WASHINGTON, D.C. — A nationally recognized political report has moved a possible race for Congress next year in West Virginia from “Lean Democrat” to “Toss Up.”

The Cook Political Report said Friday state Sen. Evan Jenkins, R-Cabell, is drawing closer to longtime 3rd District Congressman Nick Rahall.

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State Senator Evan Jenkins switched political parties in late-July.

The following is Cook’s analysis of the possible race:

“Rahall won’t have President Obama to contend with on the ballot next year (he received just 33 percent here in 2012), but the administration’s decision to move forward with new energy regulations ensure the prevalence of the EPA in this race. Well-connected party-switching state Sen. Evan Jenkins is running as a Republican and narrowly outraised Rahall in the third FEC quarter, and his base in parochial Huntington could drain Rahall’s support in a critical area. Rahall has persisted here since 1976 and starts off with a small lead, but this looks like it is shaping up to be the race of his career.”

Jenkins switched political parties earlier this year. He reported raising $207,000 in the 3rd Quarter. He also said he has $200,000 on hand.


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  • wvman75

    I just love hearing liberals try and define the conservative movement. Your conclusions must be convenient. I'm not at all discouraged, disgruntled, or feeling fractured. What makes me laugh is how the conservatives that are being blamed were actually standing up for their convictions and fulfilling the promises they made to their constituents. I think they will ultimately be proven right. Obamacare will be bad for the nation and the enormous debt is going to have to be addressed sooner or later. It is unsustainable. When times get tough, people tend to get more conservative, not more liberal. Only time and conditions will tell. But, eventually you have to pick up that nasty, bent up can and deal with the abuse you've administered to it while kicking it down the pothole filled road.

  • Tim C

    I'm still unsure about a democrat turned republican....but it's gotta be better than a democrat turned socialist, which is what we have in Rahall. I'm all about term limits....and I think we're about to limit Rahall's.

  • ScobyD

    We need term limits. Career politicians are like vampires, they just keep on suckin .

    • bill c

      We have term limits. 2 years for house. 6 years for senate. Issue is finance reform

      • wirerowe

        Scoby D is referring to the limit on the number of terms that an individual office holder can hold. We have such limits for the Office of the President of the United States and for our Governor as do other states. We need to extend the limit in the number of terms to US Congressmen and US Senators. We need to prohibit third party ads and we need to limit the amount a third party can contribute to a campaign to the same amount that an individual can contribute to a campaign. We either need to change the constitution or work around the constitution if someone asserts that campaign finance reform is a violation of freedom of speech.

    • MyView

      Amen, enough said

  • James Lane

    Yeah! Let's throw the baby out with the bathwater too!

  • steve

    vote him out----I dont see any Democrat helping our State---just look at our history---49th and 50 th in almost every category...

  • RHytonen

    If West Virginia's Fracking-riddled and irresponsible industrialization-suffering communities don't need a *STRONGER* EPA, (and a DEP at ALL,) I don't know who does.

    • john

      Just put all the people ln these suffering communities, on all the government social programs and change the towns names to Obamaville.a little slice of heaven in hills.

    • Coalwiz

      If the EPA was stronger their would be no industries in WV.

      The EPA now utilizes a policy of joining up with environmental wacko's and having them file suit against them, settling with them immediately and thus creating new laws. The only ways that these can be overturned is through a lengthy legal process that takes years. The EPA uses this tactic all the time. But please check to see how many time they settle cases brought by industry.....I have....never.

      But if you want to support the EPA, go ahead. Please turn your your computer off, followed by your electric car and and then your heat and electricity to your house. Hope the solar panels kick in soon for you.

      • al

        I understand what you're saying, but before totally bashing the EPA, just think of the fact that, were it not for the EPA, you wouldn't be able to see 100 feet ahead of you. Do you really think AEP and countless companies just like them are going to limit their own pollution? I think not.

        • Coalwiz

          We do agree somewhat. My comment was based on your request for a "stronger EPA." While I can't argue that everybody needs some environmental guidelines, the one thing WV doesn't need is a stronger EPA.

          If you look at how much emmissions have been cut in regards to coal over the last four decades while usage has increased it really is a success story. But that part of the story does not match up with liberal EPA's desire to eliminate all carbon usage eventually so nobody ever discusses it. I have never seen an industry have such a success story that has been handled as poorly in the public arena.
          It bothers me that Tobacco companies are treated with more respect than coal burning power companies.
          There is only country in the world lowering their carbon emmissions, the US. Al Gore has done nothing to stop the spread of emmissions worldwide because his agenda does not play well against the economic needs of other countries.
          So what is the answer to this? According to liberals it is to shut down the industry in the US so that the economic benefit of cheap energy (which built this great nation) is enjoyed by other countries instead of the US.

      • Billy

        Hey Coalwiz, what the heck's a "your your"?

        • Coalwiz

          It was for effect....kind of like Lil' Jon saying "what what."