MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia University President Jim Clements is the new president at Clemson University. Clements was introduced to a large crowd Monday morning on the campus of the South Carolina school.

“The bottom line is this–the board of trustees is convinced that we got the very best person to be our next president. He is the right fit for Clemson University,” Clemson Board of Trustees Chairman David Wilkins said just before he introduced Clements.

Clements, 49, wearing an orange tie, eagerly accepted the position.

“Clemson truly is a gem in higher ed,” he said. “It truly is. This is a real special place.”

Clements introduced his wife Beth and four children and praised Clemson for being a great family atmosphere.

He also told the crowd he would work hard.

“My mother used to tell me a lot of simple things. She said, ‘Jim, be a good person and make a difference.’ And I can promise that we will do our very best to help all of you working together to fill the vision set forth by Thomas Green Clemson,” he said.

Clements has been lauded for his role in fundraising at WVU and he promised Monday to help Clemson meet its stated goal in an ongoing capital campaign. He also predicted a Clemson football victory Thursday night against Georgia Tech.

Clements will replace outgoing Clemson President James Barker who has been in that role since 1999. 

Clements was hired to be WVU’s 23rd president in 2009.  At that time, he was provost at Towson University.

In his role at WVU’s president, Clements has chaired the boards of the West Virginia United Health System, the WVU Hospitals and the WVU Research Corporation.

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  • ben

    Sad day. Regardless of what you people think, Clements has done a stellar job. People at WVU know this. What ever negative things people are conjuring up on here is a figment of their pea brains. Good luck Mr. President.

    • Nobama

      You are not very well informed are you?

      • Danny

        Nobama: Have you anything specific to say about this? I have two degrees from WVU and have attended school here or worked here pretty much all the time since 1970 as faculty, staff, and FEAP. My feelings about Clemens's job are complex, but I will try to give my view on any point you might address--if you have a point at all. If it's merely "He sucks" or "He rocks," don't bother.

        • Nobama

          Obviously your degrees were not in literature because I never once mentioned "He sucks" or "He rocks".

  • john b

    Funny how I thought this guy was trying to keep Oliver Luck when he was looking to move on himself.

    Seemed like a nice guy. Met him at gathering this year in Norman this year prior to Oklahoma Game he was very cordial not only to myself but the several hundred fans at that gathering. So I wish him Luck at Clemson, and I'm sure we will find a great President soon!

  • William

    Give Heather Bresch a call
    She would fit right in at WVU
    That's where she picked up her degree at
    She could lead the way, and she knows the ropes!

    • The Professor

      Have you checked Mylan's stock lately? She has done a pretty damn good job running Mylan. Don't think the degree made much of a difference as to her abilities.

      • Hal Varian

        That has nothing to do... with William's very valid point...

        • Curious

          Agree completely.

        • The Professor

          And what exactly was his point?

          • Curious

            That politics, through WVU, rules in WV.

  • Charleston,WV

    Kudos to Clements, as he will be missed. On to search for our new school President to lead West Virginia U.!

  • William

    Luck stays
    Clements leaves
    What a terrible day
    Stuck with Luck
    Stuck with Dana"The Man in Black"Holgerson
    Stuck with Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins

    It's a SAD DAY to be a Mountaineer fan wherever you may be.

    • J the C

      William,,,sad goof!

    • Big Larry


      "Love your Work"

    • derek

      Take Huggs anyday of the week bud.

    • Grant

      Considering that you probably never set foot in a college classroom anywhere let alone WVU, we'll ignore your ignorant opinions on this issue.

    • Bobby M

      Its BASKETBALL they wear sweatsuits Friend! Thats like saying Pat "who runs with the FOOTBALL" White or something! THINK!!!

    • Charleston,WV

      Go back to your hole, you troll.

      • susanf1218

        Enough w/the troll comments, please! They are really getting old. And whether you like it or not, William and anyone else is entitled to post their opinions on here. I happen to agree w/William, by the way. Guess you are going to call me a "troll" too? Whatever. At least I'm not a toady little Luck and Holgerson sycophant!

        • Charleston,WV

          Mrs. Susan F: Your comments apply to both sides. Never did I say that William couldn't post a comment on here. I was simply commenting on his monotony of cut and paste comments of negativity that he daily posts here on the WV metronews site. It does become boorish when you make these comments day in and day out. Oh Well, that's my two cents. Misery meet Company; William, SusanF1218.

          P.s. If I am a sycophant, does that make you a megalomanic?

          • susanf1218

            Greg, I don't even know William, nor do I know you. But judging from the comments you, Hal, and others make, I am glad to say that I don't know you because I don't think I would like you very much. You are very unpleasant, disagreeable people.

          • Charleston,WV

            I'll forgive you. Good Day.

          • susanf1218

            Hal and Charleston, your remarks make absolutely no sense. It is obviously impossible to have a polite, or even rational, discussion w/you. Go away now.

          • Hal Varian

            susan of the broken shift key... you are obviously... a megalomaniac... good job googling... it...

          • Greg

            Perhaps WILLIAM has finally found the girlfriend he so desperately needs. Didn't they make a movie about that? Desperately Seeking Susan. And who'd have thought it wouldn't have been but MetroNews that brought them together!

          • Charleston,WV

            Have a good night.

          • Charleston,WV

            Sorry for the typo: My questioning of your persona as a 'megalomanic' comes from the fact that you have some delusional sense of grandeur in defense of this "hack" who calls himself a mountaineer fan

          • Charleston,WV

            Okay, why are you defending someone who constantly derogates, denigrates, and all in between our land grant institution? Why? My questioning of your persona as a 'megalomanic' comes from the you have some delusional sense of grandeur in defense of this "hack" who calls himself a mountaineer fan. If you want to defend someone like that, than by all means, go ahead and kiss the cow. I'll choose not.

            P.s. Have a good night, and don't lose sleep of William, Larry and Curly.

          • susanf1218

            How, exactly did you arrive at the conclusion that I am a megalomaniac?? Unlike you, I can tolerate other people who may disagree w/me without resorting to calling them "trolls".

          • Hal Varian

            Unlike susan of the broken shift key... I understand your P.S... and, yes... it does...

        • Hal Varian

          Exactly. William has every right to public exhibit his stupidity... just like susan1218 (whose shift key is apparently broken).

  • Mountaineer1


    • Jason

      Good point, however, if you are referencing history. Clemson has won a National Championship in Football.

      • Mountaineer1

        Just poking a little fun, Jason. He did a great job and I wish both he and the next one here the best of luck

        • Jason

          True that

      • Larry

        But they were cheating when they did!Nowadays they always seem to "Pull a Clemson".

  • lee good

    This is WVU's finest hour. It is way past time to be rid of him. Maybe now some of the donors he turned away might consider coming back.

    • wvrefugee

      Not sure who you are referring to? Maybe you're one of the slum lords of Morgantown he made mad by his aggressive buildings projects??? He is a great guy and will be missed. My only problem was just last week he told a group that "I love this place!"

      • Hal Varian

        Jim did bully the students... he kicked out of their homes...

        • Joe

          Their homes?! They treated their residences like crap.

    • Eerfan

      Record fundraising levels. If he was turning the donors away, I sure missed it!
      Jim and Beth Clements will truly be missed. Best wishes to them and their family on this new chapter in their lives.

    • Grant

      Big12, infrastructure upgrades.. overall academic ranking improved... he did a GREAT job here. Quit being small minded

  • DaiAtlas

    Ouch... and Clemson's football team was just getting itself together.

  • Nobama

    Poor Clemson. They will be broke like WVU in a few years. I feel sorry for their staff because he will ignore them like he did to the WVU staff.

    • Danny

      Nobama: Are you talking about faculty, classified staff, FEAP, or non-classified? I believe Clements's presidency has had quite different outcomes for the different classes of employee, and wonder whether you agree.

      • Nobama

        Classified Staff:
        He rarely mentioned classified staff and never pushed for helping them. He was not for the little person and thought faculty could do no wrong. In reality most faculty couldn't wipe themselves without staff.

  • NorthCentral WV Lady

    So sad to lose Jim Clements - an excelent President for WVU - if only it could have been the AD and football coach instead. I wish nothing but the best to the Clements family.

    • Hal Varian

      Any idiot with a wifi connection can exhibit their stupidity on the internet. Another one has.

      • Nostradamus' Understudy

        Yes Hal, you are the very proof of that.

      • susanf1218

        Indeed you have, Sir!

        • Hal Varian

          You are a poor reader... it says "Lady" right... in her name...

          • susanf1218

            Actually, Hal that remark was intended for you!

      • Shadow

        Did he hire OL?

        • wvrefugee

          Duh!!! He was "told" to hire Luck by Drew Payne and his cronies! Poor guy got beat up by Raese ever since!

  • D Johnson

    Can Luck be a package deal??

  • Artie Smithers

    Well boo on that. I thought he might be here long term. Really like the guy and felt he was doing/was going to do great things for WVU.

    • Jason

      He probably was...that is why he got this job.

  • In da stickes

    Six great seats available at the Coliseum for WVU basketball. Call (843) Clemson

  • Morgantown

    That came out of nowhere!

    • Big Larry


      1. The WVU Board of Governors hires as president James P Clements who had no prior experience as a college President...

      2, James P. Clements hires athletic director Oliver Luck who had no prior experience as a college athletic director.

      3. Oliver Luck hires head football coach Dana Holgorsen who had no prior experience as a college head football coach.

      4. Dana Holgorsen hires defensive coordinator Joe DeForest who had no prior experience as a college defensive coordinator...

      And you are wondering where things went wrong?

      • Hal Varian

        No... I'm wondering how fat... you actually are...

        • martinsburg resident

          LMAO! Me too!

        • Big Larry

          And who are you again???

    • Brian

      Not really Motown.... as much as it honestly pains me to say this:
      Stepping stone
      Stepping stone
      Stepping stone.
      Will we ever be more than this??

  • Da Dogg

    Good Luck Pres!