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Morgantown senior running back Chazzy Thomas is named as the captain of Class AAA first team all-state.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Morgantown senior running back Chazzy Thomas is named the captain of the Class AAA first team offense. The complete all-state list is below.



QB – Zach Phillips, Wheeling Park, 6-foot-2, 175 pounds, sr.
RB – Kashuan Haley, Capital, 6-0, 190, jr.
RB – Jalen Jones, Oak Hill, 5-7, 160, sr.
RB – Chazzy Thomas, Morgantown, 5-9, 155, sr. (Captain)
OL – Cody Ballengee, Cabell Midland, 6-0, 245, sr.
OL – Matt Hackathorn, Wheeling Park, 6-5, 255, sr.
OL – David Smith, George Washington, 6-5, 300, jr.
OL – Trevor Stacy, Spring Valley, 6-5, 290, jr.
OL – Stone Wolfley, Morgantown, 6-4, 238, jr.
WR – Kade Harrison, Ripley, 6-2, 169, sr.
WR – Kendell Smith, Washington, 6-5, 210, sr.
Utility – Malique Watkins, Martinsburg, 5-9, 170, sr.
K – Hunter Colbert, Jefferson, 6-1, 165, sr.



DL – Nigale Cabell, Huntington, 5-11, 235, sr.
DL – Tony Richardson, University, 6-3, 210, sr.
DL – Troy Walker, Martinsburg, 6-4, 235, sr.
DL – James Walton, Capital, 6-1, 245, sr.
LB – Trevor Hardesty, John Marshall, 6-0, 205, sr.
LB – Greg May, Huntington, 6-0, 220, sr.
LB – Geremy Paige, Wheeling Park, 5-11, 220, sr. (Captain)
DB – Jack Armstrong, University, 6-1, 165, sr.
DB – Brandon Moneypenny, Lewis County, 6-0, 160, jr.
DB – Nick Tubbs, Huntington, 6-1, 170, sr.
DB – Clark Wilson, Huntington, 6-0, 180, jr.
Utility – Zach Pate, Hurricane, 5-8, 173, sr.
P – Kyle Foster, Parkersburg, 6-2, 185, sr.



QB – Kentre Grier, South Charleston, 6-3, 160, so.
RB – Colin Gustines, Washington, 5-10, 180, sr.
RB – Savion Johnson, Wheeling Park, 5-10, 205, so.
RB – Deamonte Lindsay, Martinsburg, 6-2, 185, jr.
OL – Clint Arbaugh, University, 6-3, 250, sr.
OL – Amanii Brown, Morgantown, 6-5, 245, sr.
OL – Mitch Fitzgerald, Hurricane, 5-10, 297, sr.
OL – Alex Locklear, Spring Valley, 6-5, 300, jr.
OL – Daiveyon Monroe, Martinsburg, 6-1, 255, sr.
WR – Eric Banks, Wheeling Park, 5-8, 165, sr.
WR – Kevin Forrest, South Charleston, 6-0, 185, sr. (Captain)
Utility – Travis Renner, University, 6-0, 175, sr.
K – Zach Stevens, Huntington, 6-1, 175, sr.



DL – Jaisson Dyer, Capital, 6-0, 265, sr.
DL – Tyler Hayes, Cabell Midland, 6-2, 205, sr.
DL – Chalmer Moffett, Wheeling Park, 6-3, 210, jr.
DL – Arick Nicks, Huntington, 6-5, 245, sr.
LB – A.D. Cunningham, South Charleston, 6-0, 210, jr.
LB – Eli Gates, Hedgesville, 6-3, 195, sr.
LB – Zach Malone, George Washington, 6-0, 205, sr.
LB – Chase Walton, Point Pleasant, 5-10, 195, sr. (Captain)
DB – Alex Anderson, Morgantown, 5-11, 150, sr.
DB – Marquel Hampton, South Charleston, 5-9, 175, sr.
DB – Chase Hancock, Woodrow Wilson, 6-3, 190, sr.
Utility – Jacob Jackson, George Washington, 5-10, 170, sr.
P – Liam Casey, Wheeling Park, 5-10, 160, sr.



Eric Brown, Martinsburg

Skyler Carlton, Lewis County

Paden Christian, Huntington

Josh Cox, Cabell Midland

Scott Dixon, University

Shane Ennis, Hampshire

Antonio Gray, Oak Hill

Tate Hash, Washington

Austin Hensley, Hurricane

Logan Horn, Hedgesville

Nick Hunt, Winfield

Cody Jenkins, Martinsburg

Isaiah Kinder, Greenbrier East

Troy Lilly, Woodrow Wilson

Troy Markley, Hedgesville

Greg May, Huntington

Mark Metzgar, Lewis County

Tyler Miller, Martinsburg

Cody Mitchell, Point Pleasant

Josiah Nuse, Preston

Jon Peterson, Point Pleasant

Tyrhee Pratt, Capital

Josh Rein, Logan

Draven Riffe, George Washington

Taj Sho-Johnson, Princeton

Austin Skryzeki, John Marshall

Brynden Street, Logan

Kasey Thomas, Cabell Midland

Chris Turner, Winfield

Aden Yates, Point Pleasant



Teran Barnitz, Cabell Midland

Jacob Bean, Hampshire

Zane Bradbury, Washington

Trevor Booth, Parkersburg South

Savion Brown, Capital

Charlie Carter, Oak Hill

Dalton Cline, Greenbrier East

Charles Crawford, Huntington

Seth Cutright, Buckhannon-Upshur

Jeremy Eckels, University

Brandon Ford, Hurricane

Dan Fox, Parkersburg

Logan Garrison, Capital

Ryan Gatrell, Huntington

Jarrell Green, Oak Hill

Jacob Grigsby, St. Albans

Tyler Hanson, Shady Spring

Preston Hepler, Logan

Shamar Ingram, Huntington

Will Jackson, Riverside

Khance Johnson, South Charleston

Seth Keith, Oak Hill

Clayton Marcum, Logan

Garrett May, Washington

Eric McCave, Wheeling Park

Nic Ossman, Brooke

Colin Peal, Point Pleasant

Zach Postin, Cabell Midland

Jay Richardson, South Charleston

James Richmond, Capital

Isaac Riggleman, Elkins

Will Rockis, Morgantown

Brendan Schwendeman, Parkersburg South

Jack Skidmore, George Washington

Trevor Tucker, Ripley

Brayden Underwood, Nitro

Ruan Venter, Morgantown

Aaron Walker, Brooke

Colby Webb, Spring Valley

Isaac Withrow, Winfield

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  • WHSdad

    Gustines with 1838 yards rushing, over 2000 total yards on offense, 23tds and 2nd team.. Wow, just wow..

    • In The Know

      Washington plays a weak schedule, plain and simple. The All State team is made up of MSAC players bc it is the SEC of High School sports in this state. He is a good player but realistically he only rushes for about 1200 yards if he plays a MSAC schedule. When he played a nabove avg school for the MSAC in Cabell Midland, look what happen.

      • Matt Harris

        That's completely not true. Washington had the opportunity to earn the most bonus points in the rankings because of their strength of schedule.

      • TheSouthIsBIAS

        It can't be the SEC of highschool if they've not won a title in 5 years

        • In The Know

          Look at Playoffs, how many teams from MSAC made it. Then look at two more were right on the outside looking in. Has it occured to you, that because of strength of schedule, that they beat each other up and are not healthy come playoff time.

          • Cooper

            In the Know..... Then maybe they should schedule some cup cakes up herd in the E.P. and then they won't get beat up so much. Heck, play cup cakes from Ohio or Kentucky...... Just don't forget the Q B from Mtsbg., played 10 weeks with a bad shoulder....4 weeks with a bad ankle. And sat out nearly all of three games plus the second half of the blow outs. Please, bring your cupcake teams and quit making excuses.

      • roger

        Gustines is a very good player. He would do the same to the msac as he did to others. In the know, dont know to much about the eastern panhandle. But you should... The DOGS OWN THE MSAC, i mean the sec as you say. You are a CLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • In The Know

          Your right I dont know much about the so called EP, because they wont play anybody south of the MASON-Dixie line. That is also what hurts them come all state time. Voters want to see them play other talented players in the state. MBurg is a great team, not taking anything away from them. The point I made is level of competition is not the same game in and game out. Sorry to burst your bubble, but once you go above Parkersburg, the strength of AAA teams drop. There are some really good teams up north, but they are so spread out and tend not to play each other. WP and Motown along with University are all great teams. Then in the so called EP power area, other then Washington this year and always MBurg, who do you have that is a legitamate program in football.

          • Cooper

            I'm pretty sure Musselman has three State Champ seasons. Last one coming from the 16 seed. They have been down of late, but still managed to spank Capital last year.... and I mean spank. Again, you have no clue about the caliber of teams out of Virginia, Maryland and PA. You act like WV football was invented in the msac. I think others would argue. Dogs with 14 straight playoff appearances. Times are a changing my fellow Mountaineer.

          • Cooper

            You need to schedule a meeting with your athletic directors. I'd bet my paycheck that MTSBG. would join your league tomorrow if they (you) would travel to the E P.

      • EP Power

        Ridiculous post! You need to get out around the state more.

      • jpesbe

        I think Martinsburg has proven how tough that conference is. By the way, one of the opponents on Washington's schedule, besides Martinsburg, was Sherando, which played in the 4A state championship game yesterday for VA. Anytime you want to bring some of those teams from the MSAC up & play some of the teams from VA, PA, & MD that the Eastern Panhandle teams play some, come on up. All that conference does is play each other in the state. Win a title, then tell me how tough you are. Not a fan of Martinsburg or Washington but have lived in the EP all my life and have seen this type of bias out of the rest of the state a lot. By the way, the EP swept all the major boys state championships last year. And from what I have heard, Washington might just try to keep that string alive in basketball too.

        • In The Know

          So that is why Washington's record in Football is so bad over the last 5-10 years.

          • Mburgfan

            Washington High has only been in existance for about 5 years, not sure where you got the 5-10 years stuff. When you have a team from the EP beat all of the power houses in the MSAC, the conculsion seems quite clear to any unbiased observer the the EP stands head and shoulder above the rest. Time is the great equalizer and in time all this talk about MSAC superiority will yield to the evidence. EP won football, will take basketball (Washington) and will probably take baseball and track again? How much winning needs to take place before you see that the handwriting is on the wall? Go EP

          • Cooper

            In the Know squat! Washingtons 5 th season. First year was without a senior class. Now you will see them on an annual basis. Heck, Spring Mills is in the same boat. Soon you will be visited by the ghost if football past, present and future. You must be a child with your child like comments.

  • Matt Harris

    How is Colin Gustines not on first team? And how is Zane Bradbury only honorable mention. This list is a joke. Check the stats.

    • SGT GRIT

      The Eastern Panhandle will never get respect in this state. The last time I looked, the Panhandle has dominated basketball, baseball, football (4 in a row) and track.

  • WHSdad

    Honorable mention for Zane Bradbury? Team doesn't count "assists" and still one of maxpreps top tacklers while being #2 in sacks.. reading too much into max preps? Wow

    • In The Know

      Most teams' stats don't even get reported to Maxpreps, so don't read to much into their rankings.

  • EP-Fan

    What a joke..

  • concerned

    The sports writers get input from the head coaches. That's where your politics get involved. There are favorites!

  • Larry

    Is WVU recruiting Thomas or Phillips or any of those big linemen.They should be.

  • DWM

    Two Martinsburg kids on the entire 1st team and only two on the second team and one player on the entire first and second teams from Martinsburg's defense.

    Seems like a little of 4 time state champion hate going on here.

    • wow

      I am shocked that more Martinsburg players are not on here. Is it because the voters don't get to see them play or is it because this is the only way people feel like they can beat them?????

      • Cooper

        Wow, you got that right. E.P. really struggles for respect. I'm sure all of the players are worthy of accolades. A line has to be drawn somewhere.....? Guess that line only covers a smaller South & South West portion of the state. This is a team game and I'm pretty confident that TEAM DOGS of Martinsburg are pretty content with their hardware!

  • GW Cheats

    Looks like Edwards better get on the recruiting trail. Pronto!

  • Matt

    I am also going to be very surprised if Chazzy does not win the Kennedy, can you tell me somebody more deserving? Imagine what he does if he stays healthy. All those numbers in 8 games that he played just a bit into the 3rd qtr because of big leads. Almost beat Martinsburg on his own, and did beat Park by himself. My son was 2nd team and plays for University, so this not from a Morgantown parent. Chazzy will or has won the Kennedy. Congrats!

    • Nathan

      Here goes Matt with his "if" and "almost" comments. Martinsburg beat Morgantown with Chazzy playing. Almost doesn't count. Looks like by the nominations, that one of the teams in the state without to many great players won yet another state title. 4 in a row if you're counting. Just shows it doesn't matter who has the "best" players on the team that wins. It's the team that is the best all around. You can "what if" it all you want. When you don't get beat by a WV school for 4 years in a row, you should know who really is the best! If you want to try to claim to be better than Martinsburg then have your school man up and play them. Respect to Morgantown for manning up and playing Martinsburg during the season.

      • Frustrated

        The All State and All Conference selections are both a joke. It's favortism and Political. The best players don't get recognized. The schools who get the most media covered teams get all the hype. I know a kid who led his team in tackles, 2nd in cinference

    • Say What?

      Chazzy Thomas beat Park by himself? That's a riot! You are forgetting the zebras.


    Well, one final opportunity to exclude Martinsburg from the rest of the state. Only one player on First Team and that is in a "Utility" slot. No matter. We have the four trophies here. You can't take that away. Further review reveals others players from across the state that were denied selection and certainly deserved premium recognition. This is the most political and narrow minded state in the nation in all respects.

    • EP Power

      ......and they say MRB recruits DC players?!?! SMH!! Two players on 1st Team All State from the state champions. Solidifies what you can accomplish when you BELIEVE you are supposed to win, when you WORK HARD, when you play as a TEAM, and when you have a tremendous COACHING STAFF!

  • mounty

    Wheeling Park should have been the undefeated state champion with 7 kids either first team or second team. Eastern Panhandle kids get screwed again. What a joke.

    • not surprised

      All three classes have been a BIG joke!

    • hill billy

      thank your local sports writers.

    • Mburgfan

      Almost the entire Huntington team go mentioned in on of the groups. I was at the game and thought Martinsburg won? I must have missed that last field goal they scored. If my memory serves me correctly, they got stopped by the great defensive team of Mburg but the selectors must have stayed away because of the snow?.

  • Brian

    Can't believe how few players were chosen from Capital high, I know most are underclass man, but they were #3, and made the semi's...who and how do these players get selected?

    • DWM

      I agree with you on this, Pratt was one of the best players I saw all year and he got next to nothing. Besides Martinsburg being stiffed, Pratt being Special Mention is a joke.

  • Denise


  • Bulldog Dad

    Who picks this team?

  • Stacy

    VERY surprised neither Malik Cobb or Tanner Lewis from Martinsburg is on there. I'll be honest. I'm VERY surprised Troy Walker made first team. I watched every Martinsburg game this year and he only got aggressive towards the ends. But congratulations!!

    I am pretty sure by receiving both Captain of the All State Offense and WV Gatorade Player of the Year that Chazzy Thomas has sealed the Kennedy. If not, I will once again be VERY surprised. lol

    • Mburgfan

      We should not cut off our nose to spite our face here? Troy Walker certainly deserve to be first team. The issue is really that the other two players you mentioned also deserve to be first or second team - should not be an either/or proposition. We always here about how many games Chazzy missed ... Noone is talking about the 2 games Malique missed because of the incompetence of the WVSSAC. For Malique to miss two full games and still have the numbers he produced - passing and running the ball - he deserve the Kennedy. The trick I notice is they either cite his running yardage and touchdown or his passing yardage and touchdowns. The same person is producing both and when combined together he produced more than Chazzy and every other player in the state. In addition, he lead his team to a state championship. One of the things you always hear about player of the year in most states is he/she lead his team to the state championship. Crazy as this may sound, in most situation the first team is generally made of of the 4 teams in the quarter finals with the champion having the most. Don't know what happend here. Bull Dogs - keep your heads up as alway and than again for bringing home the hardware.

      • shortbusnation

        So Malique? Is he 20 or 21? Did you all start recruiting him when he was in his fifth year of Junior High or was it in Middle School?

        • Cooper

          Nice Short bus. Your a coward and have no clue of the facts... Rest assured if MTSBG. had a violation, the WV SSAC would have had our season in a vice and shut us down. Shame, you have to attack kids.

        • Mburgfan

          You sound like one of those fools who hears a lie, knows that it is a lie and keeps repeating it because it makes them feel good about themselves. There are materials available in the public domain that refutes all of your nonsense.