UPPER TRACT, W.Va. — The continuing efforts to contain a wild fire in the Monongahela National Forest in Pendleton County focused on the northwest corner of the blaze Friday.

U.S. Forest Service spokesman Bob Beanblossom said two crews were working in the area with bulldozers and a helicopter dropping water on the fire.

Beanblossom said the fire, which began last Sunday, remains manageable but there are still a few reasons for concern.

“With warmer temperatures, a low relative humidity does make a challenge,” he said.

Crews were aided by calm winds Friday.

Thirty percent of the blaze has been contained but Beanblossom said there’s still no projected containment date.

“We’ll be putting out burning stumps or snags that are close to the line. We still have some work to do,” he said.

Fire crews from 18 states are battling the blaze, with most working 12-hour shifts, Beanblossom said. Cooperative effort continued Friday among the Forest Service, state Division of Forestry and local volunteer fire departments.

(Photographer Darin Vance embedded himself with the U.S. Forest Service for MetroNews and sends back the pictures in this gallery from the Smoke Hole Fire.)

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  • Country Gal

    I wish all the firefighters and volunteers safety and energy to control this fire. Thank you for your efforts.
    Our beautiful, abet rustic, cabin is in the containment area. We have many great family memories there. I really hope to see it again.
    Please keep the news reports coming.

  • sick and tired

    I think it is great that they're are people that are in a position to be able to great things like fight this and other fires, These people are true heroes, God bless them and the families of the fire fighters and everybody associated with this tragedy, You truely are special people.

  • tina

    my prayers are with each and everyone fighting this fire

  • sick and tired

    I agree with Cody, Quit whining and get out there and work on the line. Or just simply go back home in your safe little house and shut up.

  • Cody Braham

    I would like to see all you people on here running your mouths go and see this fire. I am a volunteer fireman in pendleton county and it is a large fire. I have friends curently fighting it and that have fought it and i plan to go help. So before you people run your mouths learn your stuff

  • northforkfisher

    I know this is not a crown fire out west but the problem here is 1 the wood is mostly hardwood, 2 where the fire is the ground is very steep and very rocky, 3 the bad thing about the hardwood is fire destroy it and it's seedlings.

  • leroy j gibbs

    Hunting tip .. deer won't be where the fire is


    We were told our hunting area and camp site will not be accessible this season. What a disappointment. I had never been there and was looking forward to it.

  • Marty

    You people on here flapping your mouth 90 percent of you couldn't even began to get were the fire is . Pretty easy to say they should have it out

  • Big Waste

    What a joke, this fire should have been out in a day or two. That many people on the job and seems nothing is getting done. Federal Govt. in charge, must spend millions of tax dollars and nothing gets done quickly or efficiently. Its not a crown fire with single digit humidity and 30 mph winds....SMH!!!

    • Greg trainor

      To big waste . you don't want the government involved, then aquire tools and training and a crew and get out in the woods and show the "government " people how to do it. Otherwise shut up.

      • Wow

        Well put, I agree.

  • leroy j gibbs

    Fire on the mountain.run boys run

    • 3 DOORS DOWN

      Better be able to hunt or I'M gonna be one MAD MOUNTAIN MAN!!!

      • Wow

        Hunt somewhere else stupid, they are working as hard as they can. If you cant help shut up!!!

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Fire on the Mountain! Lightning in the Air!