream On Alice Folder

      • Curious

        The college that really has a curse on it is WVU Tech -- and that curse was started by none other than the Honorable Joe Manchin, former WVU President Hardesty, and former Tech President Bayless in 2007 when they unsuccessfully tried to move the Montgomery campus to Dow.

        That very long-term curse needs immediate removal.

    • C. F. T.

      Public Policy Polling is regarded to conduct "very accurate" polls but there methodology and polled sample is recognized to be "Democrat Leaning".
      My point, can u imagine how poorly MoJo and his fellow Obama loving Dem.s would poll in an non-Democrat Leaning sample of WV voters.