QUICK, W.Va. — The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department said a 10-year-old girl died early Monday morning from gunshot wounds¬†she¬†suffered during an accidental shooting Sunday evening.

Investigators initially reported a 9-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl were target practicing with a 410 shotgun near Pentacre Road in the community of Quick at about 5:30 p.m. Sunday. Kanawha County Metro 911 was called and said the girl had been shot.

Deputies said she suffered injuries to her arm and chest and died at CAMC Monday morning. An investigation is underway.


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  • notagunnut

    Gun nuts are geniuses.

  • Hillbilly

    Too young to not have adult supervision .

  • Ron

    As an avid shooter I must say no matter the circumstance. I feel for the family. My prayers are with you in this most difficult time.

    • WhgFeeling


    • Charleston,WV


  • Allan

    Jason, your are an idiot. A 12 y/o shouldn't have a boyfriend in the first place. Maybe you should try using a more realistic hypothetical example for what you are trying to say, then maybe the rest of us might agree in part.

  • Mountain Man

    Very sad and tragic event. I know there are many opinions as to when a young person is ready to handle or shoot a firearm. In my humble opinion, these kids were way to young to be in possession of or shooting something that has the capability of ending life. But certainly in this case, the lack of any real supervision had to be a contributor. Prayers for the family and a request for more safety and wisdom to be used by all who handle firearms.

    • Greg

      Amen! No child this age is physically mature enough to handle a firearm of any type, adult supervision or not. Has anybody posting on here actually fired a shot gun or rifle and felt the kick? Ever tried shooting a pistol and actually hit the target dead center? Think of the hand/eye coordination it takes for an adult to do that. Do you really think a child possesses that capability? A child shouldn't even be around a gun much less handling one.

    • WhgFeeling

      Then again I have been a firearms and safety instructor for more years than I can count. So maybe my viewpoint is skewed slightly.

      • Jason412

        Please Mr Instructor man, enlighten us to a single benefit of teaching kids under 10 to shoot as opposed to teaching them the dangers of guns and keeping all guns and ammo locked in a gun safe

        • WhgFeeling

          First let me ask YOU a a question, what makes the age of 10 magical?? Why not pick a more suitable age like 55?

          Jason no matter what I say you will either not believe or care to take it for it's merit.

          A firearm is a tool. Teach a person how to use a tool they become proficient with the tool. Teach a person how to use a saw and they can safely cut a piece of wood. Teach a person to use a firearm they can protect themselves, provide for their families and have a fun recreational activity. A key component to teaching one how to use any tool is to teach them how to safely handle said tool.

          We do not blame the car for the drunk driver that kills nor do not blame the spoons for making us fat. Let's not blame the firearm for being dangerous...

          A firearm in a locked safe will do no good in a home intrusion.

    • WhgFeeling

      I respectfully disagree with your summation that a person of that age should not be in possession of or shooting a firearm. Without all the information one must deduce that the simply lack of training, knowledge or respect was given for the firearm. OR that the child that fell victim acted in error by possibly walking in front of the firearm before she could be stopped. Irregardless the lack of proper education tends to equate to more "accidents" then a properly educated person.

      • wsc

        Respectively disagree. Although we don't know the circumstances, I under no circumstances can understand what a nine and ten year old were doing with a shotgun by themselves! As a responsible gun owner, who has children, the gun should be locked up and the ammunition locked in a separate location! Personally I can't see any circumstance where a child should even have access to a gun without adult supervision! God bless this family!

        • WhgFeeling

          I agree!! No child should be left by themselves nor did I ever insinuate such.

  • Darren

    Courts don't need to handle this case. The results will live with family forever.

    • Jason412

      Yeah lets keep running our justice system based on "Level of Regret" but we only do this when it applies to irresponsible gun owners every other crime deserves lethal injection!

    • WVMom

      I disagree, the courts do need to handle this. When are people going to learn any lessons at all if there are never any consequences for their negligence? The owner of that gun should be held responsible for that child's death. If they borrowed the gun then the parent that was suppose to supervise them should be held accountable.This is a tragic loss and my heart goes out to the family.You can teach children all the gun safety laws you want to teach them but they are still children. Children should never be trusted on their own with guns.

      • Debra


      • Jason

        I did not ready anywhere in the story as to what the circumstances are as to how they got the gun. Let the process work, sometimes things are just unfortunate accidents and assigning blame and punishing somebody will do nothing. By your rationale, what if you had a perfect 12 year old honor student who was the model child and just so happens one night they decide to sneak out of the house, take your keys off your desk and drive your car to go see their boyfriend or girlfriend, and in the process they run over a pedestrian, would locking you up in jail be beneficial in anyway, would society be any safer? Or maybe, everybody should just pray for these families that have to live with the tragedy and believe they will never do something like that again.

        • WVMom

          Well first of all nobody is perfect not even a 12 year old honor student. I have great kids btw and I have taught them right from wrong. I do not expect them to be free from making mistakes. I like the fact that you compare a gun and a car as deadly weapons and they should be treated as such. However, if me going to jail deters other children from stealing cars in the middle of the night then I paid the price for my stupidity in trusting my child to do the right thing. I am all about saving children from death because of the negligence of others. Let me tell you something I learn from other people's misfortune. If others did the same thing this world would indeed be a safer world to live in. So are you suggesting that if my child stole my car and killed someone then it would be ok and the crime should go unpunished and we should just consider it a tragedy and pray about it? I agree sometimes accidents do happen. Children are naturally curious and if given the opportunity they will act on that curiosity. Would you change your mind if that young boy shot your child that was playing across the street from him in your yard? If no one gets punished it will not stop or deter anyone.

          • WVMom

            Well I read a comment from a family member on a news site. So based on that I formed my own opinion and I will not change it. Punishment or the fear of it should deter people but there are always going to be people who believe they are above the law. That is the problem the laws are not tough enough to deter anybody from breaking them. I will give you an example. If I got drunk and drove down the road while dodging cars full of innocent families then that is ok as long as I make it home without killing anyone. But if I walk in the home of those same families with a loaded shotgun and I wave it around but don't actually shoot someone guess where I am going? Moral of my story is the laws should be tough enough to deter people from committing the crime in the first place. So punishment can change behavior if it is tough enough!!!

          • Jason

            Punishment does not always change behavior, if that were the case then nobody would ever speed, murder, etc. I didn't say anybody should or shouldn't be punished, I was suggesting, based on the article, there was not enough info provided to hang anybody, yet the knee jerk reaction for many on here was to lock the parents up....point was...let the investigators to their job...if laws were broken...then judge accordingly. But sometimes bad things happen to good people and kids for no reason. There are just a lot of "ifs" still unanswered in this story.

  • shawn

    No parents? And who target practices at 5:30 pm?

    • Jason

      A lot of people? 5:30 a.m. would be odd..but 5:30 pm is not an odd time.

      • susanf1218

        Except that it is dark or almost dark at 5:30 pm. Kinda hard to see a target in the dark.

  • Roger BD

    Yes this is sad. Nine and ten year olds should have toy gun not be handling real ones. But toy guns are banned. Children have to grow up to fast today.

    • Uncle Unctuous

      Toy guns are banned? Someone should inform Amazon.com. Place is lousy with the things.

      • Jason

        However...there was a kid in Maryland that got suspended from school for biting his pop tart in the shape of a gun. Get a grip people.

    • WhgFeeling

      I disagree!!! Children SHOULD handle real firearms under the close supervision. They should be taught how to safely handle a firearm. Clearly this was an example of poor parenting and irresponsible firearm ownership.

      • Jason

        Correct....but people are assuming alot of things on here that the article did not state...for all we know..these two kids were out jumping rope and found this gun in the bushes...guns should be locked up...parents should teach children proper gun safety...but there was not enough info in this story to crucify anybody...we just dont know....I am sure this nightmare will be enough to deal with for everybody involved...I would say..statistically...I doubt there will be another gun accident involving this family.

      • Kevin

        No 9 and 10 yr olds should be shooting guns period,, and I'm a gun owner ,,

        • Chuck

          My son was 8 when he took his first deer with a rifle. He has been taught his whole life gun safety and has been handling guns under close supervision since about 4. We practice safe gun storage in our home but when a gun is around it is not a new thing that creates curiosity and therefore doesn't "NEED" to be handled. My son is now 11 and as an example of what this kind of training can acomplish, my young nephew got a BB gun for Christmas , I know " YOU'LL PUT YOUR EYE OUT!" After the gifts were exchanged I overheard my son explaining the rules of gun safety to him about always keeping it pointed in a safe direction and keeping your finger off the trigger until your ready to shoot. I didn't tell him to educate his cousin on gun safety, it's all he has ever known and it came as naturally as breathing.

        • WhgFeeling

          Why? Just because you are a "gun owner" does not mean your responsible. I believe a true responsible firearm owner teaches her/his children to handle such tools responsibly. To do otherwise is irresponsible and neglectful.

          Oh you might want to tell the dozens of different junior shooting teams across the country that start at age 9 and younger they are not to be touching "guns"

          • Jason412

            Just want to make it clear "Jason" is a different person then me

          • Jason412

            Oh yes, how neglectful it is not to teach 9 year olds how to use guns.

            When I was 9 I didnt know how to shoot, I also knew never to mess with my dads guns. I would hardly say him not forcing me to learn something I had 0 interest in at the time was neglectful.

            How would it of benefited my safety at all at 9 years old to shoot a gun? I knew they could be dangerous and not to mess with them, I cant think of a single scenario where knowing how to use the gun would of benefited me. I would of been a lot more likely to try and use a gun or show it off to my friends if I had known how to use it.

            If you're not teaching your 9 year old how to drive a car you're irresponsible and neglectful. Its a dangerous machine that kills a lot more people then guns and a kid could take your keys while your sleeping.

            Doesnt that sound ignorant and irrational?

          • WhgFeeling

            What magically happens at age 15?

          • Kevin

            I would tell them,, not until their ,, 15,

        • Kevin


      • IronMike

        That is exactly right. A parent should be with kids this age at all times while they are learning firearms

      • Hillbilly


  • Dale

    Very sad and so unnecessary. What will the parents or guardian be charged with (along with the 9 year old shooter).

  • Jonus Grumby

    That's so sad. Especially at this time of year. I have to wonder was there any adult supervision?