MORGANTOWN, W.Va.– The Board of Governors at West Virginia University has hired E. Gordon Gee as permanent university president.

The board met in an emergency meeting Monday morning and unanimously approved a motion to immediately negotiate a contract with Gee as the full-time president.

Before the BOG could move ahead with the hiring, it first had to rescinded a motion it made last November that prohibited the temporary president from being a candidate for the permanent job.

The hire still requires the approval of the state Higher Education Policy Commission.

Monday’s decision follows Friday’s surprising support for Gee from a university search committee that evaluated a nationwide array of more than 30 candidates. The position was scheduled to be filled by June.

He has been serving in an interim role at WVU since the departure of former president Jim Clements, who is now at Clemson University. Gee was appointed for a term with an annualized salary of $450,000.

Gee served as president at WVU from 1981-1985 after several years as WVU’s law dean. That was followed by stints as president at the University of Colorado (1985-90), Ohio State (1990-97), Brown University (1998-2000) and chancellor at Vanderbilt University (2000-2007).

Gee returned to Ohio State University in 2007 as president and continued to serve there until his retirement in June of last year following controversial comments about Catholics and Notre Dame.

In 2009, Time Magazine named Gee one of the top 10 university presidents in the United States.

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  • Vandalia

    Great Hire !
    Right man at the right time.
    My University could not do better.

    BTW, Oliver is fine - he hired Tom Bradley a very prudent move.

  • Josh

    Not sure if I trust this statement, coming from a Catholic...

  • jay zoom

    half of these comments are being made by people who weren't old enough to pee a hole in the snow when he was here last time. there must be something in the works that is going down soon that needs a presidents approval. I hope it is getting rid of Oliver Luck.

  • Mtnman

    I'm a Catholic and fully support Gee.

    Cutty77. You shouldn't talk bad about anyone's faith. Gee was just joking when he made those comments. You aren't. Shame on you.

  • Medman

    This is great news for WVU and our State. This man is a winner and will do a great job again. He has more energy and enthusiasm than thirty year olds. Great decision BOG.

  • Woodchuck0

    Great pick.

    But a priority should be to train someone internally to take over in 3 years.

  • Michael

    Great Job this is great for the University now let's get rid of Luck !

  • cutty77

    @ wvrefugee,
    Stay in Huntington,and Shut Up.

  • Free Markets

    The Grant Town Goon

  • cutty77

    He told the Truth on this one too. At least he had The Guts to say it.

  • Col.Klink

    President Gee is already been where the other applicants vision themselves after a short time at WVU, or should I say " hes been there and done that", welcome home President Gee ! Great hire for Mountaineer Nation.

  • Aaron

    Who should they have hired?

  • Art in Ohio

    This is a great hire. Glad he is back at WVU.

  • jeco

    I'M A DAMN CATHOLIC! President Gee is a great hire. By the way, I'm prejudiced, I dislike Notre Dame and the snobs of the SEC.

  • Vaughn

    Excellent, excellent hire!!

    There are many reasons this is a fabulous hire. First of all, no one is out there with better qualifications. In addition, he's obviously a guy that loves WVU and West Virginia. In addition, he has tremendous energy and he gets things done. PLUS, he's a rock star and will bring TREMENDOUS publicity and notoriety to WVU.......... Finally, he's an outstanding fund raiser and that skill has never been more needed than now.

  • Guardian

    For the record, I have several Catholics in the family and they all belly laughed when E Gordon made this comment.

  • Guardian

    I love E Gordon's sense of humor, but even more his irreverance for political correctness.

  • Guardian

    I don't know about the BOG's vision, but if I were you, I'd have my own vision checked.

    Gee is among the top tier of America's university presidents and he has held this position at some very prestigious academic universities.

    This is a tremendous hire.

  • Michael

    GREAT NEWS! Congratulations President Gee!

  • Josh

    "You just can't trust those damn Catholics." - E Gordon Gee

  • richard

    Congratulations! Great Hire!!
    Good thing O Luck wasn't in charge if the hire.

  • wvrefugee

    BOG lacking vision! FAIL!

  • WVU74


  • Cigarman

    Great hire!