MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — According to the latest projection by ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi, West Virginia sits on the good side of the NCAA bubble.

Lunardi listed West Virginia as the last team in the field Thursday. Now, it’s up to the Mountaineers to stay there.

Though projections are sure to change daily from now through Selection Sunday on March 16, Lunardi’s current bracket would have WVU reporting to Dayton, Ohio, for one of the opening-round play-in games.

In the above audio clip from Thursday, Lunardi commits an error: Giving West Virginia the benefit of a 7-4 league record when it actually is 7-5. But he submits that if he season ended today, Bob Huggins’ team would be the seventh Big 12 team in the tournament.

Of course the season doesn’t end today, and if West Virginia (15-10) is to maintain its .600 winning pace, it would need a strong finishing kick—say, winning four of six to close the regular season and splitting two games at the Big 12 tournament.

On Huggins’ weekly radio show later Thursday night, the coach optimistically said he expects the conference to receive seven bids.

The Mountaineers are 3-8 against the RPI top 50 and 4-8 against the top 100 heading into Saturday night’s game at No. 19-ranked Texas, which sports an RPI of 22.

Currently tied for fourth with Oklahoma in the conference, West Virginia would earn a first-round bye in the Big 12 tournament by finishing sixth or higher.

bubble graphic


bubble graphic


  • David Kennedy

    A team is a team....and ...a coach is a coach.

    I'm betting 'Huggs can pull some magic out of the hat and get three more wins for that great WVU team.
    What a job they have done this year... Go WVU !

  • Mountain Navy

    I am going to predict it now. WVU will go deep into the Big 12 Tourney. If they do make the big dance as the last team in they have a good chance of being the first number 16 to beat a 1. How special would that be.

  • Nick

    The Big Twelve officials can't control the game if we hit our jump shots. Listen the reason why our football team did not win a lot of games is because the Big Twelve officials have been doing their best to allow the long standing Big Twelve teams to beat us. Officials have worked their entire life to be able to officiate the Big Twelve games. They know Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas State have more pull in influencing their contract renewals. However, in basketball they can't give the game away like they do in football. If we hit our shots it is hard for them to make us loose.

  • Keith

    Get in the tournament? I wanna win the tournament! Cut out the wishy washy crap and get behind this team. We will never be national champions unless we believe we can. That goes for the team, the fans, and our opponents. You can't live the dream till you dream the dream. The way this team plays they can beat anyone when they're hot. We as fans need to send that message to the team. The team will let the opponents know. Let's light'em up!

  • wvufan75

    Also any team that can laydown 102 pts on a div 1 reputable team should have a little confidence from their fanbase whoever the opponent should be!

  • wvufan75

    You people are rediculous! How can you predict anything in the conference tournament without even knowing who we would be playing ? I am a true fan and its a joke that the majority of you even watch this team. We could beat any team in the big12 and thats a fact so to say how many we might win is rediculous! Huggs and crew have shut up alot of the haters And I pray the doubters are next! GO EERS!

  • Barry

    I think it is amazing how some of you are so quick to jump to the defense of Oliver Luck and Bob Huggins, but last year when the players were getting bashed by the fans and the coach very few, if any, came to thier defense. A person is a Marshal Troll or on welfare or lives in his momas basement if he speaks a word against these guys, but last year they could talk about Staten like he was a dog and now they are "True Fans".
    We lost at least 8 guys from this program in previous years, some of which could really help our chances now. What a shame.

  • Aaron

    I keep reading all this stuff about playing one game at a time. I didn't know you could play two games of the time.

    Is that playing on the same court or are there adjoining courts? Will the two teams that West Virginia is playing at once be playing each other as well or will they both just be planning his West Virginia?

    And how many officials with therapy? With three be required to call all the games over derby three for each game?

    Man if you think Hugs goes crazy now, imagine he would react trying to defend 10 guys instead of 5.

    Talk about crazy!

    • mad hatter

      i concur, it's over your head.

  • mad hatter

    someone please explain two teams play, for the 13th seed positon.. I just can't grasp what the ncaa has in mind... why the 13th , or maybe it's the 12th, ,whatever.

  • mad hatter

    it's like,,, counting your chickens before they hatch,,,, please let's not jinks our plight.

    one game at a time,,, look ahead and we get clobbered..... repeat after me


  • Phil M.

    It figures that Jay Zoom, William and Larry are little brother (Marshall) fans.

    Their record is what (loser) and their conference is what (CUSA) !!

    Enough said.

    I vote Jay Zoom's mom takes away his computer too.

  • Charles

    Just keep winning and you're in. Get the big head and start losing and you'll be home. Don't look beyond Texas. That will be plenty to start with.

  • leroy j gibbs

    i said it a month ago and i will say it again
    nit champs this year , big 12 champs next year

    • mad hatter

      what's that drug that brings you back to reality,, well , you need to overdose on it if you think we'll wing the big 12 next yr in bb or fb.

    • Shawn H

      After last year, I would take that.

  • Country Roads

    I would not be (Surprised )if WVU did not get to play for the Big12 championship. They only have to beat, if I'm not mistaken just four teams maybe three in the conference to that far.

    • mad hatter

      no doubt , we won't play for the conf championship,, but we could win one , maybe two games...

  • GoEers

    It's great to see that WVU is projected to be in the tourney. The last month has been a tremendous turn around for this program. They are going to have to keep winning during this tough stretch of games in order to stay in the projections.

    It's a great day to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be!!