CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Barely one in five West Virginians voted in Tuesday’s primary election.

According to numbers from the Secretary of State’s office, the unofficial statewide voter turnout was 19.7 percent with a total of 241,020 ballots being cast on election day or during the early voting period.

The official canvass of the votes will begin Monday.

On Thursday, Secretary of State Natalie Tennant issued a public “thank you” to those who worked to pull off the election.

“There are thousands of people who play a vital role in our elections process, from the poll workers and county clerks to the Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s Office,” Tennant said in a statement.

“The people of West Virginia are grateful for their dedication to our democratic process, and we all saw their dedication pay off with a smooth election.”

At several precincts in both Logan County and Hardy County, voting machines were switched to battery back-ups during power outages on Tuesday.  Overall, Tennant said only minor issues were reported elsewhere.

The general election is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 4.

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  • Non Voter

    Wish it was less. Everyone knows they are all crooks. They can care less about the people of WV. No matter if it is Dem. or Rep. All they care about is big corporations. Whoever votes is part of the problem in this country.

    • Tom

      So what type of government would you recommend?

  • Abram

    Don't expect more unless you can cast a vote using Twitter or Facebook.

  • Bob

    Maybe we should revert to the voting methods used in Australia. If you don't vote without a good excuse it is $100 fine. My friends in Australia really don't miss going to the Polls on Election Day.