CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Wine will likely not be an option for Mountaineer football fans this fall.

A bill that would allow for wine sales at NCAA Division I athletic stadiums in West Virginia, meaning Milan Puskar Stadium in Morgantown, failed to make it out of the Senate Finance Committee before a Monday deadline.

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Sen. Clark Barnes (R-Randolph, 11)

Senator Clark Barnes (R-Randolph, 11) opposed adding the bill to the Senate Finance agenda at the last minute.  “Procedurally, it was the right thing to do and the reason it was procedurally correct was because we didn’t know enough about the bill,” said Barnes.

“No one had been talking about it.  There was no reason to do it and I’m not really sure that the people would support it.”

At this point, barring some last minute action from the state House of Delegates, it looks like the bill will go nowhere in the closing weeks of the 2014 Regular Legislative Session.

Oliver Luck, West Virginia University’s athletic director, requested the bill.  It would add to the law that already allows for beer sales at Mountaineer football games.  IDs are required for those purchases.

As proposed, the bill would have required licenses to sell wine and those sales would be limited to certain areas at Milan Puskar Stadium.

Last week, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee quickly passed the bill with little discussion.

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  • fed up

    Whew! Glad that major legislative decision is over with so that we can no focus on less important things like the budget shortfall, abortion, gun control, healthcare, job creation, terrible road conditions, etc.....

  • smith

    Thanks Clark keep up the good work and may GOD bless you.

  • WVUfan69

    The funnier part of Clark Barnes' statement is "we didn't know enough about the bill to vote on it". Those numbnuts in Chucktown vote on stuff they have no earthly idea about all of the time. Very few of them even read the bills before voting.

  • NotSoFastMyFriend

    This should have been added to the lineup as it is a no-brainer money-maker. Another backwards decision of inaction.

    • wvrefugee

      It's not about the wine, it's about Luck's way of ramrodding things through! Get it?

      • Kelly

        No! You don't get it. Got it?!

  • Doug

    Not everyone that enjoys a legal adult beverage whether it be wine or beer and whether it be before or during the game is a drunk. Most of us are responsible.
    Just think if you lived in Colorado they could be smoking marijuana beside you legally...oh no wait its against federal law but our administration chooses to not enforce the law.
    At least Mr Luck sought approval and received it.

    • Jason412

      Yeah, we should obviously be wasting Federal dollars to over ride a state law that is projected to make said state something like 130$ million in tax revenue this year. Let's make sure we put that $130 million back in the hands of drug cartels, Colorado doesn't need it right?

      The government has already wasted enough money pushing their outdated laws on the voters of California. The DEA under Obama raided more California medicinal pot shops in Obama's first 4 years then during the entire Presidency of Bush. At least Obama has finally wised up about something and left them alone for now.

      And no, in Colorado it's still illegal to smoke in a public area, especially something like a football stadium.

  • jo jo

    Why is it necessary to have to rely on beer or wine at an event to have fun??? Don;t let an out of state hotshot come to WV and want , want, want everything. Want to drink?....STAY HOME !!!! What does this say to our students?

  • richard

    I wish I lived where I could vote for you, Sen. Barnes. The last thing Mr. Luck needs is more alcohol sales in Morgantown. I wish someone had the courage to stop it totally at games. You can't even take your kids to games anymore for fear the drunks will fall all over them. It is shameful and an embarrassment to the state and the university. Our universities are supposed to be educating our kids, but instead, we are teaching them that its ok to be stupid.

    • Rick S.

      You are right, Richard, the drunkeness at football games is shameful and an embarrassment to the state and the university. It was an issue before beer sales were allowed in the stadium, and it continues to be an issue now.

      Perhaps the answer is to have the police start making mass arrests for public intoxication at the games.

    • Matt

      Learn facts. Then post. It will make you look a little better Aaron

    • wvubsjd

      You haven'te being much attention to this issue. Thy used to ban alcohol from the stadium, and there were significant problems related to alcohol consumption.
      When they allowed beer it decreased the alcohol related problems. ( as well as generating revenue to support the program).

      Freakanomics radio did a good job explaining the result which appears paradoxical at first blush

      Extending sales to wine is not likely to create alcohol related problems.

    • Aaron

      If you are insinuating that because there are now beer sales in the stadium there are more drunks at WVU football games, I would venture to say that you never attended games before stadium sales, when fans could come and go as they please.

      • ViennaGuy


      • Phil

        I agree with Aaron.

  • wvrefugee

    Hooray Clark! Maybe they will serve it at Glenville someday!!