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Clint Trickett will enter the upcoming season as West Virginia’s starting quarterback.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — WVU football coach Dana Holgorsen on Tuesday announced that Clint Trickett will enter the upcoming season as West Virginia’s starting quarterback.

Trickett missed spring practice due to offseason shoulder surgery. He threw for over 1,600 yards this past season with seven touchdowns and seven interceptions through eight games.

“Clint is 100 percent healthy and is ready to play,” Holgorsen said in a school release. “He worked hard last season and showed a lot of ability and leadership and deserves the chance to lead the team as a senior. He will be our starter.”

WVU went through spring practice with Paul Millard, Skyler Howard and Logan Moore getting snaps. Incoming freshman William Crest will join the fold in the fall.


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  • Jose Domingo

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  • WV Proud

    Can you say Mobile Quarterback: Seems that only Rich Rod. is the only one on this message board to understand that concept. When you have an average offensive line you have to have a mobile QB. The only QB that we have that falls into that category is Crest. Tricket is no more than a sacraficial lamb for the Alabama game. Look for Crest to move tho the top of the pack quickly.

  • David Kennedy

    Last year I predicted 4 wins.
    This year I predict 6 wins and a win in some minor bowl.
    Got my fingers crossed for all of it.
    I think Trickett is too small to take the hits he will receive.

  • VaultHunter

    You know what's really funny?

    Marshall could go undefeated and never crack the top 5 maybe top ten.

    Clint would be the highest rated qb recruit to ever sign with

    Marshall can't even sell out a home game and WVU can sell out during a sub 500 season.

    Kansas would be the best football program in Conference USA.

    Iowa State would compete every year for the AAC championship....let those last two really sink in.

    I could keep going but that's enough belly busting for now.

  • VaultHunter

    Living in a state that is as poorly educated as ours its no surprise to read some of these so called fans comments.

    Yeah the ignorant hillbilly stereotype is not true. I see quite a few in this comment section alone.

    From a true fan.

    Congrats Clint give em hell! Thank you Dana for recruiting one of the best classes in school history and thank you for helping Geno Tavon and Stedman have a record setting season. Atleast you know how to use weapons on offense unlike that other coach who could only win 9 games in a terrible conference and just try to get the team to " match a mountain." Thank you Ollie for having a true vision for WVU and getting us into a power 5 conference so our revenue will be at a record high and only get better. Thank you to the true educated fans who understand there is a huge difference between playing UConn Rutgers USF and Playing Oklahoma Texas and Oklahoma State just to name 3.

    We will be back this year and Marshall and all the so called or fair weather fans will have to dream of playing in the AAC or Conference USA and Nehlen and Stew and Rich Rod all three pacing the sideline together.

    The future has never looked better for WVU and I love it!

    All the true fans know this.
    Lets Go Mountaineers!

    • WV Proud

      Got three things for you Vault Hunter: Maryland, Military Bowl, and Cato. You know it doesn't matter if you are a 5 star recruit or a 3 star recruit, it is what you do while you play at your respective university. You are very ignorant in your comments. It all comes down to wins, no matter if you are in Conference USA or The Big 12. Ever heard the names Byron Leftwich and Chad Pennington,both are far above Trickett in ability.By the way Vault Hunter coming from a true WVU fan, true West Virginia fans miss the rivalry of playing Pitt, VA-Tech, BC, Penn State, Syracuse, and Rutgers.

  • David

    I agree with Jason. Trickett is too small, and is a mediocre D1 QB. This could be a long year

  • Mister Man

    I hope Clint does an outstanding job. Good luck, son. Paul Millard knows the offense. He deserves a pat on the back for sticking around. Thank you, Paul. You are a true Mountaineer.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    I''m okay with Trickett. However if the offensive line breaks down we need to see Skyler Howard who spent the Spring learning the system and improved so much that by the end of Spring practice he was competitive wtith the other 2 QBs'
    If he keeps on improving at that rate he will be a force sorely needed if our line fails us like last year.

  • Mountaineer Fanatic

    I was very sorry that Clint Trickett was injured last season. However, I could not understand how he could not learn the play book. Sure hope he has learned it now. If the Coach says he doesn't know the play book yet, then I can not help BUT wonder why he is our starter. If he does know it then Lets Goooooo Mountaineers!!!!! BEAT BAMA

  • Rod

    Q: Why is West Virginia replacing the astroturf in their Stadium with cardboard?
    A: The team looks better on paper.

  • Aaron

    Jeff Hostetler's first year
    127-264 1798 yards 10 td 5 int
    163-286. 2247 yards 14 td 10 int

    Jake Kelchner
    66-119 901 yards 6td 6 int
    110-174 1688 yards 12 td 3 int

    Clint Trickett's first year
    123-233 1605 yards 7 td 7 int

    Above are the stats for the three transfers into WVU's program that were starting quarterbacks. If Trickett makes similar progress as the other two and West Virginia manages to hold the ball they will surprise a few teams and win 8 ball games.

    Those who say quarterbacks were the reason for West Virginia's failures last year obviously do not know football. While they played a significant role by turning the ball over far too much and not sustaining drives, the truth is WVU quarterbacks provided enough offense to win 8 ball games last year. The defense is what let the team down.

    Trickett in particular and the quarterbacks in general had a decent year last year. If Trickett manages to not turn the ball over and sustain drives he and the offense will be fine, particularly if Holgerson adjust his game plan to the strengths of this team and runs the ball. By sustaining drives and managing the clock, the defense will be off the field more and should be much improved. A strong running game will also improve Trickett's stats via the play action pass.

    In 1982 West Virginia entered the season in a similar fashion. Oklahoma, national championship contenders with superior athletes was expected to manhandle West Virginia but Don Nehlen's offense managed the game, they moved Jeff Hostetler out of the pocket resulting in big yards, the team was able to run the ball enough to keep the defense honest and their defense slowed Oklahoma's potent offense enough to allow WVU to pull a major upset, one of the greatest in our programs history. There is no reason WVU cannot open 2014 in similar fashion.

    • J the C

      After reading this comment, I reflected for a while last evening. I thought about sitting in Mountaineer Field, and in front of my
      TV, and I finally came to the conclusion that the thing Trickett lacked, other than size, was mobility and poise. If anyone thinks this OL is going to keep our backfield opponent free against the likes of Alabama, and some of our BigXII foe, you're dreaming. You still need mobility and poise to deal with the pressure that you know is going to come, at times. I question Trickett's abilities in this regard. I hope he proves me wrong! Go 'Eers!

      • Aaron

        There are varying degrees of mobility needed and much of the can be addressed with play calling. He's a 5th year senior who has been around the game for a very long time. Based on his play last year, I think he will be fine. His numbers and play through his injury support my opinion.

        I'm more concerned with the defense then I am the offense and my offensive concerns are in the play calling, but the players.

    • Beaver Sniffer

      Let us dissect, shall we?

      2nd sentence: "If" - "similar progress" - "manages to hold the ball". How about this - "If if and ands were pots and pans, there'd be no work for tinkerers' hands". Perhaps a more direct route to winning would be this, "When we score more points than the other team, we win!" Very precise, clean, no fluff nor room for margin - easily understood.

      2nd paragraph: "Those who say...don't know football" - yet "while they played a "significant" role by turning the ball over far too many times..." Reminds me of Obama's tactics...although it is obviously, don't look here, nothing to see, not a smidgen of evidence, it's Bush's fault!"

      I can't go on - my stomach hurts - gotta go poopie

      • the flying dutchman

        what a stream of conscious post...are we to assume you have no mental filters?

      • Aaron

        I hate to be the one to break it to you skippy every sport since the dawn of time as him on the word if. If you have a legitimate rebuttal other than speculation bring it forth but all I see is one of the anti's trying to answer a legitimate argument with tripe.

        Why am I not surprised?

        • Aaron

          Every sport since the dawn of time begins with if? West Virginia is not the only team that must see progress, hold onto the ball and other such generalities. Your response in nothing more than you trying to trash WVU for what appears to be partisan reasons.

        • Beaver Sniffer

          Please explain - "as him on the word if"?

    • J the C

      Hope you're right Aaron


    Great news! This is a good start on getting WVU to play as a unit / team, its up to the players to play and our coaches have / and our put the players in place, this was a big piece to the missing pieces of the puzzle of a team... Now, These kids that aren't in the starting position needs to push the guy in front of him, QB's, WR's DB's needs to push one another to get better ( fighting has to happen between team mates but we all need to understand they need to push themselves as a team to become a team) We all want to win!!!

    TODAY WE FIGHT !!!! (to get better; elephant in the room is Alabama/ elephant & the Big12 season)

    LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!Mountaineeeeeeeeeeeeers!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Clint is our Steve Austin - all these surgeries have made him our Six Million Dollar Man with a Ten Million Dollar Arm - oh man am I getting excited for this upcoming season. Ollie & Dana finally have us pointed in the right direction. 'BAMA is a guaranteed win - MARK IT DOWN!!!

  • Jim

    Well put FNP. Those are facts that you quote, not guesses or opinions. Just the facts. I know a loss is a loss but our record could have been a lot better if just a few plays would have went our way. Lets gooooo mountaineers

  • Mr.P