CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Division of Homeland Security anticipates there will be enough bottled water for residents still impacted by the recent water emergency to last through the weekend.

Division spokesman Larry Messina said a new shipment from FEMA was set to arrive Tuesday.

“FEMA is sending an additional 40 tractor trailers of water to West Virginia,” Messina said.

Currently only two of nine water emergency counties, Kanawha and Boone, are still requesting the water from the state.

Kanawha County Deputy Emergency Manager C.W. Sigman said residents continue to line up at a handful of water distribution sites.

“There’s a big demand for it. We appreciate the folks who have been passing it out and we appreciate the state who has been getting it for us from FEMA,” he said.

Some customers of West Virginia American Water Company said they continue to smell the chemical crude MCHM in their water and as long as the smell is there they won’t drink it. WVAWC said the water is safe to drink but it may take several more days to flush the smell out of the system.

Sigman said they will give out water as long as they can.

“As long as the state will provide us with the water and as long as they have people who will distribute it, we will keep on doing it,” Sigman said.

Sigman and others give credit to a number of volunteers who have staffed the distribution sites since soon after the Jan. 9 chemical leak that contaminated the water.


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  • ConservativeRealist

    Sissonville VFD's station is at 383 Call Road...not the one at Eden's Fork

  • Polly the Pundit

    FEMA isn't giving it out there...I think they were meaning people can buy it there. But, with WV American Water saying a 1,000 gallon credit is worth $5.00, I don't think you can buy 1,000 gallons for $5.00 from those places...

  • cutty77

    @ Thanks Charleston for your right to the point info.

  • Charleston

    Here is the web address:

  • Charleston

    Madison VFD Boone 1 Firehouse Square (304) 369-1021 0700-1800
    Van VFD Boone 45 Sidney St, Van (304) 245-8436 0900-2100 Bottled Water
    Wharton Barrett VFD Boone 35279 Pond Fork Rd, Wharton (304) 247-6586 24hrs Bottled Water/ Bring Containers
    Milton Water Plant Cabell 339 E Main St, Milton (304) 743-3821 0800-1600 Bring Containers
    Cedar VFD Kanawha 322 William ST (304) 595-2244 0800-2000
    Charleston Health Department Kanawha 108 Lee St E (304) 746-8828 0800-2000 Only delivering to elderly homes
    Crossings Mall-Elkview Kanawha 223 Crossings Mall Road (304) 965-7390 0800-2000 Bulk
    Nitro PD Kanawha Nitro (304) 755-1437 0800-2000 Bottled Only
    Sissonville VFD Kanawha 515 Edens Fork Rd (304) 341-0481 1000-1800 Bottled Only
    St Albans FD Kanawha Walnut St (304) 727-2252 24hrs Bring Containers
    Sharples VFD Logan 18843 Spruce River Rd (304) 369-2630 0900-1400 Open until water is gone
    Captain D's in Teays Valley Putnam 4150 State Rt 34 (304) 757-8144 1030-2200 Bring Containers
    Fruth Pharmacy Putnam Hurricane/Scott Depot (304) 201-1630 0900-2000 Bring Containers
    Good Shepherd Baptist Church Putnam Tiger Lane Scott Depot (304) 757-7621 24hrs Bring Containers
    Kroger in teays valley Putnam 302 Great Teays Blvd (304) 757-7915 24hrs Bring Containers
    Old Buffalo High School Putnam 3317 Buffalo Road Buffalo (304) 937-2661 0800-2000
    PSD Treatment Plant Putnam 107 Poplar Fk Rd and Mize Rd (304) 586-3093 24hrs Charging for water
    Teays Valley Christian School Putnam 4373 Teays Valley WV (304) 757-9550 0800-1600 Bring own container
    Teays Valley VFD Putnam 105 Poplar Fork RD (304) 757-7075 0800-2000 Bring Containers
    Tri-County YMCA Putnam 200 Carls Lane (304) 757-0016 0530-2200 0530-2100 (Shower times) Bring Containers
    VFW 9097 Putnam Hurricane (304) 757-9766 24hrs Bring Containers
    Winfield Community Church Putnam 144 Rocky Step (304) 757-4604 M-F 1000-1900 Bring Containers
    Winfield Courthouse Putnam 311 East 9th Ave (304) 586-0495 0800-2000

  • Aaron

    Why is FEMA setting up shot at private businesses? Won't that hinder their bottled water sales?

  • rick

    Kroger, CVS, Aldis, Rite Aide, Walmart

  • Aaron

    Where can I still get bottled water?