MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Morgantown police cited six members of a West Virginia University fraternity with hazing in connection with an incident earlier this month in the South Park neighborhood.

Police announced Thursday the members of the Sigma Chi fraternity reserved a nightclub in downtown Morgantown on Nov. 5 for a social gathering. Nineteen pledges to the fraternity were in attendance, and police said underage drinking took place at the nightclub.

After the party, as part of a what the fraternity described as a team-building exercise, the 19 pledges were dropped off in South Park and told to find their way back to the fraternity house.

Morgantown police were called to the neighborhood in the early morning hours of Nov. 6. They found the pledges in what police called “various states of intoxication.” Police made three arrests and issued citations for all of those involved.

Further investigation has resulted in hazing citations against the six members of the fraternity who dropped the students off in South Park.

Police identified the six fraternity members:

Alec Mandich, 21, Indianapolis, Ind.

Gillian Bowen, 24, Charleston

Connor McCaffery, 21, Richmond, Va.

Garrick Davis, 20, Crofton, Md.

Shane Boyce, 20, California, Md.

Michael McKenna, 20, Huntington Valley Pa.

Morgantown police say the Sigma Chi fraternity “acknowledged their involvement with the incident and has been very cooperative with the Morgantown Police Department during the investigation.”

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  • wv4evah

    Interesting that the nightclub is not named. (The Charleston Gazette website says it was Boomer's on Walnut Street.) It's sad when you have to go outside Morgantown to learn Morgantown news.

  • WVU 74

    In the 1970s the saying was, "I'd rather be FREAK than GREEK."

  • Kevin T

    He was in Sigma Chi


  • Nettie

    And what about the nightclub where all of this underage drinking was taking place? Any consequences there?

  • Reality check

    Except the one from charleston. Your reading skills suck

  • Low Rider

    Really? Dropping students off in South ParkÔÇŽa whopping 1/2 mile from the campus and telling them to find their way home is hazing?

    Also putting 3 Sigma Chi pledges in jail for the night for "obstructing justice" because they told the police they were TKE's?

    WVU's goal is to destroy the greek system. They want all of the prime property on North High Street.

  • Frank/Moindsville

    Back in my 1960's days at WVU we called the fraternity boys FRAT RATS. I guess things haven't changed much in 50 years.

  • FnP

    well look at that. Nobody from wv