CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Senate approved 20 bills during a long floor session Friday including a measure calling for the nonpartisan election of judges in the Mountain State.

The bill (HB 2010) was previously passed by the House of Delegates. It would change elections for Supreme Court, circuit court, family court and magistrate court to nonpartisan and the final elections would be held during the May primary election. The races would also be by division.

Senator Mike Romano (D-Harrison) expressed concern over the bill during Friday’s floor session.

“We are going to elect the judiciary with a much shorter time period to get to know the candidate and many of our judges will be elected by plurality, probably less than 20 percent of the voting public,” Sen. Romano said.

The Senate passed the bill 33-1 and sent it back to the House for consideration.

Senators also approved the raw milk bill (SB 30) which would allow residents to share ownership of an animal or herd and consume its raw milk, which is called herd sharing.

Senator Ron Miller (D-Miller) voted against the bill. He said it still needs work.

“One outbreak could destroy the whole (dairy) industry,” he said.

But Senator Robert Karnes (R-Upshur) said drinking raw milk is safer than a lot of people think.

“This is a basic question of economic and personal liberty. It’s not to say there is zero danger but the danger is actually extremely slight. More people die from eating spinach than from drinking raw milk. More people die from eating raw cantaloupe than drinking raw milk,” Karnes said.

Opponents were also concerned taking the herd sharing step would eventually lead to selling raw milk at retail outlets. West Virginia is 1 of 17 states that currently bans the sale of raw milk.

The bill passed along party lines 18-16.

The Senate also approved the DOH audit bill (HB 2008) Friday, which calls for a performance audit of the state Division of Highways. The bill says the legislature would foot the bill for the work.

The bill passed 33-1. Senator Bob Beach (D-Monongalia) voted against it. The bill is headed to the governor’s desk.

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  • Dr. Kelly

    You are incorrect in your research if you believe the potential of raw milk causing sickness isn't real. The science is clear and the medical community is on board.

    I'm sorry if you don't want to believe it but these are facts. Facts based on studies and history.

  • Jesse's girl

    I grew up on raw milk from the Bucy Dairy outside Morgantown. The bacteria count in that raw milk was lower than the pasteurized milk from another local dairy.

    A state inspector tried to go into the dairy barn avoiding the area of disinfectant to be waded through to keep his shoes nice. Mr. Bucy told him to either walk through it or not come in his barns. That was what kept the spread of disease from other farms.

  • Really Karnes

    Its ironic that Karnes sees raw milk as a basic question of economic and personal liberty but refuses to put a Sunday hunting bill on the agenda. He ran as a Constitutionalist but sees no problem with a prohibitive blue law that goes against the core values of the First Amendment. Not only that, but he represents two counties that passed Sunday hunting laws and refuses to represent his constituents, rather pushing his personal values.
    More people die from raw milk than Sunday hunting. Sunday hunting is also much safer than people think. The fourteen years without an accident proves that as fact.

  • Wow

    Maybe instead of just repeating what you hear from a teacher or the FDA, you should look at what the studies say on both side of the argument. Sure the FDA will fight for pasteurized milk, they need to justify their worthiness. You can bet your life, if i want to milk my cow and drink raw milk, i will not ask anyone if i can do it.

  • mike harley

    There is no infringement. Raw milk is dangerous. That's science. If one child dies as a result of this legislation, then METRONEWS should post names of the bill sponsors for all to see, and hold them accountable in the next election. Funny how the same people claiming raw milk is safe when its not are the ones saying kids shots are unsafe when they are. Hoppy, Why are lawmakers in the pockets of these hippies! Who will pay for the outbreak of disease that could occur, the farmer?

  • Wow

    Dr. Kelly, just wanted to let you know, there are plenty of articles by both pro and con for raw milk. I have just look at three each, which involve " REAL SCIENTISTS " and their research in the articles. Seems like some people only want to believe the studies that support their views. What i get from the ones i read is either raw or pasteurized is fine if kept in clean conditions.

  • Dr. Kelly

    Never said they couldn't read, just said they were ignorant of the facts. I'm trying to educate but I see you believe it is futile.

  • Wow

    Sounds like you know what you are talking about from real world experience, unlike some of the so called educated,people regurgitating what some liberal professor has told them. I too have drank raw milk for years and never got sick. The sheep of the liberal professors is the only thing that makes me sick.

  • mac

    I see where your education, though notably limited by your remarks, truly mirrors the 80-plus years of Democrat failure not only in education, but in policies that have purged this state of good jobs. The jobs that you WISH to have are long gone. Antiquated jobs you remember were outsourced because we didn't keep up with new trends in manufacturing - and the union mentality of shut downs and strikes forced those companies to go to better educated states that believed in "Right To Work" That's where the jobs went. Hope you like your life!

  • jack

    Just remember, raw milk is more important than jobs, at least for our do-nothing legislators.

  • Wow

    For someone that is supposed to be so educated, you dont know much about how milk is sold. The " farmer"'sells the milk raw, the wholesale company does the pasteurization. So, yes the farmer sells raw milk and it's not a mistake.

  • Wow

    Why put links, according to you, us common uneducated folks are to dumb to read. How will we ever get by.

  • Deep Throat

    Congress in Charleston love to drink the cum of their donors. Will the house and senate pass that? I forget legalized bridery is ok in WV.

  • flaeer

    Milk sold in bulk quantities on the open market should be pasteurized.

    Never suggested it shouldn't.

    Individuals with a few cows who daily consume the product of their own stock should be permitted to do so.

    The next thing you government knows best guys will be pushing will be for hunters to have to process their hunting kills through a government inspected packing house to insure safe venison consumption.

    Just the other day I ate some sausage my brother-in-law made from deer he killed.I know that meat didn't get inspected.Oh horror.

    Hay! I'm still here.

    I have heard about many cases where inspected foods got tainted and sickened a lot of people however.

    The difference is the scope of the operation and the disconnect that exist in large scale production vs personal operations.The small scale producer knows he and his will be consuming the product and takes greater care to guarantee the cleanliness in the production process.His sole is not just profit.

  • Dr. Kelly

    This is the type of thing that happens when people that do not believe in science take over government. Sadly, those ignorant of the past are doomed to repeat it (as we are watching with this regressive legislature) while those of us that are educated on the past have to sit idly by and helplessly watch.

    Please people, pick up a book (not one of those fairly land paid-for-by-interest-groups-articles) and read the science (FROM ACTUAL SCIENTISTS)

    I put links to the actual science in a prior post but Metro News won't let it post with the links.

  • Dr. Kelly

    Not if the small farmer accidentally sells raw milk that makes a family sick. That small farmer has a lot to risk for a couple of bucks difference. It is not a wise business decision.

  • Dr. Kelly

    This is the type of thing that happens when people that do not believe in science take over government. Sadly, those ignorant of the past are doomed to repeat it (as we are watching with this regressive legislature) while those of us that are educated on the past have to sit idly by and helplessly watch.

    Please people, pick up a book (not one of those fairly land paid-for-by-interest-groups-articles) and read the science (FROM ACTUAL SCIENTISTS)

  • flaeer

    And they don't

    Its more like two months.

    Where do some people get this nonsense?

  • flaeer

    I was born and raised in WV.Drank gallons of raw milk from our cows as did my siblings and parents.

    Never once got sick.

    Left the state years ago when I decided to join the military and I married a Florida gal whose pappy had his own cows and I drank gallons of milk from his cows and goats for 25 years as did my wife and children.

    Again none of us ever got sick.

    If the animals are healthy and vaccinated and the raw milk handled in a sanitary manner you have nothing to worry about.

    Big corporations don't like the competition from the little guy.Thats why a lot of these restrictive agricultural bills get passed.To shut the small producer out which eliminates the downward pressure on prices.All in the name of protecting the public.

    A lot of these laws have helped to killed the dairy industry in West Virginia.I remember when Preston county had dozens of dairy farms as did Monongalia county.

    Where are they today?Gone.

  • Wiggle

    Good! This bill is looooong overdue. Raw milk has so many health benefits over pasteurized... Don't worry angry libs all of your co-ops will carry it- you will try it and love it.

  • Ryant

    Chickens are raised between 35 days and 50. Do your homework... We have very large poultry industry in the panhandle.

  • Progressive

    Totally agree.

    Working families ignored once again. It's a direct reflection of our firm grip on our Quality of Life standing.

    Our lawmakers (both Dems and Reps) surrender again to special interests, while working families are picked to the bone like so much carrion.

  • Wow

    Jim, would you please stop milking my bull, i need him for breeding my cows. By the way, I own 18 cows and a bull. I dont milk any of my cows but if i wanted to, i damn sure would not look to the government for permission.

  • jim

    Wow, the only cow you own is...

  • mountainsurfer

    The " out of touch" are in charge now.

  • mountaineer/Marshal

    You can do whatever you want. However you shouldn't say whatever you want because you are ignorant. IF you eat raw hamburger, and that much, it is only a matter of time until you arexstruck eith a pathogenic illness. Meat is not full of chemicals and chickens don't reach market weight in two weeks. You should not discuss what you do not know

  • Wow

    Skippy, you are way too easy to have fun with. I'm now getting bored with you. I will find another libtard to get fired up, for a while. In the meantime, keep your chin up, that will keep stuff from dripping on your shirt.

  • Sick & Tired

    I certainly think it's my right to not wear a seat belt..It endangers no one except my self. If your going to have laws like these you need to definitely outlaw tobacco..I mean the cigarette side endangers the smoker and anybody with in a close distance.

  • Mitch

    @ Gary K.

    What about the 80+ years of failed Democratic policy? Does that not count?

  • Sick & Tired

    We could go back to last year and gay marriage and making wearing your seatbelt a primary offense..I know you Libs thought that was legislation.

  • garth

    And you sir are an idiot

  • susanf1218

    If Karnes is supporting this, it has to be a bad idea! If his mouth is moving, then he is saying something stupid!

  • susanf1218

    You know there is a reason we have some laws - to protect stupid people from themselves. I suppose you also think that we shouldn't have seat belt laws?? Because it should be your "right" to get yourself thrown out of a vehicle and suffer catastrophic head injury or death, right?? Just as it should be your right to eat or drink something that can make you sick?? I do hope that your insurance refuses to cover your bill in the event that you land your stupid self in the hospital w/a food borne illness. But you may also be on Medicaid, in which case we, the taxpayers, will be paying for your care.

  • Skippy

    Didn't think so

  • Independent View

    To the posters railing that the Republicans should not be wasting their time on this type of legislation, I say, what is the problem? Obviously, several decades ago Democrats that originally passed this legislation took the time to craft the bill, hold committee hearings, floor votes and send it to the governor (also a Democrat) to sign into law.
    However, I see the conflict here, if it's the Democrat's idea or they support frivolous legislation then it's perfectly acceptable, however, if the Republican majority wants to eliminate it they are wasting everyone's time. Make perfect sense.

  • Unionize Cows

    Zero Tolerance
    Still laughing because your post clearly demonstrates by using humor how misguided and ridiculous the union stooges have become.

  • Skippy

    Still swallowing Carmichal's full load wow? I never said Facemire's was a friend. Just said I knew him. You wanted to attack him per you usual manner without knowing what you were talking about. While his political views are fair game the Facemire's provide jobs and groceries where no one else will and you attacked him for it. Other than living in your mother's basement playing with yourself while staring at pictures of Conrad Lucas what contributions do you make to society?

  • Wow

    Why should the government ever have a say in me drinking milk from my cow. If all you libtards don't like me milking a cow, you can go milk a bull.

  • Wow

    How dare you question the, smarter than you Libtards. Don't you know, they know whats best for you and are going to force you to do it. How dare people try to think for themself.

  • Wow

    Is that raw milk or facemire you have on your chin, Skippy. It said that Dumocrats and Libtards, like yourself were afraid it might lead to being sold in retail stores. I bet if that happens, your buddy Facemire will be one of the first to sell it.

  • Wow

    Spoken like a true Libtard Dumocrat.

  • Alum

    "Senator Ron Miller (D-Miller)" Where is Miller County? I don't recall that one from my eighth grade WV history class.

  • Gary K.

    Hope you get sick for not taking vaccinations. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Gary K.

    Go to the mirror hillbilly. You will see stupid

  • Skippy

    20 bills and the highlight is raw milk? The republicans are working hard and getting things done? Seriously? What about the jobs bills they promised? What about coal? How about infrastructure and real education reform? Where are roads on their priority list? Obviously all these are behind raw milk.The fact that some nut made a floor speech equating raw milk to liberty while wasting precious time demonstrates that the leadership has no agenda to accomplish their campaign promises.

  • Gary K.

    It shows,

  • Gary K.

    I think it is the perfect food for the scumbag repukes.

  • Gary K.

    You all voted for going back to the 18th century. Have not seen one bill that brings jobs to the state. But that lump of tissue and blood is more important than bringing jobs. Repukes are a joke. Come on 2016 WV turns blue after two years of failed policies.

  • Tom wv

    Spoken like a true liberal! Mountaineer/marshal you are part of the problem with our state and country. Do as I say not as I do! You are a IDIOT!

  • CheetahWhizerd

    Legal or not... If I want to drink it, I'm going to drink it. Yuk foo!
    End of discussion.

  • CheetahWhizerd

    And another thing...
    you state 'idiots are in charge'. I agree with that.
    But why would you agree that THEY need to regulate raw milk consumption, if you already know they are idiots??
    BTW.. I agree with the childhood vaccinations being up on the list of next. Something else they have no business telling anyone what to do.

  • CheetahWhizerd

    'your'.. not you're. My bad.

  • CheetahWhizerd

    I eat raw ground beef daily... and wouldn't try raw chicken/poultry.
    I know that there's a lot of chemicals and such in food for cows... but it's NOTHING compared to what's in the chickens these days. I barely want to eat COOKED chicken because of it.
    A chicken should not go from hatched-to-ready-to-eat in two weeks.

  • CheetahWhizerd

    So.. you're ancestors we're the dumbest people on the planet.
    Got ya.

  • CheetahWhizerd

    What's the reason 'we' don't eat raw hamburger?
    I've been eating it since I was 7(40+years) and have NEVER had a problem or complication or symptoms of anything because of it.
    I eat a pound a week... almost every week.(sometimes I can't afford it).
    And, even if there WAS a health/physical reason to not drink raw milk, there's no law that can stop someone from doing so... and there shouldn't be. Period.

  • mountainsurfer

    This state is at the bottom of ever list! Is this really what you elected officials should be focusing on.Cows?

  • William Vladimir

    If you're going to get behind this virgin white Russian Bill, be gentle and spit on it first.

  • zero tolerance

    I herd that union cows will be protesting Monday on the capital steps against making WV a Right to Raw Milk State.

    They contend their wages will plummet, there will be a lack of qualitynmilk available and illegal and undocumented cows will take jobs.

    GOD Bless those union cows!

  • flossrancher

    I want to legally eat raw chicken.

  • Raw deal

    There is a reason we do not eat raw hamburger.

    There is a reason we wash our produce before eating.

    There is a reason we do not eat raw eggs.

    There is a reason we do not drink raw milk. My grandmother's family in the 1920-30s even knew the risks associated with raw milk and pasteurized the milk from the family cow and goat.

    If WV allows greater access to raw milk then the increased exposure will increase the chances of a food borne illness or death.

    We take food safety and availability for granted as most people are 3-4 generations removed from the farm.

  • Mountaineer/Marshall

    For those that think drinking raw milk is safe, helps the small guy/farmer, is ok or whatever else - you are absolutely the dumbest SOB's on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pasteurization, of milk helps eliminate virtually all the harmful pathogens present. No matter how good the sanitation process, raw milk WILL contain a bacterial load. Yes, years ago we drank raw milk from our family farm bulk tank and our neighbors did as well. However, that was bygone times when children were exposed and developed immunity to many pathogens. This is not about a civil liberty. Instead, this is about food safety! Idiots are in charge - next up will be childhood vaccinations.

  • Skippy

    Raw milk is going to be legal to sell in WV...the companies are going to line up to do business in the state. Meanwhile, as Rome burns, nothing to address coal, jobs, roads, budget, infrastructure, education...Thank you Karnes. You've saved our state for generations to come

  • Tracyo64


  • Wowbagger


    "The state Senate approved 20 bills during a long floor session Friday including a measure calling for the nonpartisan election of judges in the Mountain State".

    The Republicans are actually working hard on Friday and sending bills to the Governor all through the session instead of partying, taking long weekends, and doing everything at the last minute! And the poor Democrats presumably are forced to stick around too.

  • Independent View

    Voted against the bill--seriously??? Several generations that grew up on the family farm traded raw milk with their neighbors for fresh eggs, fresh vegetables, etc.
    But again, the government, in this case, our state government, knew what was best for us.
    Another example of government run amuck.

  • PBurgEer

    Banning raw milk hurts the small farmer and helps eliminate competition for the large factory farms. The ones who can afford the cost of processing milk and also afford to pay lobbyists.
    Thank you State Senate for supporting the little guy.

  • In da stickes

    Now that's a bill we can all get behind: A raw milk bill.
    I'll drink to that. Make mine a virgin White Russian.