CHARLESTON, W.Va. – More West Virginians died as a result of substance abuse in 2013 than auto accidents. That doesn’t come as a surprise to Jim Wilkerson. He’s the development director of the T Center. Once it’s built, it will be the first of its kind residential facility for the treatment of substance abuse in West Virginia.

The developers kicked off a $10 million capital campaign on Thursday during a ceremony in Charleston.

Jennifer Smith/MetroNews

Jim Wilkerson is leading fundraising efforts for the $10 million project.

Wilkerson, who struggled with substance abuse earlier in life, stressed the T Center will be unique.

“In my own personal situation, I ended up having to travel out of state. There are no facilities like this in the state,” he stressed.

Wilkerson said the West Virginia does have a lot of good substance abuse programs but they don’t offer long-term treatment.

“A lot of programs, they take a patient in and they work with them to detox them. Often times they’re released without the right support for a successful recovery,” explained Wilkerson.

The plan for the T Center is to offer long-term treatment, anywhere from 14 days to three months, however long it takes to make sure those with alcohol and drug problems have the skills to cope with their addiction once they walk back out into the real world.

That will include help for loved ones.

“Patients have the ability to include and involve their family in their recovery,” he stressed.

There will be individual counseling for family members as well as group sessions with the patient.

The T Center will be located somewhere in the Charleston area. The developers are looking a several different pieces of property that will provide “a serene setting” for treatment. They hope to raise the funds and complete construction in late 2016.

Wilkerson admits treatment doesn’t come cheap but the goal is try to make the T Center as affordable as possible.

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  • Jima

    I guarantee there is going to be some big bucks behind this- sure wish I had the money to open me a couple of Tx. Centers- a growing business with unlimited clients waiting on the list to get clean!

  • LeftySteve

    I applaud this move. Agree with Ryan much better then jail. And it's cheaper.

  • Steve

    Stan the man, all I can say is "you da man"

  • DWL

    Cemeteries work well too, but I guess any scam that makes liberals money!

  • Stan the Man

    Why build a facility when there is a Navy Base closing in Pendleton County. It would be perfect. It already has housing, food, medical and recreational facilities.

    • Jima

      Great idea!

    • Gary

      That is a very good reasonable idea that makes sense but the politicans with the most pull will probably want a new building in his district and after the shenanigans Sponaule pulled trying to get the attorney general censored I think his days are numbered and they should be.

    • zero tolerance


  • ryan

    Wonderful, better place to send people then jail

    • Second Chance

      +1. Wonderful idea.