PARKERSBURG, W.Va. — The acting director of the West Virginia Division of Juvenile Services confirms a leadership change has been made and refresher training for correctional officers is underway at the Lorrie Yeager Jr. Juvenile Center in Wood County following a riot last month.

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Last month’s riot at the Lorrie Yeager Jr. Juvenile Center has lead to changes at the Parkersburg facility.

“Our residents did gain control of a living unit and did some mass destruction to that living unit,” said Stephanie Bond of the Feb. 18 incident in Parkersburg that involved six of the 20 residents of the facility.

“These residents banded together and started demonstrating some out of control behavior.”

She said the facility’s juvenile correctional officers were working to separate the six from the rest of the population.

“While they were dealing with the other 14 residents, those six that were causing the disturbance ended up breaking a foosball table and some other things in order to obtain some weapons,” said Bond.  It took a couple of hours for officers to regain control.

Authorities have said there was never any threat to the public, though the damage to the building’s commons area was described as “extensive.”  Six officers from the Parkersburg Police Department were called in to assist with the situation.

Since then, State Police troopers have been investigating along with the Wood County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Bond talked about the response to the riot on Monday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

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  • Kim Fields

    I agree with Wayne about Ms. Bond. I know first hand that she has been reprimanded during her employment and she has no business running a facility like Lorrie Yeager. Why do we keep promoting bad employees who are part of the problem, not a solution?

  • All American

    This article, and many like it are part of the problem. It was not the staffs fault this happened. They are merely the scapegoats.

  • wayne root

    Stephanie Bond is in over her head and needs to be replaced. I don't know what the Governor's office is waiting for, she has proved she has no control over the agency.

  • Speakfromexperience

    For one most will never be a functional part of society. They are dangerous and need alot more discipline than people will allow. Alot of them will never be rehabilitated. They will end up in the DOC and more than just a few them will see Mt Olive in the future.

  • ben dover

    Should have never close salem but Mt state law firm and mercer city.judge said they are only kids now u know what salem co went thur everyday so deal with it grow some and treat them Luke the animals they are before someone getaway killed

  • Mike

    moot you are correct. Treat these little scum bags like adults. Start with 23hr lockdown for a few months. All that they destroyed, dont replace it. Let these little brats set in there cells and think about what went down. That is if they can think at all. Feed them only enough to keep them alive. Cut out the cake,chips and pop. Lots of veggies and little meat. That wont happen because so lawyer wanting to make a name will say that to mean and will sue the state. To many lawyers well that's another problem in itself. Like the old saying "if you cant do the time don't do the crime". If the little scum bags don't learn now they will get out and do something else to get back in.

    • Jason412

      Yeah let's do that so then they have no chance of being a functional part of society and spend the rest of their lives terrorizing their respective neighborhoods.

  • Joe

    What do you think know Judge Aboulhosn?

    • judge

      He is a wild eye liberal judge, oh go easy on them. Don't want to hurt the poor feelings.

  • moot

    They want to act adults treat them like adults.
    Give them a dose of the taser!! MAKE them work off the cost to replace broken propery of the state. Some of the do gooder's out there think poor boys. But what they fail to think about is how quick they will stick you if you get in there way. They have to much idle time in lock up! Idle hands lead to the devils work. Keep them busy 12 hours a day, they would have less time to think about stupid stuff. But keep them busy with a craft that will make them usefull when they get out.