Warning: graphic video

PINCH, W.Va. — The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department released surveillance video Thursday evening of a Wednesday robbery attempt and shooting at the Good Family Pharmacy in Pinch.

The video shows Terry Gillenwater, 25, of Quick, entering the pharmacy with a bandana over his face and pulling out a gun. Pharmacist Don Radcliff immediately pulled his own gun and shot Gillenwater. Gillenwater pointed the gun again and a second shot from Radcliff hit Gillenwater’s weapon. Moments later Radcliff fired a third shot. Gillenwater died later at a Charleston hospital.

Radcliff had a legal conceal carry permit. Kanawha County deputies said he would not be charged with a crime. The information is being turned over to the county prosecutor’s office for review.

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  • Buh Bye

    By the way, I heard that the thug actually tried to fire as the pharmacist was pulling his weapon out, but his fun jammed.

    Can anyone tell from the video if that looks to be the case?

    • jfk

      ,,,chances are there was no bullet in the chamber or the hammer even cocked, not surprised anyone who would choose to be an armed robber is a few bricks short to begin with.

    • Wow

      I have never had a gun jamb on the first shot. Jamming usually happens after a shot is fired. I would say he got surprised by radcliff having a gun.

      • G Brady

        I know the leftists will hate this but it may well have been an act of God that stopped that bullet from firing. I've seen so many miracles in my lifetime that could not be coincidences because of the timing and desperation of the situation. I believe because I have seen...: )

  • Buh Bye

    Q: how many punks and thugs will think twice before hitting this pharmacy?

    A: all of them!!

    • kory

      B: none of them!! They're all too damn dumb to know how to use the internet, television or any type of media to know what's going on. I wish every criminal who's had a story posted on this website was forced to read the story and what was posted by us law abiding citizens so they know what people think about them. Most criminals are actually lucky that society doesn't take the law in their own hands. World would be a much better place if it could be like that.

  • very proud

    Exactly why you shouldnt be a punk ass thug. You never know who is packing heat. Nice shots, and very good control of the situation & weapon, mr. Radcliff. I am proud of you!

  • savage

    Atta boy Radcliff, all you antigun belly achers will be sure to criticize how Gillenwater did receive a fair trial, how his constitutional rights were violated. If Radcliff hadn't taken the actions he did, perhaps we would be paying to investigate three murders. Gun control mean hitting your target, great job. Comments Karstens. With any luck Karstens was AKA Gillenwater.

  • D. Johnson

    WV passed a Constitutional Amendment many years ago 1 precise sentence which WV citizens have the right to bear (e. carry) arms. There is no mention of licenses or carry permits needed. The legislature does not have power to restrict constitutional rights approved by "The People" or require a permit to enjoy said rights. Whether he had permit or not is null.

    • Martinsburg Resident

      You are correct... There is no such thing as a "legal" concealed carry permit. It should actually say/read: he possessed an "ILLEGAL" concealed carry permit, as the government requiring NON-prohibited persons to apply for and pay for a permit to carry violates the 2nd Amendment! People falsely assume that concealed carry permits & gun restriction laws make society a safer place. I'd much rather live in a FREE society where law abiding citizens were not burdened with having to make application to exercise a RIGHT they already have! It's equivalent to requiring you to obtain a permit to speak your mind (1st Amendment)... Call it the Wild West of you want, but if these low lifes had to deal with "We The People" being armed and ready, they'd think twice before trying to commit crimes such as this. This scum bag thought he was picking on a bunch of unprepared sheeople, but bit off more than he could chew and was met with some good ole street justice! One thing for sure, Mr. Armed Felon won't be terrorizing any more good citizens! It's a great day to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be! Montani Semper Liberi!!

  • denz


  • pej1717

    Here's your 800mg Ibuprofen!!!

    • Frank the tank

      and two more to go with it!

  • Parole Officer

    Bad boy, bad boy, what you going a do when they CAN'T come for you?
    They should just take his body and put it in a wood chipper.
    Just a no good scum bag thug!

  • AMA

    I hope one day Radcliff get's his.

    • earl

      I hope he gets his too...
      I hope he gets his drinks paid for for the rest of his life. I'd buy him one!

    • Alonzo Martinez

      You'll get yours soon enough, imbecile!

      • Mickey Cohen

        Another idiot heard from.

    • ya jackiss

      so.... The man who saved his life and the lives of others around him deserves some type of karmatic punishment? I'd say the slate is clean.

    • Martinsburg Resident

      He did get his... His clean shoot of a violent felon! GREAT job Mr. Radcliffe! I know that no law abiding citizen ever wants to take a human life, however, you saved many lives yesterday and should be at peace for your heroic actions! If I lived in Kanawha County, I would have a new pharmacy to patronize. Best advertisement for the 2nd Amendment!

    • Boggled

      its unbelievable you could even think the way you do, kudos to mr Radcliff that p.o.s. Made his bed the moment he decided to walk thru them doors

    • katididz

      I just renewed my CCP last summer, and can undoubtedly tell you that I would have done the exact same thing, AMA! If something happens to Radcliff, we all know who the first suspect will be.

      • katididz

        Most people don't get a CCP unless they're serious about protecting themselves and the people they love. It's kind of a mama and papa bear kind of thing....

        The only difference between Radcliff and myself is this....the little red dot from my .38 would have been on his chest for a split second before he went down!

    • John of Wayne

      And I'd like to buy the man a steak dinner.

    • Wow

      What did he do, that was so wrong? Maybe this can be a lesson, to not let addiction control you.

    • .45 ACP

      Maybe you should try.........Punk.

  • william

    What a great video!
    Want to be a THUG, Maybe a GANGSTER?
    Glad he had his two buddies with him -
    I'm going to watch this one at least 12 times
    PS- lock and loaded!

  • Dan Johnson

    This was a legitimate news story & it should be shown to the public. Perhaps it may deter some other misfits from taking such action. One lives by the sword prepare to die by the sword.

  • duck behind

    Defending the store i have no problem with! but when your employees are 2 feet from a gun and you duck behind them before you start shooting at the suspect - how about next time you shout get down and let them duck before shooting your weapon

    • paul

      i agree duck..he ducked....what a hero(sarcasm)....people as a mass are brainwashed.....he is dead and you people say good shooting!?.....have some empathy for the kid's family......

    • Jim


      The pharmacist stepped to the left as he drew, and when he presented his gun and started firing, there was nobody between him and the robber.

      I'll bet TJ Gillenwater wishes the pharmacist did the TV cop thing and hollered "get down" and waited until it was just him and the robber, face to face, with nobody else; because the pharmacist would be the one whose coat got holes in it. Tell you what. Get two paintball markers and three of your buddys together and see how well your "everybody down" trick works. I'll give you a thumbs up if you post it on youtube.

    • Jim K

      That's what I though. I wouldn't have shot with 2 people between us, and a customer just left.

      • Alonzo Martinez

        You're clueless.

    • putnamman

      Get real, Radcliff did the perfect moves I feel he ran this type scenario thru his mind many times in the past as every one should do. Practice makes perfect and I think it was. It takes confidence and he had it. Sorry for the young mans family and Radcliffs.

    • Chuck

      The tactic he was employing was sidestepping as he was drawing his gun. The reason for this is that the bad guy already has his gun out and by moving to the side you are making yourself a moving target. Get off the X.

    • Martinsburg Resident

      Looks like he was upholstering behind them so the low life couldn't see him & thus start shooting before he could get his weapon out... I think he did a SUPER job! He deserves a medal! Conceal carry +1! Scum Bag 0!

      • Martinsburg Resident

        *UNholstering... Oops!

      • thornton

        No "ducking" to my eye.....I did see a pharmacist alert to possibilities and willing to make the hardest decision.

        I hope Mr. Radcliff does not neglect to consider his own emotional health as these first days pass....no shame in asking for help, if it is needed.
        All the best to he and his family.

        • Wow


  • Glen

    Prayers for all involved. I would have done the same thing if I were the pharmacist , so sad that someone lost their life so young because of drugs.

    • Wow

      Yes, very sad. I hope Mr. Radcliff can keep his sanity. He did what he had to do.

      • katididz

        He will be fine because he did what he knew he had to do to protect himself and everyone else in that store. Every single day he carried he was preparing mentally for the eventual event that would cause him to draw that weapon. He's one of the good guys!

        • Wow

          I hope you are right.

  • Karl

    Along with carring concealed weapons, the pharmacy employees wear ear protection.

  • Truth teller

    Along with the suspect now dead, I am guessing the two people who were mere inches from the gun when it went off are now deaf.

    • Jared

      What would you rather buy for yourself?
      A. A pine box
      B. Heading aids

    • .45 ACP

      Maybe........but still living.