CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The chairperson of the House Education Committee says she’s “extremely disappointed” with a move in the Senate Education Committee to block the immediate repeal of the Common Core education standards in West Virginia.

The version of the bill that was pending in the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday would keep the Common Core standards in place while a two-year study of the effectiveness of those standards, what West Virginia’s K-12 students are taught, is conducted.

As part of that comprehensive review on math and English standards, the state Department of Education would host public meetings on Common Core. Parents, teachers, school principals and others would have input in other ways as well.

Del. Amanda Pasdon (R-Monongalia, 51)

“We adopted Common Core in 2010,” said House Education Committee Chair Amanda Pasdon (R-Monongalia, 51) of the Senate rewrite.

“How much more time is needed and how much more educational opportunity are we going to lose? How many more generations are we going to sacrifice before we decide this doesn’t work?”

Last month, the House approved a bill repealing Common Core, effective this July, with a 75-19 bipartisan vote. “It showed a true movement that we were representing the requests of West Virginians, of parents and educators across the state, and it certainly took a whole new turn (on Monday),” Pasdon said.

During Monday’s Senate Education Committee meeting, Committee Chair Dave Sypolt (R-Preston, 14) said pulling Common Core now would be “disastrous” for West Virginia’s education standards.

“Keeping Common Core would be disastrous,” Pasdon argued on Tuesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.” “As we continue on down the path of implementation of Common Core, we will only continue to see greater challenges. We’ll only continue to see greater concerns.”

Sypolt said the study will allow time for concerns about Common Core to be fully addressed, a move Dr. Michael Martirano, state superintendent of schools, applauded.

It was not immediately clear when the Senate Finance Committee would take up the reworked bill.

If the Senate passes the new version of the bill and sends it back to the House, Pasdon said she would not accept the changes.

Rejection from the House would then put the proposed Common Core legislation into a conference committee made up of both Senate and House members in the closing days of the 2015 Regular Legislative Session.

Saturday is the final day.

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  • Glendora

    I find it very scary that words like "Too many democrats are still slinking around the capitol and they must be driven from office by any means necessary". Adolf Hitler had the same mentality in order to rid the world of Jews by any means necessary. Obviously, Ms. Evans hasn't read the standards because at no point is there any anti-american propaganda. The standards encourage students to read from multiple sources, research, listen and then be able to construct an argument on a position citing valid evidence, not an opinion based on rhetoric unsubstantiated by politics. I guess that would be a scary for a group who want to indoctrinate impressionable youths by emotion rather than reason. Our Founding Fathers would be appalled at the way their vision has been blurred to make it appropriate to be unwilling to debate conflicting views in order to compromise for the good of the whole while describing one set of views as un-American.

  • Common view

    I wish we had some delegates that actually knew something about education! Pasdon has no idea what common core is! She does what she is told and doesn't care about the kids. I've never heard any indication of exactly what is wrong with them. Please provide some proof!
    Give some examples and quit giving the public misleading facts.

  • vashti

    the democrats had nothing to do with common core mr hillbilly. it is a set of standards that were developed by a group of governors (mostly republican by the way) so that there would be a baseline.
    it is not evil or democrat or republican. the problem most people have with it is they absolutely nothing about it.

  • John Rickets

    but us gays look so much younger than you old farts. we eat healthier, exercise, remain upbeat, leave West Virginia and stay away from Tudor's Biscuit World.

  • John Rickets

    gotta a be a republican with that name

  • John Rickets


  • John Rickets

    watching too much fox news. fox news... where 2 + 2 = 5

  • John Rickets

    too funny... our people continue to get dumber and dumber while our kids have no social skills at all besides texting and sexting. furthermore, I heard someone say Common Core would make our kids gay. No joke. the right wing nuts will say and do anything to keep people dumb. this was created by our nations governors. GOP Governor Piyush "Bobby" Jindal of Louisana was a big supporter. However, he flipped flopped and started blaming Prez Obama for all the supposed things wrong with Common Core. Please explain to me how testing kids is Anti-American. Please. It's no wonder Japan and China CONTINUE to surpass the good Ol USA

  • Ed

    Republicans want to keep WV kids and adults stupid, so they will be gullible and believe all the garbage they tell them at election time.

  • rick

    Looks like some of the folks on here have no clue what Common Core really is. It is a nationwide standard for all students. It is a base line and can excell further than the base line but all will have the same standard. Looks like the Black Heliocoper crowd is out in full force.

  • Robert Jackson

    This is not some kind of liberal agenda being foisted upon the people. It is not political. It is corporate. The people who spend hundreds of millions of dollars influencing the electoral process want Common Core. It ultimately leads to the monetization of public education.

    "When it comes to K through 12 education, we see a $500 billion sector in the US alone that is waiting desperately to be transformed." - Rupert Murdoch

  • Dusty Evans

    When will the people of West Virginia rise up and demand this liberal propaganda and anti-American garbage (Common Core) be flushed down the toilet. Too many democrats are still slinking around the capitol and they must be driven from office by any means necessary. Our children's future is worth going to prison over.

  • Mike

    Sacrificing more "generations" of children due to a 2-year study? Generations sure are getting smaller!

  • Hillbilly

    Listen to all the Democraps cry! They want to keep the thoughts of the last 80 years

  • Jim Mullen

    Big money, bureaucrats in education, political payoffs, and liberal progressives are in a death struggle to keep this evil Common Core Program forced upon West Virginia by Joe Manchin and his wife.If left in place another generation of WV children will suffer from these arrogant people. Another generation of less than 50 % of children reading and doing math at grade level. Shame on anyone to subject or children to this destruction.

  • Ted

    A power-hungry, obsessed woman upset she didn't get her way. Look out! I'd hate to be her husband. Poor guy.

  • Get real Jethro


    She would not associate with you anyways, obviously you are of the working class. She thinks anybody that is not a Chamber of Commerce elitist is lower than pond scum or a Union Worker.

    And she prefers the pond scum.

  • Same ole rhetoric

    Absolutely correct. BTW, I've been democrat for 40 years. C'mon folks, this is not a party issue. Common Core was only intended to level the playing field. It was not intended to challenge those who worked excelled and a hived at a faster rate. It was designed to bring everyone to one level. The lower achievers would rise and the higher achievers would remain status quo. Is that what we want? I don't think so. You take what God gave you, use it to your advantage and excel. It is not societies fault that parents have kids they can't afford or provide acute focus during their formative years or during their education periods. Yes, it is not the kids fault either. But to design and implement a system that stymies some and fills a gap for the rest is just ludicrous.

  • Jethro

    Is that amanda chick nekkid in her tweeter photography, darn would foller her but already gots three stocking warents

  • Good Question

    Go George!!

  • Good Question

    Hooray for PA! Good question on where the money goes.....we arent told where any of the money goes.....I'm still waiting on somebody to be fired or charged with contract fraud over the routers!

  • Rural Gal

    No, harlancentral, you have that wrong. Medicaid money is dwindling and will continue to be reduced. $500K for a county would be a windfall. Believe me, my county has never, ever seen that much in Medicaid money.

  • Elphaba

    harlancentral posted:

    " Not even explaining why we have the amendment and what actually what it stands for...but instead the kids are programmed to decide things as a group and as group they can decide to do or do away with certain things thats best for society....even though if everyone chooses not to follow the 2nd amendment it doesn't take away my right to do so...just some things to consider."

    Hmmm...this technique sounds very much like what Ms. Pasdon and her fellow legislators have been doing...deciding what should be done , with no knowledge of their own, and no discussion or input from those who do know......

  • Ravenswood

    As I have stated in previous posts I am not an education guru. I am not pushing for common core but rather pushing against tea party wacko's who are against it due to fox, far-right talk radio, and tea party groups. I defer to state supt. of schools who testified in favor of keeping CC along with ALL 55 county superintendents.

  • Mntnman

    Just making stuff up doesn't make it true. There are no common core wv history standards. Wow! Group work has nothing to do with common is a teaching technique. It's hard to defend or oppose common core with so much nonsense out there. Guess you read all that on the internet.

  • Mntnman

    No they don't. You are just making stuff up now. Which standard (cite the exact standard) in math or ELA does such a thing.

  • Upelk

    I live it everyday. Teach! It does a body good. Not so for raw milk though.

  • harlancentral

    plus kids are taught to the no actual learning is taking place.

  • harlancentral

    speaking of death did you know homosexual life expectancy is 20 years shorter than a heterosexual...and with common core they will promote all types of sexual immorality in school with the common core sex standards.

  • harlancentral

    what are you qualifications to push common core when you have know idea what exactly it is and how it will be taught.

  • harlancentral

    the bigger question about money is where does all the medicaid money go that each county will be surprised just how much money comes into the schools from medicaid. between 500k to million and that is prob on the low end.

  • harlancentral

    have you done any research whatsoever on common core...its bad for kids, teachers all those involved. Why do you think no education personnel was involved in common core.... do you know it will not elevate your child to be the best they can be. They want every child to be equal and the same... those who are high learners will not be challenged...I think you lack any knowledge whatsoever what common core actually is or even how it is taught....did you know the lesson have scripts to show what the teachers says during the lesson. Did you know your child will be divided into groups and as a group will decide the best answer even though someone answers correctly could be outvoted for a incorrect answer and your child will be penalized if they put the correct answer. Did you know they say teachers have a say in the standards...but its very deceiving cus the teachers do not make the test. They are not going to make different test for different states based upon what the standards the teachers choose..but instead the teachers will teach to the test...just cause your child can answer a question on test did they really learn anything? Every state that has had common core longer than WV has been repealing. Why do you think that is? Did you know as common core gets implemented...your childs results will be monitored and recorded from k-12, and can be used for other reasons than you are aware of....Did you know the new WV History books doesnt really get into WV History until 3-4 chapters in cause they are promoting Global citizens and other Global initiatives. I bet you also think if someone if against common core they are against standards which is ridiculous since beginning of time standards have always been part of education. Education needs to be at the local level. There are plenty more about common core...i will end with this...In History class, the students are studying the amendments, the teacher asks the class while they are in there groups to compare and contrast the 2nd Amendment (i use it but you can sub anything you want) and if it is still relevant for today. Not even explaining why we have the amendment and what actually what it stands for...but instead the kids are programmed to decide things as a group and as group they can decide to do or do away with certain things thats best for society....even though if everyone chooses not to follow the 2nd amendment it doesnt take away my right to do so...just some things to consider.

  • David Kennedy

    Last week the legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvannia deleted Common Core from it's state education program.
    To make up for the federal money that would not be coming from Washington, they added 42 million tax dollars from the oil shale revenues.
    If they can fund it in Pennsi...surely, we can find a way to fund it too.
    Does anybody keep a receipt book on the shale money?
    Where does it all go?...except for the 'Rainy Day Fund....LOL

  • Huggsisback

    Common Core needs to go away and so does the Smarter Balance Test . How many people realize schools have to give their students practice test on the computer so that they will know how to take the real test. Is it not stressful enough to try to do your best on these test without having to worry about the computer and the format of these test!

  • katididz

    House will be easier than Senate to take back.

  • upelk

    We shall see... Senate maybe. House probably NOT.

  • Jess


  • Jess

    Right on, Raven.

  • Carie

    wvchambergirl? Really? Bwahahaha! She can't be that stupid....well, I'll take that back.

  • Carie

    Mon County will put her out next time if she can't prove able to compromise.

  • katididz

    No if's, pal.

  • katididz

    Spend MORE money to create an initiative before we analyze the results of the last one! Just like passing Innovation Zone schools and pushing charter schools on the taxpayers before giving IZ schools a chance to perform! Wasteful spending in the name of BIG business.

  • katididz


  • George


    The tone of your comment speaks volumes about the nature of the people pushing Common Core. Pasdon is correct, and you, sir, are insolent.

  • Ravenswood

    What are Pasdon's educational qualifications? Listening to far-right mouthpieces like beck and el fatso do not count. Joining tea party crazies does not count. Watching fox 24/7 does not count. How did this woman get elected?

  • wvu999

    Follow her on Twitter @wvchambergirl

  • 2nd look

    Then refuse to concur, and let the bill die.

  • jim

    Del. Pasdon is upset because the ALEC/Chamber of Commerce bill they wrote for her did not get passed. She is, by the way, a CoC employee.

  • Gary Karstens

    Another neo-con following the anti-Obama script! It makes it easier for them! YEESH!

    What's next Pasdon??? Going after hard-working homosexuals?!?!?! More instruments of death given to a society that really doesn't need them??? YEESH!

  • TC

    I hope Pasdon enjoys her 15 minutes of attention, because her unwillingness to even discuss the topic is concerning and her time in the legislature may be brief.

  • upelk

    If they do win back majority, it won't be due to my vote.

  • Marge

    Amanda Pasdon has gone off the deep end. The extreme Republicans have gotten to her.


  • It's a ploy


    Let's hold this off until there's another elecrion. Maybe the Democrats who suck up to unions and want the federal government taking over education (and practically everything else) will be in the majority again, and common core can stay in place forever and ever and ever.

  • mntnman


  • upelk

    Adopted 2010 and implemented last year in Kanawha County. How can she claim its not working with only one year of instruction to show for it. Knee-jerk reactions like this often do more harm than good and I'm NOT pro-Next Generation standards by any means but lets see how they go.

  • Bobby

    I am a Republican but given the margin in the House Amanda Pasdon is one member I wouldn't mind losing in the slightest. What a moron.