CHARLESTON, W.Va. — More than 66 percent of West Virginia’s registered voters support the creation of a right to work law in West Virginia, according to a new poll from Mark Blankenship Enterprises conducted on behalf of Americans For Prosperity – West Virginia.

“It tells me people are ready for change,” said Wendy McCuskey, state director for AFP West Virginia, of the poll’s results. “People want jobs in West Virginia and I think right to work is the jobs bill.”

On Monday’s MetroNews “Talkline,” McCuskey said the poll showed three in five respondents backed the idea. In that poll, the support was highest among Independent voters, at 77 percent, followed by Republicans, at 70 percent, and Democrats, at 60 percent.

A total of 28 percent of voters said they opposed such a proposal.

A right to work law would prohibit any requirement that a person become or remain a member of a labor organization as a condition of employment; prohibit a requirement that any dues or fees be paid to a labor organization and prohibit any requirement that a person contribute to a charity instead of paying dues or other fees to a labor organization.

The proposal does allow for exceptions for federal employers and employees, employers and employees covered by the federal Railway Labor Act, employers and employees on exclusive federal enclaves or where there would be another conflict with, or preempted by, federal law.

Critics of right to work bill have called it an “attack on unions” and argued current law already offers sufficient protections for workers who choose not to join unions.

According to MBE Enterprises, the following question was the first of several questions asked about Right To Work of 403 registered voters between Jan. 27 and Jan. 29:

Several states have what is known as a right to work law or open shop law which lets workers keep their job in a company regardless of whether or not he or she joins a labor union. Would you support or oppose passing a right to work law here in West Virginia?

McCuskey said they asked the question three different ways. “We wanted to make sure we got a good sample of explaining the issue, using the statement ‘right to work,’ and talking about what it is.”

Currently, 24 states have Right To Work laws. “They have the fastest growing economies,” said McCuskey. “West Virginia wants to be 25th. We want to grow. We want prosperity. We want more opportunity.”

She said the poll results should send a message to lawmakers. “It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing and this is a jobs bill,” McCuskey said.

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  • JTC

    And 90 % of the responders had no idea on what they were being polled about.

  • Roscoe Swerpes

    Like the growing rust in WV are the Dem's ideas.

  • WVUMountaineer

    What would be wrong with a two tiered system?

    Union workers get $XX/hour. Non-union who don't want to be burdened with union dues negotiate separately and work for the (likely) lower wage. Why should anyone be allowed to freeload?

    • Paul

      There is NO NEGOTIATING if you are nonunion. That what the union is for. If you are nonunion you take it or leave it.

    • Gary K.

      How bout non-union scabs just go away.

    • Honest Reply

      If the union is as beneficial as you claim I'm sure people will choose to join. However, if they aren't they would be free to leave under right to work.

      • Jim Hunt

        If you take away our right to collectively bargain, we lose all ability to stand up for the working man. That's not just me FYI, that's everyone.
        Just remember, if you don't have the unions to kick anymore, you won't have us fighting for your working conditions, wages or safety anymore.
        So if you have a good job with benefits and get overtime after 40 he's, thank a union for it. If you don't, probably should consider it.
        I mean, come on people, without brotherhood its just you against them, not us against them. Make no mistake it is that simple.

        • Honest Reply

          Nothing in this law outlaws collective bargaining.

          • Honest Reply

            This isn't government interference, genius. This is allowing people to choose. Period. I'm sorry you are not capable of seeing things beyond the scope of your simple existence. If I thought you could I would explain it. Things aren't as direct as you think.

          • Gary K.

            Find something you know. it definetly not this conversation. The government does not compel you to join a union. What the repukes are doing is government interference in the work place. Honest reply

          • Honest Reply

            If the union is providing all of these great benefits why wouldn't you join? Sure their might be a few that don't. However, if the union is going to continue to exist the majority will need to pay in.

            Furthermore, these benefits are what the union will have to sell to the employee. Not simply have the government compel them to join simply because some people got a majority of employees years and years ago to agree to organize.

          • WVUMountaineer

            I can't imagine why anybody would join a union if they get the same wages, benefits, and safety assurances without paying dues for it. That's just simple human nature. The Republicans are insincere in saying this is about fairness. Nonsense. It's a blatant end-around to weaken unions and in so doing hurt working men and women while maximizing profits for the companies.

            This bill isn't about fairness. How can you set things up so that you have one class of employees who sacrifice by paying dues in order to get better working conditions through collective bargaining; and another class that are freeloaders pure and simple.

      • liberty4all

        I think what you're missing is that as long as there is a system where one can get benefits without having to pay for them, there is no incentive to join a union. This disincentive is what the legislation is all about. I'm not a fan of a lot of unions (outside of dangerous jobs I think they are rather worthless and do more harm in protecting less than average employees than they do good). But I am also not a fan of "freeloading". How to balance the two?

        • Honest Reply

          If the union can justify their cost they will get members. There are always cases of free riders. However, if the majority see the benefit and join, the union will be able to continue to survive.

          It provides a nice check and balance for the union. If workers no longer have to join, the union must work to provide a benefit in order to have members. The union bosses cant simply sit back and enrich their paychecks on the backs of the worker.

          Please don't tell me this doesn't happen. I have been a member of two unions. One of which was a complete waste and I would have gladly opted out.

          • Olan price

            Ver few people are in unions today. Most average people are not in unions. this law has the potential to create jobs, raise wages and incomes for average people. The average West Virginia worker lose nothing and have the chance to gain a lot with right to work.

          • Honest Reply

            Its really not that difficult of a concept. Freedom is fair. Being free to associate with a union or not is fair. Not having to pick up the burden and pay for more than what you caused is fair. Its really not that hard.

            Whats scary is the gravy train is coming to an end. People are going to have to make their own decisions and be held responsible for their share of (positive or negative) of those decisions.

          • WVUMountaineer

            The Republicans have a highly fluid view of what is "fair."

            In that joint and several bill that passed the House a few weeks ago, the mantra was "nobody should have to pay more than their fair share." That viewpoint just incidentally happens to help corporations for the most part. Now, we don't hear anything about paying a fair share (freeloaders welcomed) --- because that DOESN'T help the companies in this instance. Hard to conclude anything other than the Republicans look out first for businesses, average people second.

    • Dave

      Agreed......and also let them handle their own discipline cases, discharge cases, grievance cases, etc. no representation!

      • Support Changing 83 Years

        Dave & et al union supporters

        If you need a union to keep your job for you, get raises and benefits for you, take your personal beefs to management, take your dues money and contribute a large portion of it to candidates that support unions and maintaining the status quo then, obviously, you are the Poster Boy for union membership.
        However, if you can get a job based on your qualifications then, keep the job and get raises based on your job performance you do not have to rely on seniority to get called to work or get a plum assignment and accept responsibility for your actions or inactions then, you do not need a union.

        • Bill

          Yeah buddy, because we all know how great the history of labor is for workers in this country. How easy people forget why unions were even created.

        • Chris monroe

          If only that were true.

  • John

    This pole is another shame by the RIGHT WING of the republician party. Try working in a nonunion coal mine, If you complain of unsafe condition's your job is threatened if you don't you die in a explosion !

    • Honest Reply

      Right to work doesn't outlaw unions. Anyone is still free to join IF the choose.

    • funny

      Yes because accidents only happen at non union mines. Uh no.

  • Garrie Kaarstens

    Unions...instruments of (economic) death. When will we stop allowing these instruments of (economic) death into our State? JEEPERS!

  • Dave

    From NPR......"Americans for Prosperity, the most prominent arm of the Koch brothers' organization,".
    Billionaire Koch brothers once again duping the good folks of WV. Wake up!

    • ViennaGuy

      Oh no! It's those EVIL Koch Brothers again! How DARE they attempt to exercise their free-speech rights in the public policy debate! How will America EVER survive those guys?!


    • Roscoe Swerpes


    • Honest Reply

      And the unions dont use their resources to influence government? George Soros doesn't use his resources for the left either does he?

  • Brian

    Wow. 4ever and Crab say if you don't agree with us, you're an idiot. I have never been a member of a union. But would be willing to bet I would make more per week as a non union member in that environment than I would having to pay union dues every month. Of course, what those 2 don't and won't consider is the intimidation factor that would be shown by union members against those who need that extra money, those who don't agree with union representation but need a job.

    Is not believing in a union enough reason to keep someone from getting a job? What right to you have to say I can't have a job because I won't join a union?

    • Jim Hunt seem misinformed. I can only speak about the union I belong to, in which no one is forced to join. Fact is, we have a very long list of applicants wanting to join.
      Everything costs money, nothing in life is free, least of all representation. Think I'm wrong just talk to a lawyer. Now, talk to a union man or woman and ask them if their money is being stolen....answer is No. Ask them what benefits they have....answer is health insurance, pension, state certified training, and the list goes on.
      Ask the same of a non-union man or woman doing the same job.....answer good wages (for now) and nothing else. The powers that be would like to have you believe that if we can just do away with unions everyone will just live happily ever after. Truth is ...everyone will loose, either wages or in the form of benefits.
      The only logical reason to do away with unions, in my opinion, is for someone else to get hold of the very money that pays for our benefits.... Leaving us with no benefits at all. How is that progress?

      • Laurel Moore

        Amen Jim Hunt!

      • Shawn H

        I can tell you that when I worked where there was a union, I was FORCED to join. I had no choice. All I got from the president was "just be glad you have a job". While he went away with the mill managers on golfing trips.

      • Support Changing 83 Years

        Jim Hunt
        Whoa, not so fast. To make the statement that non-union workers get just a good wage and nothing else is totally erroneous.
        Federal projects and Prevailing Wage Projects include in the wage payment paycheck, additional money to provide for insurance, retirement and medical coverage, which matches union scale. So, please don't insult me by disputing this information because part of my job duties was to monitor payrolls.

        • Jim Hunt

          Keep talking.....I know several nonunion contractors that on prevailing wage jobs, pay the wages and pay the fringe package as wages too. In other words, they pay the "total package" . some pay into a 401k but only a certain amount is allowed while being tax deferred.
          Wasn't trying to mislead or insult anyone. Just trying to make the point that ours is broken down into wages and fringes, and theirs is usually listed as total package. Ours being monitored by the fed gov and theirs not

  • AJ

    I call BS. "Americans For Prosperity – West Virginia" is a staunch supporter of Right To Work. This poll is heavily skewed.

    You need a NONPartisian poll which we won't see ever on this website.

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    Since when has the majority of the people ruled? The democrats have been bought and paid the liberal politicians in this state for decades on end. The current state of disrepair is the evidence to their destruction.

    Every state that has allowed the "Right To Work" to become the law has prospered. Those still controlled by the criminal unions are wasting away to economic disparity. This includes WV.

    • Laurel Moore

      What stated have prospered? Are you fed by the Big Business Propoganda Machine?
      Valuable Workers Rights will be lost if this passes!
      I own a company that values its employees and We Pay Unoon Wages and Benefits! We don't make as much profit for ourselves but our employees have a Better Standard of Living!

  • Jim Hunt

    So on what planet does 77% of 403= most?

    • Jim Hunt

      By my math....310.31 out of 1,852,994.

      I stand corrected.... That is most

  • wvman75

    Whining democrats crack me up. They don't like the results, so it must be wrong. Talk to your fellow citizens and not just your buddies. This poll pretty accurately reflects the prevailing sentiment out here.

  • Liberals R Nuts

    It is about time to outlaw labor union extrotion. No worker should EVER be forced to join a labor union AGAINST their wishes.
    It is a Stalinist tactic. No wonder the liberals are for it.

    • Lol

      Read back up on Federal Laws, and you shall learn that no one is forced to join a labor union now. Open your mind, and look at what this is about. it isn't hard to see. RTW railroads labor unions in potentially not have money, THUS can not operate, and can't fight legit fights. .. brush up on the law.

  • WV4ever

    This poll is a joke. The poll is comparable to a poll conducted by the Leader of North Korea about his own popularity. Or like the pollster being given a list of Republicans to survey. Totally not news worthy unless the ignorance is leaking out ones ear.

    • ViennaGuy

      Unlike North Korea, the polltakers in this case are not holding a gun to the head of the respondents.

      Try again.

  • Jack Crab

    Rightwing poll gets rightwing results. Yawn.

    Right to work for less money is the true meaning.

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    This is exactley what WV Needs...Majority has spoken, make it law.

    • Paul

      The majority of 400 voters that were selected had a right to speak, wow, guess they need to vote quick and not debate with the other million.

      • wvman75

        You must not understand how a poll works, unless it gives the result you want to see.

      • Tom wv

        I believe this last election speaks volumes. People wanted something different and we are getting it. The majority of West Virginians have spoken and the future looks brighter.

        • Ray Ferguson

          Don't think this is a good idea , we've already been where right to work would take us , just remember the coal miners , the company stores being paid with company script , that's where right to work will take us , maybe your to young to know about Matawan .

          • jonsie

            Thats right it will take us back a century, this is a way to have control over the workers!

          • jonsie


        • Gary K.

          The last election saw the stupid people think they won. But you lost in reality. Because it shows repukington stupidity. Which will lead to democratic takeover of congress in 2016.

        • mntnman

          Depends on the next election. The past election was more of a anti-Obama election -- he'll be gone and the electorate will have two years of experience to examine what the new leadership has done. If they re-elect them, then you're right. If not, then perhaps it was an outlier.

        • Jim Hunt

          Sad day.....37% of west Virginians voted. Of that roughly 60% voted Republican. We all need to vote every time there is an election, not just wait until it's too late, then worry about it. I fear it may really be too late now.
          I say, " don't blame our current position on the vast majority of voters, but blame it on the non voters. (The true majority). If they would have got out to vote, things would be alot different right now.

          PLEASE VOTE

          • FungoJoe

            Those supposed would-be voters were too busy watching Oprah, Maury and Dr. Phil. To busy selling their food stamps for drugs to smoke in their taxpayer paid HUD rented houses to actually go out and vote.