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BECKLEY, W.Va — Officials are still searching for answers Friday afternoon after receiving numerous reports of residents hearing a loud explosion overnight.

Raleigh County Emergency dispatchers received several calls from across the county describing a very loud bang along with a bright flash of light in the sky.  The National Weather Service confirmed shortly after that it was not weather related.  Authorities remained in contact with Summit Bechtel Reserve, who said it was not on site and the 2017 Boy Scout Jamboree was safe.

The West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety announced today there are no cases of ground explosions, arson or mine accidents.  Many Raleigh County residents believe it was an object from outer space.  Officials with the National Radio Observatory in Green Bank say that this is highly unlikely as no foreign objects appeared on their instruments.

Local law enforcement is working with West Virginia Homeland Security Director Jimmy Gianato.  No further updates are available as of Friday afternoon.


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