MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia University President Jim Clements is the new president at Clemson University. Clements was introduced to a large crowd Monday morning on the campus of the South Carolina school.

“The bottom line is this–the board of trustees is convinced that we got the very best person to be our next president. He is the right fit for Clemson University,” Clemson Board of Trustees Chairman David Wilkins said just before he introduced Clements.

Clements, 49, wearing an orange tie, eagerly accepted the position.

“Clemson truly is a gem in higher ed,” he said. “It truly is. This is a real special place.”

Clements introduced his wife Beth and four children and praised Clemson for being a great family atmosphere.

He also told the crowd he would work hard.

“My mother used to tell me a lot of simple things. She said, ‘Jim, be a good person and make a difference.’ And I can promise that we will do our very best to help all of you working together to fill the vision set forth by Thomas Green Clemson,” he said.

Clements has been lauded for his role in fundraising at WVU and he promised Monday to help Clemson meet its stated goal in an ongoing capital campaign. He also predicted a Clemson football victory Thursday night against Georgia Tech.

Clements will replace outgoing Clemson President James Barker who has been in that role since 1999. 

Clements was hired to be WVU’s 23rd president in 2009.  At that time, he was provost at Towson University.

In his role at WVU’s president, Clements has chaired the boards of the West Virginia United Health System, the WVU Hospitals and the WVU Research Corporation.

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  • red

    “Beth and I pledge to continue serving WVU and our great state with the same passion and energy that brought us here,” Clements said. “This is our home, our children’s home. We are all Mountaineers, and we plan to be here for a very long time.”

  • red

    he plans to stay for a very long time . . . .

  • Justin

    surprised he didnt stay @ wvu with all these positive folks in wv. (sarcasm)

  • JaneM

    @Hal , you got it right about (William) Bill Stewart ...

  • richard

    hal varian....just reading your posts let's me know you are an idiot.

  • Tim Canfield

    Does anyone find it odd that both Mr. Clements and Mr. Luck both tried to leave while the WVRC lawsuit is still going on? Plus throw in Wayne King suddenly "retiring" a few months back. I have a feeling that some very ugly and embarrassing facts are going to come out and they do not want to be here when they do.

    • Hal Varian

      Yes... Oliver was powerful enough to get the UT AD job to come open... but could not land it... it makes perfect sense.... not to mention that Clements... has flirted with Clemson... for a year...

  • Hal Jordan

    For those wondering where such a bitter little man like Hal Varian was spawned, look no further than 75 miles up the road to Pittsburgh. He's a yinzer. He's quick on the draw but thin on character. He's a rock thrower who lives to to get under your a chigger. He's lonely and you only feed his fragile ego by replying to his insults at our great state. Ignore him.

    • Hal Varian

      I am not insulting the state... the WVians calling it a hopeless stepping stone are... I am insulting them... and another seer has already called dibs on me being... a Buckeye...

  • Slim

    One thing I wish Dr. Clemmens could have addressed is all the gay activity in STansbury hall lockerroom.

  • tc

    Please take Mr. Bad Luck with you. I hope you the best. Sure you will do a great job and hope you enjoy your new job. It is a great place to be.

  • Cardinal

    Best wishes to you President Clements!

  • College Ave

    Most people judge the effectiveness of a university president based on athletics. And that's not good.

    I'd say that's especially true here in WV. For the majority of West Virginians, WVU football and basketball is the only direct relationship with the university they have.

    If that's the case, it's pretty hard for most people to really know how well or poorly Jim Clements has done as president.

    • Hal Varian

      You are probably right... and it is compounded because most of these hoopies... have no idea how the program is progressing... or what it was saved from...

  • wvwisdom

    Why is Clements leaving? Clue: two Metro news stories today are more popular than the above article about his surprise departure: "Final WVSSAC Rankings" and "Class AAA 1st round pairings." In WV, high school football is more important than higher education.

  • Mike

    Please don't reply to Hal Varian. He's an obnoxious Ohio State Buckeye that thinks he's better than West Virginians.

    • Hal Varian

      You need to take your rapier wit... and argue with the guy who says I am... a Yinzer...

  • me

    Guess money talks and loyalty walks. Like someone said just a stepping stone

    • Hal Varian

      Yes... because Jim owes more to WVU... than to himself... and his family.... Do you work... for WVU? ...

      • red

        $775k to lead or to use to negotiate a new salary elsewhere? see

  • richard

    wow, that came out of the blue. does anyone have loyalty to WVU anymore? wait, I know of one person who would have given his heart and soul to this school-----RIP COACH STEW. at least you were loyal, but the very ones who got rid of you are either leaving or want to leave!!!

    • Hal Varian

      Bill Stewart was a classic two-faced phony... he lied... he cheated... and he did not have near the class Dana has...