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MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. — A private development company plans a $615 million natural gas-fired power plant in Marshall County.   Moundsville Power announced plans for the project at Tuesday’s Marshall County Commission meeting.

Managing partner Andrew Dorn told commissioners they are securing permits for the plant and hope to begin construction next spring.  He says the construction phase will employ up to 500 workers while 30 people will work full-time at the plant when it goes on line in 2018.

Dorn says the plant will use over $100 million worth of natural gas a year to generate electricity that will be sold on the power grid.  The plant will be located on a 38-acre site along Route 2.

The announcement is the latest economic development associated with increased Marcellus Shale gas well drilling in the region.  Dorn says the plant will help offset the impact of the coal-fired Kammer power plant, which is shutting down.

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  • matt

    Anything that creates more jobs is great news.

  • Larry

    I heard a good saying once, "Never ask a man where he's from, if he was from Texas he'd have already told you, if not you'll just embarass him". Of course you could substitute any state.

  • Aaron

    These jobs take certain, specific skills that many simply do not have or are not willing to learn. Any West Virginian that wants to work can. All they have to do is either work as a laborer making a paltry $12-$15 per hour or get their Class A or B CDL's and then apply at any of the hundreds of signs in the area's drilling.

  • Aaron

    Let's be realistic here. The guys at Ormett are standing in the food stamp line for the same reason Century is shut down at Ravenswood and that is because public utilities commissions, after years of caving to every corporate demand coming down the pike as finally come to their senses and told corporations that are profiting hundreds of millions of dollars that they can pay their own electric bill.

  • Roger

    I hope they get more use out of this one than the one that was built in Pleasants County several years ago and still sits idle.

  • A Different Joe

    Give it a rest. Do folks in NC and OH feel the same about "out of state" mountaineers when we go there and take "their" jobs? It works both ways. If you have the skill set and can pass a pee test, you can find a job in the gas industry.

  • rick

    Maybe we should start training our workforce for the type of jobs we have in WV if folks really want to work and live here. The gas industry in the North is growing just like coal in the South is shrinking.

  • john

    wv works, and are good workers. For years West Virginians have had good work ethics and was preferred many times when having to go out of this state to even find work. Seems as if only now that the work has come to our area has our work ethic been in question. curious. Not being a hater, just think that it should be preferred and easy for locals to fill local jobs. Just seems to make more scents. As far as filling walmart and the likes coffers, I don't see that as much a benefit for the area or for the locals that really need the chance at a better quality of life. And as far as ormet, they aint setting around collecting checks, they are training, and working for who ever they can. They deserve support.

  • Pggirl

    Maybe if the oil and gas companies could find West Virginians who could pass a drug test they would hire more locally.

  • ViennaGuy


    The current property hasn't been vacated by SABIC yet. So no, there hasn't been any dirt moved.

    Do you enjoy being so negative about things?

  • David

    They should treat out of state workers like they treat tourists as they will be spending more money than the normal tourist.

    Where is that West Virginia hospitality?

    West Virginians wouldn't want to be treated like this in other states they to oh to for work.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Sounds like more good economic news--for out-of-staters. Not surprised completely though--we've been benefiting out-of-state interests for years. But I was surprised to not see the trite phrase "game changer" used regarding the construction of this power plant.

    Speaking of "game changers" how 'bout that Wood County Phantom Fracker, Guv? Any dirt moving?

  • Larry

    They're included in bags of pinto beans.

  • Cletus

    Where can you get a Friend Of Gas window sticker?

  • Cletus

    Texans will work...that's why Texas is Texas. As for West Virginia, well it ain't Texas.

  • Guardian

    I agree 100%. Marcellus Shale drilling and gas extraction is here for the foreseeable future. Quit whining like a bunch of spoiled brats, get yourself trained, and go to work in the industry.

    Meanwhile, the Texas and Oklahoma workers are supporting local businesses and paying WV sales tax. The local businesses these out of state workers are patronizing are paying WV B&O taxes, WV income taxes, and WV property taxes. It is not like we're not getting a cut of the action - and we can get more when our folks on the dole get trained and get a job.

  • Larry

    The union commercials about the out of state workers are the most ridiculous, corniest things I've ever seen.

  • Nat gas man

    Are these"Texas workers" going to stay n Texas hotels, get their gas in Texas,and buy their food at a Texas Walmart? Umm I don't think so. Take a drive through Bridgeport any given evening and see how many nat gas trucks are at the hotels and restaurants. As for the Ormet workers. Go get a job pipelining, drilling rig, gas plant construction, Landman. Instead of sitting in the food stamp/ unemployment line go to a tech school and learn a trade in the nat gas industry and quit feeing sorry for yourself. Ok rant over. Just don't like haters.

  • Billy

    Great News ! More jobs for the guys from Texas. And the guys from Ormet stand in line for food stamps.

  • Sarah

    Good job WV!! Terrific news!