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State Police say Thursday's murder/suicide took place in this mobile home on Joe's Creek Road in Boone County.

COMFORT, W.Va. — A Boone County man committed a murder-suicide Thursday morning near the community of Comfort according to State Police.

Spokesman 1st Sgt. Michael Baylous said 45-year-old Bobby Hatcher shot and killed his wife, 34-year-old Reba Hatcher, during a domestic dispute in the couple’s mobile home on Joe’s Creek Road. He then took another handgun walked into the living room and killed himself.

“It’s just so senseless. There was obviously some kind of dispute between a husband and wife and there were children in the household and now the children are going to live the rest of their lives without either of their parents,” Baylous said.

Reba Hatcher’s children, 10 and 5, ran from the mobile to get help. They were not injured. State Police said another man, Bobby Davis, Jr., 44, was also in the mobile home at the time and uninjured. Troopers said he was an acquaintance. The couple had been married for about two years.

Baylous said it will be very difficult for everyone left to deal with the tragedy.

“Here’s someone who completed suicide and killed his wife as well and you have so many family members and friends that are going to have to live with the heartache that goes with that,” Baylous said.

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  • Shannon nelson

    Yeah the hatcher family
    Still be alive if that basterd
    Bobby Davis wouldn't done what
    He did with that guys wife
    If I was him I wouldn't show my
    Face not even at the
    Racine fire department?
    Yeah they don't need your prayers

  • donna

    She is my family and he took her life and took her away from her kids and the ones who loved her so what the hell was he thinking look when it's over it is over move on with your life my love goes out to my family the stamper and the adkins

    • bob

      My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the rest of your family. Speaking from experience, I can tell you only God can give you rest from this terrible tragedy.


    Love triangle perhaps ?

    • bob


  • Roswell

    A woman who lives in a home with a gun is three times more likely to be shot to death than a woman with no gun at all; a statistical fact. I wonder if her husband bought the guns for "personal protection"?

  • bob

    Its a shame the man responsible for most of this ran out and left the kids in the home while the shooting was taking place.

    • big bob

      the man responsible for this was having an affair with his wife. they where married for 7 years not 2, also rumors going around that this davis guy murdered them. how did he get away and leave the crime scene with out being shot? looks like he would have shot him first and everyone says the same

  • John

    How could anyone do such a thing to their children. That would be the last thing i would want my children to see. So sad for the kids...

  • Mountain Man

    Not sure what he did it but a very sad situation. I guess some people feel there is no way out and nobody to help them.

    • rose

      Too sad for the children.