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Clint Trickett will enter the upcoming season as West Virginia’s starting quarterback.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — WVU football coach Dana Holgorsen on Tuesday announced that Clint Trickett will enter the upcoming season as West Virginia’s starting quarterback.

Trickett missed spring practice due to offseason shoulder surgery. He threw for over 1,600 yards this past season with seven touchdowns and seven interceptions through eight games.

“Clint is 100 percent healthy and is ready to play,” Holgorsen said in a school release. “He worked hard last season and showed a lot of ability and leadership and deserves the chance to lead the team as a senior. He will be our starter.”

WVU went through spring practice with Paul Millard, Skyler Howard and Logan Moore getting snaps. Incoming freshman William Crest will join the fold in the fall.


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  • jos

    Most of y'all are living in a lala land. I hope Clint is a different Qb but doubt it he did not show any improvement last season. And as far as numbers not that different than Paul's look it up we will see a another starting Qb this year. I am not sure why Logan is not being considered he looked very accurate in the spring and with the starting reps I believe he would be very good

    • wow

      its called pride, why start a walk-on and admit that the QB's you recruited were not as good.

    • Mitch

      @ jos,

      Well no, when you tear your labrum, you generally don't show any improvement until AFTER the surgery.

  • william

    What a SAD time to be a MOUNTAINEER fan wherever you may be!

    • Lenny

      "I BEG YOUR PARDON" willy, but I am a "Born and Breed MOUNTAINEER" having started "MY LIFE HERE" in West Virginia and have been here ever since. I am also expecting to stay here "UNTIL I DIE" and I am "VERY PROUD" to be "CALLED a WEST VIRGINIAN and a MOUNTAINEER FAN".
      If you do not like what we have here in West Virginia, well then -----

    • MountieFan16

      Hey, aren't you the same clown that got kicked off WV Illustrated?

  • Holgie

    He has no choice but to name Clint. It's all he has until Crest can prove he can play at this level.
    That said, the running game has never been in better shape. We have 4 running backs that are legitimate starters in most major programs. This will help Clint with his passing game.
    All he has to do is mange the game and not turn the ball over. He doesn't need to try and be Geno Smith or Pat White.
    Just be careful with the ball and let the running backs do their thing.

    • notorious

      Robert Walker, Amos Zereoue, Avon Cobourne, Quincy Wilson, Steve Slaton, and Noel Define disagree.

      None of our backs are as good as any of those guys.

      • Aaron

        Your opinion of course.

  • cutty77

    Well all the Real Estate people get together. Dana's new house will up for sale next year with this move. Dana just don't understand this Kid can't play. Dana if i was you i would not make anymore major

    • Mike

      cutty77, I hope you are the next WVU football coach. I mean you know everything there is to know about football. You might just want to skip coaching and jump right into the College Football hall of Fame. It must be fun to be the smartest football mind with out a job. I hear your hero Doc might have an opening for you. The MU mascot needs replaced. I think a jackass would fit you both.

      • cutty77

        Mr Jackass to you. I have said since last year,that Trickett can't play QB. So far i'm right,and will continue to be. On Marshall and Doc. Trickett couldn't even make Marshall's Team.let alone play QB

    • Troll

      And I guess if he was you he wouldn't have anything better to do either than sit on the coach and complain about student athelets and coaches willing to give up their time to help out great university. But don't guess you really have anything to worry about though.

      • cutty77

        If i was Dana, Trickett would of never been on This Team.He is The Worst starting QB in WVU history going back to Felding Yost. Git U Sum Of That.

        • Mitch

          @ cutty77,

          Yost was an offensive linemean. Get you a clue.

          • cutty77

            @ Mitch,
            He Coached at WVU then went to be Michigan's Head Coach. Buckethead. You get a Clue.

  • Bartholamule

    It's a bunch of school boys playing with a pointy ball. Anything can happen!
    Why do I love it so...

  • FNP


    These are some pretty big numbers considering it was his first year in the system and he had a hurt shoulder.

    What those of you who truly dont understand football is we were in every game except Baylor and Maryland. We turned the bowl over like it was our job last year. We especially turned it over when we were in the middle of some good drives.

    OKLA - 3 fumbles 1 INT
    Maryl - 4 fumbles 2 INT
    KState- 2 fumbles 1 INT
    Texas - 3 fumbles 2 INT
    Kansas - 2 INT
    Iowa ST - 2 fumbles 2 INT

    Except for the Maryland game, we had a chance in all of those games. Should've beat OKLA, Texas and Iowa St.

    You can pin it on the QB play all you want but it comes down to the TEAM. Both side never came together as one TEAM last year. I think that has been addressed and you'll see a much better product on the field.

    • makinwaves 101

      I have to agree with you FNP. Our biggest problem is turnovers. Not our only problem... but our biggest.
      We beat ourselves most games last year with senseless turnovers.
      With that said the O- line definitely needs to improve.
      And last... we need pressure on the opposing QB without sending sending the whole house.
      If we improve in these areas we will be a solid football team and its difficult to beat a solid team IF... they don't beat themselves.

      • J the C

        And drive killing penalties!

  • Mister G!

    Well, that makes it official.
    WVU goes 5-7 at best ...

    • WSC


  • Troll

    Great news! Now that that's settled let's get behind our Mountaineers while they lay the smack down this season!

    • Art in Ohio

      True Mountaineer fans must get behind this young man and give him all the support we can. This gives us a big jump on what we had last year. I'm not saying everything is going to be great this coming season but we are light years ahead of this time last year. He knows the system and the rest of the team knows he is the man and can build around that. Waiting on my season tickets and will be there bright and early on Sept 6th.

      • GoEers

        Absolutely!!! I can't wait!!

    • Dave

      LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    He looked pretty good against Ok St, and I'm honestly not sure if the mid seasons decline had more to do with his injury then we originally thought at the time. Also, he never had the benefit of Mario Alford who only really came on after Trickett was already hurt.

    Do I think he's going to throw for 4000 yards? I don't know. Do I think we're going to go to a bowl game with him? I don't know. Do I think that if he struggles early and Crest and/or Howard learn the offense and prove to be better that he should have a short leash? Yes.

    But bottom line is the kid bleeds gold and blue and he deserves our support, and another chance to show us what he's got when he's fully healthy before we all make up our minds regarding what he is and is not capable of as our starting QB.

  • John

    WVU could have Aaron Rodgers as their QB and it wouldn't matter if the O-Line does not hold up and block. Running game has the potential to be excellent with stable of RBs but they will only be as good as the line blocks for them. The hogs upfront will ultimately determine WVU's fate and Coach Holgs' as well.

    • Ole Sasquatch

      You guys are right on. Glad to see comments that are telling exactly what we need. Correct - Clint's dad is about the best offensive line coach out there and has a good sense of humor to go along with it. When one of his player's told him last year that he wished he looked that good when he got that age, Coach Trickett replied with that famous Southern accent, " I look better than you do now."

    • Aaron

      It will help that WVU is returning to the zone blocking scheme utilized during the Rich Rod era but abandoned by Stewart as not "football."

    • shawn 108

      This is the best and realest assesment of wvu's problems. WVU O-Line has been terrible since Clint's dad left. I whole heartedly agree with this comment. That being said if we can block for this young man and give him time to throw he wont just chuck it up and hope for the best. I dont care who your QB is VERY hard to stay poised when you getting smashed every other play. Need more proof (feel free to correct my memory) but i kinda remember at least 2 out of the 3 QBs we played got knocked out of games. That pretty much says it. BLOCK BETTER = WIN more games

      • Former O Lineman

        Absolutely true John and Shaun. Well said.

      • FNP

        I agree 100% with both of these comments. It's hard to play within the system when you're scrambling all over the place. If the line blocks and we stop turning the ball over 3-4 times a game then we'll be fine.

        • richard

          no doubt----the P-line has to block for the running backs and protect clint trickett. if they do that and the defense improves, (which it will under gibson) we have a chance to have a good season.

          • richard

            lol....the O-LINE -----not the p-line.

  • Phil Mahood

    Tickett will be fine !!

    The real question is what kind of protection will he receive. Also, we have a good stable of running backs that can really take the pressure off of Trickett, if the o-line can run block. The key to our success on offense will be based on how good our o-line is.

    A good run game sets up a lot of good play action calls !!!

  • FNP

    Trickett didn't understand the system last year and therefore took unnecessary shots down field with an injured shoulder. The kid is tough and you will see a better product on the field. If he has learned how important it is to throw underneath then he'll be just fine.

    • An actual athlete

      You can throw underneath all you want, but in order for that to be truly effective you have to be able to throw the ball down the field. Otherwise the safties move up and you get receivers killed and throw picks.

  • the flying dutchman

    not unexpected....he must remain healthy for any chance of a .500 season..which would be progress. i'm optimistic that if he does remain healthy, the running game comes around...this could be a better than .500 season....and of course..the defense must play.

  • dr.doom

    A Dismal season ahead
    .Trickett. Is a joke

    • cutty77

      Trickett is a Very Bad Joke.


    He's got my vote.

    • Jason

      Around mediocre level d1 quarterback, but the best WVU has to work with right now. Tough kid, but WVU will struggle to be .500 this year. The big 12 pond is just too big for the WVU fish. Gotta play the game though, We will see how it plays out.

      • Steve

        Jason you are a Marshall fan. Why are you commenting on WVU articles? Stop being an obsessive troll and start worrying about Marshall's pathetic conference and pathetic athletic programs of which have never won or played in a New Year's Day bowl or ever won an NCAA tourney game. That's pathetic.

        • Sam

          Silly herd fan. You wish you had ol' Clint. He's our six million dollar man who all our fans know will lead us past 'Bama (MARK IT DOWN!!!) Don't be surprised when he ends up in NY as a finalist for a certain trophy - DOUBLE MARK IT DOWN WITH A HEISMAN ON TOP!!!

    • Dave

      And 1.