CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Members of the state School Building Authority will meet Monday in the hopes of addressing some school project needs from around the state.

“We are going to be looking at a number of counties and multi-county vocational centers,” said SBA Executive Director Mark Manchin.

The SBA will be considering Major Improvement Program (MIP) projects in 24 West Virginia counties. MIP projects are defined as a construction/maintenance project with a cost greater than $50,000 but not exceeding $500,000.

Manchin said these are not large-scale projects such as the construction of a new school, but rather smaller ones.

“HVACs, additions, renovations, things of that nature,” he said.

To be considered for the distribution of these funds for projects, each county board of education or administrative council of an area vocational center had to develop 10-year school MIP and submit to the SBA. For this quarterly meeting, the SBA has close to $9 million it can distribute.

“We anticipate addressing real needs in several counties around the state and multi-county vocational centers which are providing a tremendous benefit to the educational process here in West Virginia,” said Manchin.

The details of those projects selected will be released during Monday’s meeting. Manchin said they plan to look at the larger projects such as new school construction at a meeting in April.

Monday’s meeting will get underway at 9 a.m. at the Governor’s Press Conference Room at the state capitol.


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  • Joe

    What's the over/under that the majority of approvals are for schools in Marion and Harrison counties?!