WASHINGTON, D.C. — Federal EPA administrator Gina McCarthy told members of a U.S. Senate committee Wednesday the agency is seeking more than $1 billion in the next federal budget for climate change and air quality efforts.

McCarthy said $199.5 million would be specifically for climate change work. The administrator told members of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works there’s proof the atmosphere is warming and that is having an impact on the health of Americans.

“What the science tells us is when the temperature gets warmer it increases the level of ozone and that ozone pollution actually has an impact on respiratory health, as well as cardiac health,” she said.

Some of the questioning by committee members focused on recent clean air rules aimed at reducing emissions from coal-fired power plants. U.S. Senator Deb Fischer, R-Nebraska, asked McCarthy about coal.

“We hear about the war on coal and you hear about that is well. Is there a war on coal?”

“Senator, I don’t think that’s fair to say,” McCarthy answered. “What we’re trying to do is our job to protect public health by reducing pollution from some of the largest sources.”

McCarthy’s work at EPA was applauded by some committee members including committee chair Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-California. She said some Republicans are opposed to everything the EPA does.

“People are not with the Republicans on this,” Boxer said. “Seventy-five percent of Americans say the U.S. should take action on climate change even if other nations do not. Because they’re smart. We don’t wait on China to decide how to treat our people, or our economy, or human rights.”

McCarthy did pledge the EPA plans to further work with utilities and individual states on clean air issues.

McCarthy is scheduled to go before the U.S. House Appropriations Committee Thursday with the agency’s budget plans.


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  • Maxeer

    funny how Boxer and these other EPA loons grab statistics outta thin air....Statistics are only correct 39% of the time...

    • Ragweed

      Well, according to this Obama shill, the air is getting heavier. It's apparent, because they keep coming up with so many false statements

  • jay zoom

    stop worrying the earth the atmosphere warms about 3 thousandths of one degree every year according to scientific studies that I have seen. this means that in about 1.3 million years their could be a problem. if the earth is still here - by then who give a damn.

  • dan the man

    So to summarize....the American people and the administration wants to send more jobs overseas.

    We limit our coal production in the name of global warming. China, Russia, and India could care less, they are going to fill the demand for coal if we don't.

    STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. Thanks alot Obama.

  • Aaron

    I'm curious, what would be in southern WV were it not for coal? Would the railroad industry have spent as much as they did to open the area or would there have been need for highways in the region?

    • Whip

      Arron that's a good question. My take West Virginia would be similar to Vermont or one the New England states. A state where people come vacation and enjoy the natural beauty. Coal production has probably added a million people to the states population. There would be no need for the railroads or many of the four lane roads. State, county and local governments would also be smaller. Totally different from today. If you have visited all those states or just few you understand that the alternative would not be bad. Not a knock on coal just thought you had interesting question.

      • Whip

        Sorry I meant to type Aaron.

  • RB

    I guess what upsets me is the powers to be think we (American) people are idiots. This administration continues to bring down the quality of life in America while at the same time telling us it is getting better. God controls the climate and God help us from these crooks!

    • Mick

      Genesis 8:22

    • J.R. Skene

      Well, that's just foolish.

    • Hillbilly

      Exactly.. history and archaeology both show that the earth's temperature has had several "swings" from Ice ages to heat waves over millions of years... before there was man or coal fired power plants. Volcanoes have had a lot to do with it... how is the EPA going to combat a possible volcano eruption????

  • Wirerowe

    McCarthy is absolutely right it is incorrect to call it " a War on Coal" more precisely it is " a war on coal until we can get around to oil and natural gas". The next several decades will belong to those that have fossil fuels including the US, Russia and Saudia Arabia. Fossil fuels are one of our country's major resources for economic growth. We need to embrace those resources and not make a strength a weakness over misguided and wrong policies regarding carbon.

    • Pickle Barrel

      Correct. I have always believed the leftist coalition of envirokooks and the EPA have the elimination of all fossil fuels on their radar screen. Once coal has been eviscerated (and its not that far from happening) the global warming wackos will focus their attention on natural gas. They want nothing but solar and wind power, which is costly and unreliable. But they don't care, since they know so much more than the rest of us.

    • The bookman

      Perfectly stated.

  • JL

    This is one way Obama is destroying America.If you dont have energy as a country you can not survive as a super power. America wake up before its to late get out and vote.

  • Jason412

    I'm not defending Obama over this, but I don't understand how the "War on Coal" works. Coal jobs in WV are up an average of 5,000 or so under Obama in WV then they were under Bush. They're also up nationally, by an average of over 10,000.

    If you're trying to kill an industry, wouldn't it be counter-productive to allow that industry to employ more people than previously?

    Here's a link, citing MSHA, I had previously posted showing that
    http:// appvoices .org/resources/reports/
    AV_growth_of_US_coal_jobs_2013.pdf (take spaces out)

    • Regina

      You have got to be kidding me? My husband worked the entire time Bush was in the White House, but just as soon as Obama got in there he has been laid off twice and this last lay off he has Not been back to work!! He has been out EVERY day looking for work. I can't say what I really want to so I'll just leave it at that.

    • Aaron

      Google coal exports 20 year high and Australia floods impact on coal.

      I provided 2 links that showed why coal jobs are at a 20 year high, which has nothing to do with this administration but it is awaiting moderation.

      The Obama Administration tried to make the same argument a year ago you are now. It was debunked then by the facts.

      • Jason412

        I know coal exports are at an all time high. I also know about the Australian floods impairing the use of many of their mines, opening up the market for US coal.

        But as I asked the other day, what does the end buyer of the coal have to do with the "War on Coal" killing jobs? The fact is jobs are up. Regardless of where the coal is going, if you're trying to kill an industry one would think you wouldn't let that industry grow.

        I'm not crediting Obama for the growth in jobs. What I'm saying is, if he is so actively involved in destroying the coal industry why are job numbers growing?

        It seems many people here believe that under Obama coal jobs are substantially decreasing, not increasing.

        If the war on coal is not stopping the mining of coal, what is it meant to accomplish?

        • Jason412

          From Hoppy's recent commentary on coal
          "The stated goal of the anti-coal movement is to stop all mining, particularly mountaintop removal.

          That is being accomplished, not through public policy decisions by the country’s elected representatives, but rather by fiat from an unelected government agency"

          How is the anti-coal movement accomplishing their goal of stopping all mining, if coal jobs are increasing?

          That is my question. It doesn't say their goal is to stop all coal fired power plants, it's say to stop all mining. But there's more WV miners now then there's been since 1992. How is that accomplishing the goal of stopping all mining?

          • The bookman


            I agree with the last statement of blame. We do place more blame for our struggles of declining coal production on the EPA than they probably deserve. But they do play a large part in creating the headwinds that make it more difficult to compete.

          • Aaron


            Is the Obama administrations actions on coal causation for coal mining employment or correlation?

          • The bookman

            Jason writes, "A decrease in production, an increase in exports, and an increase in jobs does not sound like coal is being regulated out of business."

            Is that the ingredients of a successful enterprise?

            Less production due to diminished demand.

            Higher labor costs due to a shift from surface mining to underground mining.

            Higher cost of placement into the market stream due to fulfilling overseas demand versus domestic demand.

            When googling the app voices document other news stories indicated 2013 numbers in decline. I'm sure you will see them easily. One story was a Daily Mail article as I recall showing 2nd Q job losses in WV mining at 125 jobs. The point that I took from the report you cite is that the market forces are in decline, and without regulation buffering job numbers by steering mining underground, the job losses would be staggering. Look at some of the predominant surface mine states at there productivity numbers and work backwards to get the corresponding job numbers.

          • Jason412


            I'd like to clarify that when I hear "War On Coal" I think of the entire country, you seem to have focused on Central Appalachian coal. If the EPA were succeeding in regulating coal out of business, wouldn't other coal states, like Wyoming, experience the same problems as Central Appalachian coal?

            Here's a pretty decent article on the decline of Central Appalachia coal.

            http:/ /www.washingtonpost .com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/11/04/heres-why-central-appalachias-coal-industry-is-dying

            A few points from the article

            "another big problem for Appalachia's coal industry has been competition from cheaper, low-sulfur coal out West — particularly from Wyoming's Powder River Basin."

            "On top of everything else, Central Appalachia's coal now appears to be running out, as many of the thick, easy-to-mine seams have vanished. "

            "coal production in Northern Appalachia, including parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania, is expected hold steady for years."

            "A combination of cheap natural gas from shale fracking and new pollution regulations from the EPA have been elbowing aside coal in the electricity sector."

            "one recent report from the Energy Information Administration found that U.S. plant owners and operators are getting ready to retire 27 gigawatts' worth of coal generation, or about 8.5 percent of the coal fleet, between now and 2016:"

            While Central Appalachian coal is facing many obstacles, the EPA is only one. But just one of many. In the short term, EPA regulations have increased jobs by forcing companies to go with underground mining instead of mountain top removal.

            My point in all this, is the EPA seems to be getting 100% of the blame

          • Jason412


            Picking what numbers? I said from the beginning I'm talking about jobs not production. What is the source for the 2013 numbers you reference, I'd like to read it.

            The average over 8 years vs 4 makes little difference in saying that jobs are up, look at it year by year.
            Under Bush:
            Highest (Nationally) 2008: ~85,000
            Lowest (Nationally) 2003: Under 70,00

            Under Obama:
            Highest (Nationally) 2012: Over 90,000
            Lowest (Nationally) 2010: ~85,000

            A decrease in production, an increase in exports, and an increase in jobs does not sound like coal is being regulated out of business.


            2012 WV still shows a higher number then anytime between 2001-2010. I'd consider that being up, when the argument consistently made is that coal jobs are hitting record lows.

          • The bookman

            Aaron, and continuing to trend lower in 2013. Too early to see if the bleeding has stopped, but no reason to believe it hasn't in the current regulatory and market environment.

          • Aaron

            Are WV jobs up? Or were they up through 2011 but have been in a decline over the past 2 years?

          • The bookman

            You are picking numbers from the report to enhance your argument, but the report clearly states that central Appalachian coal production is down and number of WV jobs is down from peak 2011 to 2012. Other sources show 2013 continues to trend lower in spite of the fact that regulations are pushing the industry to higher labor, lower productivity underground mining operations. Couple that with the decreased demand due to the new emission standards, and there is really no reason to believe things will change for the better any time soon. The proof can also be seen in the budget as coal severance continues to lag. To use a slanted discussion that takes an average employment number over 8 years from Bush and 4 years from Obama and attempts to draw market direction is less than reliable. At best anecdotal, but really misleading. Coal is in decline in the central Appalachian Basin and anyone in the industry could tell you that. And chief among the reasons are the anti coal stance of this current administration.

          • Jason412

            I don't know why my quote got cut off. That quote, from App Voices, was supposed to say

            "The number of jobs in 2011
             and 2012 were the highest 
            the state has seen since 1992."

          • Jason412

            Sick & Tired,

            Mining runs deep in my family, I know a decent amount of people employed by mines. I also know several people, including younger family members, who have recently, for the first time in their lives, been hired to work in the mines.

            However, I don't live in Southern WV so maybe it's different there. But I'll believe the MSHA data and the fact I don't know anyone who's been laid off over a few disgruntled workers, sorry.


            I wouldn't of posted it if I didn't read it. Coal companies are profiting less, but more people are employed therefor, in my eyes, the communities are profiting more, at least currently.

            I'm sure the coal companies are able to recoup some of that lost profit by exporting record amounts to Asia and Europe where, even after factoring in shipping costs, coal has a higher profit margin.

            Jobs slightly decreased in 2012, but still remained higher than any year between 2001-2010.
            I don't see that as accomplishing the goal of ending all coal mining.
            "The number of jobs in 2011 and 2012 were the highest the state has seen since 1992."

            If this is a war, it's about as successful as our last 2 wars. As in, it's not successful at all.

          • The bookman

            Jason, I read the app voices report on mining related jobs. Did you? The report explains the drop in tonnage produced per miner due to an increased shift to more labor intensive process of underground mining. Higher labor costs with lower production would produce smaller profits. In looking deeper into the data, the peak was 2011, with employment falling in 2012. That trend , although not reported in this report you cite, continues to occur in WV, and throughout Appalachia. Profit and productivity is in Western Coal. Regulations are causing a shift in the East to underground mining, eating up the profits and eroding future demand for electric generation. It's all there in the report, and the authors seem to be happy about that.

          • Sick&Tired

            You can post coal jobs are increasing all you want but it don't make it true.Neither does some government web sights.All you have to do is actually ask the miners.There lies the truth.The last employment report in W V showed jobs down in all coal counties.So ask all the miners getting laid off if coal jobs are increasing. Since I live here and get o actually see it I can give you plenty of names if you like.It would be from real people actually trying to work and provide for the families instead of holding their hand out.

        • Aaron

          "If the war on coal is not stopping the mining of coal, what is it meant to accomplish?'

          "So, if somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can — it’s just that it will bankrupt them, because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted."

        • Aaron

          I know we've given our government a tremendous amount of control with this week strengthening their control but I don't believe it's to the point that they can stop a private business from operating and exporting their goods.

          Or am I wrong?

          • Jason412

            "I know we've given our government a tremendous amount of control with this week strengthening their control but I don't believe it's to the point that they can stop a private business from operating and exporting their goods. "

            Exactly my point. How is the government to blame for all these "lost jobs" in WV so many on here preach about? Lost jobs I've recently learned to be a myth.

            I don't believe the government could just shut them down. But the media, and posters here, lead one to believe the Obama administration is using the EPA to regulate coal companies out of business.

            So, it's not a war on coal mining, it's a war on coal fired power plants?

    • Aaron

      Coal jobs are up because exports are at a 20 year high. It has more to do with flooding in Australian flooding then this administration.

      The argument you are trying to make was debunked over a year ago when the Obama Administration tried to float it.

  • David Kennedy

    I have family in Oregon and visit there from time to time.
    Sometimes in the Oregon mountains the snow has soot on it. That soot comes from China.
    We do have pollution; I believe it comes mainly from cars and diesel vehicles.
    I'm wondering why the EPA has picked the burning of coal to be the bad boy when other entities seem to be the culprit.
    Nothing is done about vehicle pollution and nothing is said about China...remember the Olympics? The TV cameras could not focus because the air quality was so bad.
    These EPA dogs are barking up the wrong tree.

    • Hillboy

      David, it's not true that nothing is being done about vehicle pollution. The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards were changed in 2010 to require the average fuel economy for each manufacturer's fleet to attain 34.1 mpg by 2016. As fuel economy increases the amount of CO2, and nitric and sulfuric oxides released decreases. The auto manufacturers grumbled about the requirements but, as far as I know, they did not announce that EPA had declared a war on cars.

    • Hillbilly

      Its because of the sulphur in coal... they blame sulphur dioxide for the acid rain, etc

  • Hop'sHip

    I think Max has proven that climate change and seasonal change are synonymous . I think he is ready to join Fox News as a climate expert. And maybe they could use Q as a War on Coal correspondent. He needs to work on his war fervor though. The war is not over till the last ad is run!

    • bulldog95

      Ahh yes, the blame fox news line. Is that the best you can come up with?

      • Uncle Unctuous

        The "blame Obama" mindset is the other side of that same coin.

  • Max

    Anyone who believes Obama and his crowd don't have a "war on coal" have been living under a rock. As I said in a post last week, they've changed their narrative from global warming to "climate change" whatever that is...I've been watching the climate change about four times a year for the past 62 years...the definition of Climate; "the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, throughout the year, averaged over a series of years."

    Notice the phrase "throughout the year"...the climate is the seasons.

    I've lived in WV all my life and I've really never know fall not to show up in roughly the same few days every year and likewise for winter, spring and summer.

    Climate change is a joke...

    • Uncle Unctuous

      "I've lived in WV all my life and I've really never know fall not to show up in roughly the same few days every year and likewise for winter, spring and summer."

      That's a pretty shallow data pool you've got there. But you've clearly managed to convince yourself of something, so kudos.

    • wvrefugee

      Good! get rid of the damn stuff! Southern WV is a great place because of 100 years of coal! Stupid Wvians believe this slogan from the coal companies!

      • Aaron

        I meant to post on earlier but it ended up at the top of it.

        With out coal would there be anything in southern West Virginia? Would railroads have traversed the mountains just to get to a few customers in small towns? Would highways have been constructed, Would bridge's have been built? What they're even be a population base in southern counties? Say what you want about coal but the truth is, with that valuable commodity southern West Virginia would be a desolate place.

  • CaptainQ

    Of course Gina's not going to admit there's a War on Coal. Besides, the war's over, the SCOTUS confirmed Obama's EPA can do whatever it wants. Soon, very soon, (thanks to the EPA) coal will be so worthless it'll no longer be mined. Just give it a few more years.

  • Aaron

    Would she prefer an agenda on coal? This administration and it's supporters can say whatever they want about coal. They can justify their agenda in any manner they want. None of that can erase what Barrack Obama said regarding coal. His mission is to eliminate it as a source of energy. That is not industry propaganda, it is simply how it is.

  • I'm honest at least

    What an educated idiot.

  • thornton

    Miss Gina would be a hit in a Chinese comedy club.....if the Chinese folks could find the club's front door through the smog.

    • J the C

      If everyone else jumps off the Bellaire Bridge, then I should too?