WEIRTON, W.Va. — It was a monumental season for Madonna senior quarterback Ross Comis and the Blue Dons as they finished the year as the only undefeated team in the state, picking up the school’s third football championship along the way.

Comis, meanwhile, has been named as the MetroNews Player of the Year following a vote of 19 radio broadcasters from across the state that factored in postseason success as well.

The voting scale awarded three points for a first place vote, two for a second place vote and one point for a third place vote. Comis garnered 15 of the 19 first place votes, finishing with 49 points.

Martinsburg quarterback Malique Watkins received the other four first place votes, overall coming in second. He was followed by Morgantown running back Chazzy Thomas and Bridgeport running back Anthony Bonamico.

49 (15)
STATS: Madonna quarterback Ross Comis finished the 2013 campaign with 3,630 total offensive yards and 57 combined touchdowns (1,942 rushing and 35 TDs, 1,688 passing and 22 TDs). The senior signal caller had just four interceptions on the season, leading the Blue Dons to a 14-0 record and Class A state championship.
25 (4)
STATS: Martinsburg senior quarterback Malique Watkins finished 2013 with 2,784 total offensive yards and 36 total touchdowns (1,811 rushing yards and 20 TDs, 973 passing yards and 16 TDs). He had just six interceptions, leading Martinsburg to its fourth straight Class AAA state championship.
STATS: Morgantown senior running back Chazzy Thomas led the Mohigans and all of Class AAA with 2,108 rushing yards and 30 touchdowns on 174 carries. A nagging late-season injury, however, severely limited Thomas down the stretch as the Mohigans made an early playoff exit.
STATS: Bridgeport senior running back Anthony Bonamico led all of Class AA with 2,141 rushing yards and 32 touchdowns on 205 carries. His Indians finished the year 13-1 as Class AA state champions.

Comis accumulated 3,630 total offensive yards during his senior campaign and 57 touchdowns (1,942 rushing and 35 TDs, 1,688 passing yards and 22 TDs). He had just four interceptions.

“I didn’t anticipate to have the stats that I did,” he said. “But I knew after last year with the offense we ran and the guys we had around me, that I was going to be able to put up some good numbers.

“Our receivers like Will Bowser, Tyler Ewusiak and Marcello Biondello, Eliott Nero in the backfield is a big threat, so people have to key in on him, which opens up running lanes for me. Of course, the line as well – everyone has contributed to it and I take no credit for myself.”

Comis turned a lot of heads even a season ago in the 2012 Class A state championship game, totaling six touchdowns in a 43-42 overtime loss to Wahama.

From that point on, Comis and the Blue Dons were near unstoppable offensively, avenging that title game loss to the White Falcons in this year’s quarterfinals, 77-50 and eventually beating Greenbrier West 24-14 in the championship game.

“We were very confident,” Comis said. “We knew we had the talent to win (a championship), the players to win it and the coaching staff. We obviously had to deal with some pressure, realizing it was out last year and we had no more chances.

“Our main goal was to get back to the state championship. We realized once you get there, it’s even harder to win it. We fell last year and this year we were able to come out on top – it’s a great feeling.”

The most talked about play of the Super Six was Comis’ over the shoulder/behind the back flip-pass to Eliott Nero as he was being sacked.

“I remember dropping back, pressure came and I tried to escape,” he said. “I wasn’t able to, but for some reason I always find Eliott. I took a quick look over my shoulder and just trusted him to be there, so I just tossed it.”

Ben Queen/MetroNews photo

Madonna quarterback Ross Comis has been named the MetroNews Player of the Year – he’s pictured here with Blue Dons’ head coach Doug Taylor during the Class A state title game.

With his high school football career complete, Comis turns his focus to getting a shot at the next level.

“I definitely want to play college football,” Comis said. “My main goal is to play Division I. There are many small schools after me, but I’ve always wanted to play Division I and I want to play in front of a big crowd. I don’t know if I don’t go Division I that I will end up playing.

“Pitt has been contacting me for the last couple weeks – they came to our school and talked to me and (7-foot-2 Josh Martin),” he said. “They’re very interested and I went to their game the other week – I love it down there and hopefully that’s where I go. These next couple of months will be very stressful, but I’m looking forward to it.”

As for potential interest from WVU?

“I went to their spring game, the first game of the season, and then they invited me to the Texas game,” Comis said. “They offered me a preferred walk-on spot, but other than that, haven’t really talked to me since. I would love to go there, but Pitt is my top choice right now.”

Regardless of where he ultimately lands at the next level, Comis concluded his high school career at the top.

“I don’t know that it’s all completely sunk in yet,” Comis said. “We all got together after the championship, having a pep rally this week. It feels good and I will miss playing with these guys – but it’s a great way to go out.”

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  • Joe

    I understand that Doc is taking a good look at Comis film. He'd be a good match at Marshall, and Doc giving him a look certainly adds credibility.

    • wow

      I hope he gets a shot.

  • WVUfan

    Ross is a great kid from a great Weirton family. He attended a Madonna feeder school across the street since kindergarten and is the third sibling from his family to graduate from Madonna.

    After the way Holgorsen treated Madonna grad Connor Arlia (6 catches v. Oklahoma and walk-on player of the year, but moved to scout team by new receivers coach), I doubt WVU has a chance of Ross walking-on there.

    If WVU still has a scholly left, I hope they offer him.

  • mrotha

    let him play at AA level and he's just average. Booooooo for all this single A catholic private school dominance. In their counties they should be playing a AA schedule and not A schedule. Don't buy into such crap. Not fair game and you know it.

    • Wv. Forever

      To mrotha, take your idiotic comments to your local bar hangout. There's no place for comments like your's on this site.

    • trueblue

      MROTHA Ur an a hole and an uneducated leech for saying ur comments about a kid.

      Grow up - what goes around comes around and urs is coming for sure.

      • wow

        Trueblue, you are right. I don't know why people get on here and say all this negative crap about these kids. Just because they don't agree with Metro News does not make Ross any less of a player, it just makes them less of a Man.

    • wow

      If you have eyes and have seen Ross play, you would know he would do great at any high school level. Just because you have something against private schools does not mean Ross is a bad player. I think they got it right and I'm not pro or con private school.

      • I'm honest at least

        If the public school system is not good enough and private schools are your choice as parents then why should they play sports with public schools.

        • wow

          Because they are still paying tax dollars to pay for public schools.

          • I'm honest at least

            Its about fairness. Public single A players deserve that. As for the tax thing it is still a choice that was made.

        • I'm honest at least

          I am not saying private schools don't deserve to play sports just not in the same conf. As public. People scream that's not fair to private school students.......I just feel public single A students deserve fairness as well. Putting a child in a private school is a parent choice.

          • wow

            what does any of this private vs public have to do with how good of a player Ross is???

        • WVU86

          Those competing for state titles are WVSSAC member schools. They can be (and are) private or public. Has nothing to do with "private" competing with "public" and everything to do with "members" competing against each other.

          • WVU86

            My point honest is that there is a perception among some posters that WV state titles should only be competed for by public schools, as if private schools are currently "crashing the party." State titles are up for grabs for any WVSSAC member school. Whether private schools have an unfair advantage is a totally separate matter. To say, "why should they (private) play with public schools" hints of segregation. The answer to your question is "because they are all members of the same organization."

          • I'm honest at least

            The only people that I have heard that share your thoughts are in some way shape or form involved with private schools. Almost everyone else calls it unfair due mostly to recruiting that doesn't happen as some "people" say.

  • wvreject

    Congrats! The kid has skills! Hard to believe he will be a corner at the D1 level? More like linebacker. Needs to work on the D1 level that is what matters.

    • Henry

      Comis is not being recruited as a corner. He has said numerous times he wants to play qb

  • Proud Martinsburg Fan

    Congrats to Ross for a great season and for winning this award. He definitely deserved it with the season he put together! No complaints at all with Metro News pick. This kid is one helluva ball player and from one of the biggest Martinsburg Bulldog fan, I wish him the best at the next level!

    • wow

      good post from a good sport.

  • James

    He had a wonderful year, but I don't believe he was the best football player in the state of wv, if he was to play triple a ball, he wouldn't have have the stats he has, hell if chazzy Thomas or Malik watkins would have played singled a they would of both rush for 3000 yards, but what do you expect from the most bias part of the state, never will they show the panhandle the love they deserve, by the way, Comis will never get a full ride from Wvu, Holgorsen has already made the comment that he isn't even on his list of kids to recruit, you really believe he is going to give the kid a scholarship over the two 4 stars he has already verbals from, if you do, its wishful thinking

    • Wv. Forever

      Are you saying Comis wouldn't get his yards playing for Martinsburg or Morgantown with their great offensive lines.

      • James

        I'm saying if he played against the teams and the talent that Malik did he wouldn't put up numbers like that, name me won team that Madonna would have beat, I'll wait for your answer, the kid is talented, but he is far from the best athlete in the state

        • wow

          of course he wouldn't, no single A player is going to put those type of number up against a triple A slate of teams while playing on a single A team. Now put him on a AAA team that is good at all positions and yes he would put up those kind of numbers.

    • Kevin

      And he is being recruited as a Corner not a QB

      • Henry

        Comis is getting recruited as qb for Pitt I have no clue why people are saying corner? Never once heard of that

    • Kevin

      You are Crazy teams would have game planned for them and the numbers would have been similar!!

    • Wv. Forever

      Thomas and Watkins would only be as good as the team they played for in single A.

      • wow


  • Chef Camille

    Comis is that kid Madonna recruited when he went to St. Joe's when he was 4-5. Now he is again being recruited by PITT.

    • wow

      how in the world would anyone know how good a 4-5 yr old kid would be? I'm not saying recruiting never happens but that statement is insane.

      • WVU86

        Wow, I think Chef is saying, tounge-in-cheek that Comis was "recruited" by Madonna when he entered one of Madonna's feeder schools at age 5, thus ridiculing those who say the private schools recruit their athletes.

        • wow

          WVU86, after reading it again, I see you are right. I'm just used to people saying some outrageous stuff on here.

    • Wv. Forever

      What do you mean, recruited. Comis is a Weirton boy, schooled in Weirton catholic schools. St. Joseph is across the street from Madonna. You go there before you enter the 9th grade. Athletes are recruited when they choose a college. There is no such thing as the word, recruit, in high school. The proper word is CHOICE.

      • James

        And yes high school kids can be recruited by catholic schools and prep schools, don't believe me look it up, not saying any of Madonna kids are recruits, just giving you facts

  • Say What?

    Sounds like Comis wants a scholarship from WVU, not a walk-on offer.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    I believe if you interview some of these promising players and find they are high in WVU spirits; they will transition from a 2 or 3 up to a 3 or 4. It would be super to see true W. Va. spirit come alive on the field in the 4th. Qtr. as opposed to what we are seeing now.

  • Protechcpa

    If ANYONE wants players with a real passion for winning at WVU, please follow up with any in state players that show potential. We should be signing 100 % of the D 1 level natives and that is just not happening.

    • Golfman


      Dana didn't even want Switzer.

  • jo

    Congrats on a great year. One of the top single A teams ever fielded. Still would have to say the 98 Moorefield team is still the best Ive ever seen. Good luck to all in their futures

    • Bill

      yep -that 98 Moorefield team was pretty good

      • highschoolftball

        what a huge o-line on that 98 mfld team...and metheny on top of that

  • 1oleWVUFan

    Congratulations to all these young men!!! Perhaps, one day we will see them Starring for the Mountaineers

  • Wv. Forever

    Great choice. Thanks Metro for a great high school football season of highlights.

  • Wahama fan

    Wahama's Kane Roush belongs in the top 5 after the season he had.

    • Wv. Forever

      Roush and teamates can be proud of the past two years.......a well coached program with talent that should keep them at the top of their class in the coming years.

  • Jay

    If you "want to play in front of a big crowd," Pitt is NOT your place. Seriously.

    • trueblue

      What about the road games in the acc. There may just be a crowd there.

    • Joe

      Neither apparently is WVU anymore.