WASHINGTON, D.C. — Some members of West Virginia’s congressional delegation are reacting to comments made by President Donald Trump in connection with four female members of the U.S. House.

The House is expected to take a vote Tuesday night on a resolution condemning the comments which some have called racist. Trump has denied the claims.

MetroNews reached out to the state’s congressional delegation for their reactions.

U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito:

“I think the whole back-and-forth is unproductive. Our time would be better spent figuring out ways to come together and find solutions to fix our broken immigration system.”

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin:

“Every American citizen has the first amendment right to free speech. Even if they use that right to criticize their country – which I whole-heartedly disagree with – that does not mean they should be asked to leave the United States. As a citizen before he was elected president, there was no one else that exercised that first amendment right more than Donald Trump. And he was never asked to leave the country. What the President said was just plain wrong. I think the President’s tweets failed to live up to the dignity of his office, and I continue to hope that he’ll look for ways to unite our country.”

First District Congressman David McKinley:

“Since the day he was sworn in, President Trump has been under relentless pressure from Democrats and the media. It appears this pressure must have gotten the best of him with his inarticulate and counterproductive response over the weekend. We can highlight the extreme positions of the Democrats without resorting to comments like these. Both sides should tone down the rhetoric.”

Second District Congressman Alex Mooney:

“Instead of passing another resolution falsely attacking President Donald Trump, Congress should come together and work with the President to secure the border. I agree with President Trump that America is the greatest country the world has ever seen—something everyone living in America should be proud of. It is disappointing to hear politicians on the other side of the aisle continually attack American ideals and values without any Congressional Resolutions condemning them. There are those on the radical left that wish to turn us into a socialist country—I will continue to fight alongside the President to prevent that from happening.”

Third District Congresswoman Carol Miller, who spoke on the House floor:

“For the past seven months, President Trump has stated there is a crisis on our border. Republican House leadership has said there is a crisis on the border. My colleagues have said there is a crisis on the border. And I have said there is a crisis on the border.

“And throughout this, Washington Democrats have denied it again and again.

“From the party Leadership and committee chairs, and in hearings and even on the House floor, many have said the crisis was fake, phony, nonexistent, manufactured, imaginary and false. They turned a blind eye to a crisis, because of political opposition. And the media followed suit.

“A few weeks ago, several of my colleagues across the aisle took a trip to our southern border, bringing cameras and journalists along with them. They finally came to terms with what Republicans have been saying for months.

“However, instead of focusing on the root of the problem – underfunding and overcrowding, backlogged cases, and unprecedented surges – they opposed funding and passed a bill to ban construction on the southern border.

“For seven months, my colleagues across the aisle have denied a crisis and failed to act. They still haven’t acted.

“I want to work together to solve this crisis.

“Instead, we are here debating political nonsense. I’ve had enough talk about tweets, squads, infighting, labels, and petty disagreements. When we look at the content of the legislation brought up for discussion today, it’s no surprise that the American people have such low approval of Congress.

“If it’s not a messaging bill to placate the activists, then it’s an advancement of the socialist agenda, a bill to handcuff our president, or a denouncement of American values. I came to Congress to create jobs, grow the economy, innovate our energy industry, and fix West Virginia’s infrastructure.

“I was sent here to move our country forward, and solve the problems that actually affect the lives of those we represent. To improve my community, and our country. It’s why we are all here.

“This resolution is a waste of time.”