CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Legislative efforts to require prescriptions for medicines containing pseudoephedrine, a key meth ingredient, have the support of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Substance Abuse.

“The evidence is there that it works in terms of reducing the amount of meth labs that we have in the state,” said the Rev. James Patterson who leads the Partnership of African American Churches.

On Wednesday, Patterson and the other members of the Governor’s Advisory Council voted to recommend that medications made with pseudoephedrine be moved behind the pharmacy counter.

It was one of several recommendations made to address substance abuse in the Mountain State.

Del. Don Perdue (D-Wayne, 19), chairman of the House Health Committee, is one of the lawmakers who plans to again introduce a prescription requirement for such medicines when the 2014 Regular Legislative Session begins in January.

Patterson said meth labs are community dangers.  “My experience is the impact that this is having on children and families and tearing homes apart and causing all of these problems, specifically for children,” he said on Thursday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

So far this year, records showed more than 460 meth labs have been found in West Virginia.

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  • wirerowe

    Ditto Big Fish. make all of these drugs prescription drugs. the allergy sufferers will never notice the difference. the drug companies will. Follow the money.

  • Bigfish

    The effect of the law will be the elimination of meth labs as has been the casein other states. From a personal standpoint that will be great. Two years ago it cost my small business $ 12000 to decontaminate from a meth lab. This has happened all over the state sand I am sure the remediation costs are in the millions. I am all for the law

  • leroy j gibbs

    There is a new sudafed drug that you cant make meth out of.

  • Walsingham

    I agree with John. Just because I have seasonal sinus problems should not mean I should be treated like a criminal. Take the war to the meth makers and dealers. Moreover, pursue the people funding these labs and acting as the middle men. Follow the money! There's not enough expertise and money for all of these labs to be independent operations. This will not change anything except for "smurfs" standing in the way of actually seeing your doctor.

    • mentalvoyeur

      you've been watching too much breaking bad. what are you talking about expertise and money for these labs. All you need is an empty gatorade bottle some pseudoephedrine, and a couple other chemicals. you can literally get everything you need to make this stuff at walmart. an internet connection helps because you can go to youtube and they will show you how to make it. It's no hard to make that is why it is such a problem. Anyone can make it there are detailed instructions on the internet outlining the process. States that required a prescription saw a 98% drop in lab seizures the following year.

      • Walsingham

        Your making meth in a bottle for yourself, not for distribution. No matter what the drug, or illegal activity, someone is trying to control the marketplace and the profit. I don't think there' are kingpins, but I do think there is too much production for it to be random individuals.

        • Mentalvoyeur

          The guys making the money of this are the producers of the pseudophed manufacturers, big pharma. They are the ones pushing hard to keep it non prescription. If their meth making sales drop off then it will cut into their bottom lines

        • Mentalvoyeur

          The guys making mass quantities for distribution are not the ones buying pseudo ephedrine at Walmart and rite aid.

  • John

    All this will do is make it difficult for honest people to be able to buy this common medicine across the counter. Who can afford to go to a doctor and pay the high office call charge, just to get a prescription to buy cold or sinus medication. I sure can't! ....Anyway, this would only force the drug onto the black market, as most anything can be purchased this way, if you know who and where, and believe me, the drug dealers will find out. What we need is more severe punishment for those caught with a meth lab, like the old ball and chain gang, hard labor, instead of the slap on the wrist punishment that is commonly handed out.....Just my opinion on the matter.

    • ConservativeRealist

      Won't the Obamacare plan(s) cover the doctor visits and prescription costs?