CHARLESTON, W.Va. — It’ll be “Hollywood Squares” with a West Virginia twist.

Peter Marshall, a Huntington native who was the original host of the popular television game show “Hollywood Squares,” will be back in West Virginia next week to host a game show about West Virginia music and history. “West Virginia Squares” will be part of Festivall — the ten-day long celebration of arts in Charleston that opens later this week.

“Me being a West Virginian, I’m very proud to be part of it,” Marshall said on Monday’s MetroNews “Talkline.” “I love coming home.”

Next Monday, June 23, and Tuesday, June 24, at 7 p.m. at the Clay Center, Marshall will lead four segments of the game show with Golden Horseshoe winners sitting in as the contestants.

“They’re young students who, hopefully, know a lot about West Virginia,” said Marshall.

Notable state natives will fill the celebrity squares including John Kruk, former major league ballplayer and current ESPN commentator; Joyce DeWitt, a Wheeling native who played “Janet” on “Three’s Company;” Billy Edd Wheeler, a noted songwriter; Charlie McCoy, a musician; Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., an “America’s Got Talent” winner; Michael Cervaris, a Tony Award winner and former West Virginia Governor Gaston Caperton.

Later on Tuesday night, there will be an “adults only” show.

Marshall was recently inducted into the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame which is organizing “West Virginia Squares.” West Virginia Public Broadcasting will film the first four shows for broadcast at a later date.

More information about “West Virginia Squares” and Festivall, which is now in its 10th year, is available here.

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  • DWL

    Here's a question for the Hillbilly Squares. What political party is the most corrupt, thieving, conspiring, deceitful, indicted, and investigated in the state. The answer is - Democratic Party! Aka the liberals, socialists, leftists, (d)'s and the current party lead by a m0r0n!

    • Ward Cleaver

      Well, since all you Repubs can seem to offer are felons like Arch Moore and Mike Roark and sex maniacs like Vic Sprouse and Mitch Carmichael, I don't think you guys are the answer. I don't see how you can call yourselves conservative with liberal behaving hoodlums like those guys representing you.

      • ViennaGuy

        The Democratic Party is replete with its own rogue's gallery of felons and sex maniacs, so I don't think you want to go there.