WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller is imploring Rite Aid to reconsider its decision to close its distribution warehouse in Putnam County that employs 230 workers.

Rockefeller sent a letter Wednesday to Rite Aid President and CEO John Standley. Rockefeller told Standley he stood with the workers when Rite Aid explored the closing in 2009 and he’ll do the same now.

“Furthermore, I must also call into question whether or not the 64 stores in the area serviced by the Poca facility will be affected as a result of reduced inventory, travel time for products to be stocked, etc.,” Rockefeller said in the letter.

(Read Rockefeller letter here)

Rite Aid announced Sunday it would close the center by 2016. It said it would be too expensive to update it.

Rockefeller ended the letter by urging Rite Aid to reconsider the closure “and instead work with the State of West Virginia and my office to find a new, suitable location so that these employees can remain in West Virginia and on the job.”


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  • Jonathan

    A PR move on Rock's part. Rite Aid doesn't give two craps about what he thinks/wants. I'm sure they did their homework before the announcement or they wouldn't be closing the center in the first place.

  • Dennis

    Rockefailure strikes again.

  • Shadow

    Another example of government interference in the marketplace. Product distribution and its cost reduction is the name of the game today. It is what makes Walmart so successful, they do it well. I would guess that Riteaid has a better plan in view, maybe including Right to Work.

  • John of Wayne

    Several people have been quick to condemn unions but what about Rite-Aid? Seems to me that their own history would indicate that this is another attempt to extort some more money/concessions from the government. Look at the record. Every few years they come whining and the politicians jump with incentives to stay. You can almost mark it on the calendar.

    • Teufel

      have you ever considered that WV is not a business friendly state?

    • The bookman

      But isn't that the price we pay for not embracing Right to Work? The Teamsters negotiate a contract above market conditions for their members and Rite Aid must find the resources to pay the terms of the contract. When their alternatives are diminished, they have two choices. Lobby for subsidies from the State or Local government or move where labor conditions are more favorable or subsidies are forthcoming. Like it or not, Rite Aid, or any business, does not exist for the benefit of the state of WV, or serve at the will and pleasure of JDR. They operate for profit. If they can operate more profitably elsewhere, they have a duty and responsibility to make that change.

  • Protechcpa

    This is typical of hypocritical left wing democrats. They posture by presenting the notion that business exists not to provide a return on the capital investment, but simply to provide jobs to workers (read communism), all the while enjoying the benefits of that same capitalism from their own portfolio which they openly condemn.

  • David

    Reduced inventory, travel time to be stocked? What a joke !

    That's what we built all these highways for Mr. Rockefeller.

    Walmart doesn't seem to have a problem.

  • Fred

    The Rockefeller family didn't need organized crime to help them, they destroyed their competition through any means necessary and then made zillions through stock manipulation. To see what the Rockefellers really think about unionists, take a look at how John D and William Rockefeller handled Frank Little back in 1917 when he tried to organize Anaconda Copper.

    • Teufel

      yep, and Jay is a rich man today as a result of his grandfathers abuse......

  • Fred

    The Teamsters union is a branch of organized crime that uses its brainwashed members to commit acts of violence against American companies in order to extort money from them in the form of overblown wages. I don't shop at Rite Aid or Kroger because they use union employees.

  • Wv_pat

    Just another big company trying to eliminate union jobs that got the company to its position today. Hire some scab felons and see what it gets Rite Aid.

  • Low Rider

    Gee, I didn't know Rockefeller was a logistics specialist. Maybe he should work for UPS after he retires from the Senate.

    I really doubt Rite Aid will be swayed by his letter…he should have written the Teamsters president and asked him to get his members to compromise to keep the site in business.

    Too little too late…unless WV ponies up more money again!

  • Independent View

    I could hear it from my front porch--the sound of
    Rite Aid President and CEO John Standley shaking in his boots at the mere receipt of a begging letter from Rocky!!!
    Maybe Obama could do better--he has a pen AND a phone!

  • DWL

    Carpetbagger Jay crawls forth from under his rock to utter a plea for the teamster’s union (aka organized criminal enterprise) - Again. Thank the Lord we can count the days 'til his useless stint at the taxpayers' teat comes to an anti-climatic termination. May he slither away and stay moot like he has for years.

  • northforkfisher

    I'm sorry but Rockefeller is about the worst thing for WV. The time he has been in the US Senate, what has he really done.
    He's worried about 200 jobs, but has turn his back on the coal and oil industry. Anyone with commonsense knows that if coal fells WV is done.
    To the people of Rite Aid your jobs are just important as everyone else, I was making a bigger point. Good luck I hope you can keep your jobs and most importantly benefits.

  • thornton

    Sad Jay's second sentence in that letter would seem a tad ironic.

    It must be nice to feel superior enough to pick who sits with the winners and who loses their jobs.

  • Aaron

    The last time Rite Aid threatened to close the center, Senator Jay got them a sizable chunk of money for their lots, lighting and the building.

    It sounds to me like Jay's about to cave again. Let's hope that if he insist on subsidizing Rite Aid's operations, he gets a longer commitment for the taxpayers investment.