WASHINGTON, D.C. — Federal EPA administrator Gina McCarthy told members of a U.S. Senate committee Wednesday the agency is seeking more than $1 billion in the next federal budget for climate change and air quality efforts.

McCarthy said $199.5 million would be specifically for climate change work. The administrator told members of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works there’s proof the atmosphere is warming and that is having an impact on the health of Americans.

“What the science tells us is when the temperature gets warmer it increases the level of ozone and that ozone pollution actually has an impact on respiratory health, as well as cardiac health,” she said.

Some of the questioning by committee members focused on recent clean air rules aimed at reducing emissions from coal-fired power plants. U.S. Senator Deb Fischer, R-Nebraska, asked McCarthy about coal.

“We hear about the war on coal and you hear about that is well. Is there a war on coal?”

“Senator, I don’t think that’s fair to say,” McCarthy answered. “What we’re trying to do is our job to protect public health by reducing pollution from some of the largest sources.”

McCarthy’s work at EPA was applauded by some committee members including committee chair Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-California. She said some Republicans are opposed to everything the EPA does.

“People are not with the Republicans on this,” Boxer said. “Seventy-fiveĀ percent of Americans say the U.S. should take action on climate change even if other nations do not. Because they’re smart. We don’t wait on China to decide how to treat our people, or our economy, or human rights.”

McCarthy did pledge the EPA plans to further work with utilities and individual states on clean air issues.

McCarthy is scheduled to go before the U.S. House Appropriations Committee Thursday with the agency’s budget plans.


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  • maybe

    its just a " police action " on coal ? .....

  • Rob

    I'm surprised we are not all charged a flatulence tax at this point.

  • DWM

    75% of Americans want them to take action on climate change? If that were the case our lemmings in the House and Senate would have passed the Climate change bill that was before them two years ago.

    I call BS.

    They don't call it Global Warming anymore, well, because they can't prove the globe is warming so they call it Climate Change. This just in, climate changes, so when it is cold and we are buried in snow, it is due to manmade climate change. When we get tornadoes and hurricanes, it is due to manmade climate change. Pretty convenient, huh.

    This is about, and only about, government control, which the left so deaparately wants and is willing to destroy our economy to get it.

    • Uncle Unctuous

      Since when does the Congress do what the people want?

  • Emmitt Ross

    My own personal thoughts. I feel that at one time the EPA was truly a wonderful program however, it now appears, we have made a monster. Nearly everything in our lives now are associated or somewhat controlled by the EPA. It's abuse of power comes from the ones behind it. Anything that is detrimental, especially to the current administration, is cloaked behind the EPA. It's existence now seems to be one of leverage. A game of sorts where one side says, "If you don't do this, then we'll do this." and the American public suffers for it. Our country was once a land of manufacturing but now, all that has been taken from us due to regulations. Seen any Smokestacks lately? Then how can we as one nation, make any minute change in the atmosphere while the rest of the world ignores warnings. It's hard for common, simple folks, as I am, to see such a long, cold hard winter then, someone supposedly, of much greater intelligence and of higher degree than I, tries to convince us about the Global warming. Exactly, where does Gods hand fit into all this? I suppose my reply is one that has been overstated but, these are my thoughts.

  • Ragweed

    You can tell that this woman is lying - her mouth is moving.....

  • bulldog95

    And I bet everyone at the EPA has their homes running on solar and wind. How about DC pull the plug on their electric from that dirty coal plant and intall solar panels on the white house to run DC.

    And dont give me this garabage about it warming up. I am sick and tired of shoveling all that global warming every other day this winter. I guess someone forgot to tell my neighbors waterlines that there is global warming too.

    • Uncle Unctuous

      Ah, the old "the earth still tilts on its axis away from the sun at this time of year, therefore we have winter in this hemisphere and as a result I am cold right now, therefore the earth's climate conditions can't possibly change to any degree it just isn't possible based on my personal experience of the local weather at this moment but I won't mention, for example, the record drought in the American west or the record heat and wildfires in Australia because those things individually are not demonstrative of climate change any more than seasonal cold weather where I live is proof of some climate change hoax, so I'll just ignore it because it would only serve to highlight how facile and superficial my flawed reasoning is" gambit. There's always someone who thinks that's clever and valid. There are real arguments to be made, and I so wish people would stop wasting their breath and/or keystrokes with witless quips about the weather.

      • bulldog95

        Ahh witless quips. So you buy in hook line and sinker the arguement that global wamring is the cause for either to much or not enough snow. That it is the cause for too much or not enough rain. That it is the cause to for too many or fewer than average tornadoes and hurricanes. That it is the cause for colder than average temperatures or warmer than average temperatures? Well is it?

        Well isnt that special, the left has designed an arguement that they cant lose because global warming is the cause of everything.

      • The bookman

        It is reasonable to be environmentally conscious, and do what we can to limit our footprint. It is unreasonable to create a hysteria that the sky is falling in an effort to compel compliance with radical environmental agendas. None of the predictive weather models are providing an accurate vision of a warming planet, and the current 15 year pause in world wide temperature rises was not part of the global warming forecast.

        The Earth is an amazing creation. Consider this when you lament the fragility of our blue planet.

        If you asked most people to name the single greatest cataclysmic event in the history of the planet they would hazard a guess that it was the heavenly collision that lead to the extinction of the dinosaurs, better known as the K-T event. The collision can be found in the fossil record at 65M years ago. It is marked by a thin layer of iridium that encircles the globe at that date marker in the fossil history, demonstrating the massive power that could create a dust cloud so expansive and dense. How catastrophic to life here on Earth, it is believed that the collision set in motion a series of events that led to dinosaur extinction giving rise to the next dominant animal class, the mammals. It took 200,000 years according to recent scientific research for dinosaurs to leave the fossil record. Yet we are to believe that somehow our fragile Earth will be transformed in 50 years by Global Warming! Hysteria!

  • will

    With Obama pledging to shut down coal fired electricity, and EPA regulations surrounding coal production, it is absurd to deny there is a war on coal. Then, turn around in support of Global Warming, ( I refuse to use climate change, might as well say WEATHER) that has no comprehensive data to prove there even is such an event in order to control businesses, and the public. These people are all about control, and are using anything to wreck the US economy.

  • Tax Payer

    If they want to save lives, why dont they have a war on drugs?????? That would help this country more than anything. They are just wasting our money. I say Stop!

  • Tax Payer

    I vote to fire McCarthy... She is just a pawn for the Seirra Club. She wants a budget of 1 billion. No Way!!! This country cannot even pay its debt and she wants to blow more money.... No Way Not Mine.

  • Maxeer

    funny how Boxer and these other EPA loons grab statistics outta thin air....Statistics are only correct 39% of the time...

    • Ragweed

      Well, according to this Obama shill, the air is getting heavier. It's apparent, because they keep coming up with so many false statements

  • jay zoom

    stop worrying the earth the atmosphere warms about 3 thousandths of one degree every year according to scientific studies that I have seen. this means that in about 1.3 million years their could be a problem. if the earth is still here - by then who give a damn.

  • dan the man

    So to summarize....the American people and the administration wants to send more jobs overseas.

    We limit our coal production in the name of global warming. China, Russia, and India could care less, they are going to fill the demand for coal if we don't.

    STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. Thanks alot Obama.

  • Aaron

    I'm curious, what would be in southern WV were it not for coal? Would the railroad industry have spent as much as they did to open the area or would there have been need for highways in the region?

    • Whip

      Arron that's a good question. My take West Virginia would be similar to Vermont or one the New England states. A state where people come vacation and enjoy the natural beauty. Coal production has probably added a million people to the states population. There would be no need for the railroads or many of the four lane roads. State, county and local governments would also be smaller. Totally different from today. If you have visited all those states or just few you understand that the alternative would not be bad. Not a knock on coal just thought you had interesting question.

      • Whip

        Sorry I meant to type Aaron.

  • RB

    I guess what upsets me is the powers to be think we (American) people are idiots. This administration continues to bring down the quality of life in America while at the same time telling us it is getting better. God controls the climate and God help us from these crooks!

    • Mick

      Genesis 8:22

    • J.R. Skene

      Well, that's just foolish.

    • Hillbilly

      Exactly.. history and archaeology both show that the earth's temperature has had several "swings" from Ice ages to heat waves over millions of years... before there was man or coal fired power plants. Volcanoes have had a lot to do with it... how is the EPA going to combat a possible volcano eruption????