CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Mayor Danny Jones is no longer a registered Republican. He changed his registration to ‘unaffiliated’ earlier this week at the Kanawha County Voter’s Registration Office.

“A whole lot of things make me uncomfortable about partisan politics,” Jones said Friday on MetroNews “Talkline.”

Danny Jones says there are some things about the GOP that concern him. He'd rather be unaffiliated.

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Danny Jones says there are some things about the GOP that concern him. He’d rather be unaffiliated.

The four-term mayor,  who has about two years left in his final term and has said he never plans on running for office again, said the change was just something he had to do.

“It’s a loss to no one I can assure you,” Jones said.

Among the factors working into the decision, according to Jones, is the candidacy of Donald Trump.

“I’m not a Trump hater but I just can’t get there–supporting Hillary is not an option either,” Jones said. Instead he supports Libertarian Gary Johnson in the race for the White House.

Jones, who has been a life long Republican, said he also didn’t like some of the things that came out of the legislature the last two years with Republicans in control.

“I’m uncomfortable with the RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) portion of the (GOP),” Jones said.

Jones did say the GOP-led legislature has done some good things including non-partisan election of judges.

Jones said he will still contribute to Republican candidates and he’ll continue to support Senate President Bill Cole (R-Mercer) for governor.

Ultimately the decision to change his registration was an internal one, Jones said.

“I’m not trying to pick a fight,” he said.

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